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Raptors 120, Grizzlies 106

Like a lot of pre-season games over the last couple of nights, Friday’s Raptors/Grizzlies contest wasn’t televised in either team’s city, and the only way you could actually follow this game live outside of being there was on Memphis radio, so it’s kind of like a Raptors fan’s equivalent of the whole “if a tree falls in the forest with no one around” shtick.

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The last game of a painful and somewhat meaningless (from a win/loss perspective) 2011-2012 season is a distant memory, with Ben Uzoh’s triple-double lifting the Raptors over the Nets now nearly half a year in the rear view mirror. The highly anticipated and much more meaningful 2012-2013 season unofficially gets underway on Monday with a pre-season opener against Spain’s Real Madrid.

Okay, so the opening game of a supposedly more meaningful season is actually meaningless. But you get the point.

We’re all pretty stoked to get this 18th season in Raptors history tipped off, but before we do, let’s look back on the 2012 off-season, and how we got to this present moment of excitement.

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Kyle Lowry blowing by Steve Nash is something we hope to see at the ACC on January 20

In one of the more anticipated days of the summer for basketball junkies, the NBA announced its’ 2012-2013 schedule on Thursday, and as usual, there are some games that obviously stand out from the rest.

While I doubt the Raptors are featured in many, if any, of those games for the casual NBA fan, we’re here to cater to Raptors fans. And with that, here are the games we think you should circle on the calendar:

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The lifting of the NBA’s moratorium as of midnight today means that all signings, re-signings and trades that went down before July 11 can finally become official, which means a guy like Kyle Lowry should be an official Raptor soon enough (if he isn’t already by the time you read this) and the Knicks will now have three days to match the three-year offer sheet to Landry Fields.

One of the new developments that emerged almost immediately after midnight is that Jerryd Bayless has agreed to a new contract with the Grizzlies.

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It’s been a busy week in Raptor Land, from Landry Fields’ offer-sheet, to Steve Nash spurning the Raptors and joining the Lakers (for obvious reasons), to the big acquisition of Kyle Lowry, and then the latest news, Jerryd Bayless becoming an unrestricted free agent after Toronto pulled their qualifying offer.

Scott, Oliver Macklem and I discussed it all and much, much more in this latest edition of RaptorBlog Radio. To start it off, Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle joins us to provide some excellent insight on what kind of player and person the Raptors are getting in Lowry.

Have a listen, and enjoy:

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