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Last week I wrote about how media and fans on both sides of the border seem to be convinced that a Pau Gasol for Andrea Bargnani trade is perfect for both the Raptors and the Lakers. You’ll recall that I ended that post by being realistic, and my realistic belief was that Mitch Kupchack, the Lakers as an organization and specifically Kobe Bryant just don’t let that trade happen.

Perhaps I was being too pessimistic.

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Picking apart Andrea Bargnani’s flaws and proposing trade scenarios to get him the hell out of town is nothing new for Raptors fans, but the vitriol towards the big Italian has never been as strong as it is here in the early portion of 2012-13.

Between the tease of his impressive 13-game stretch at the beginning of last season, the fact that’s he’s now in his seventh NBA season, the fact that he seems to be rebounding and defending as bad as he ever has, the fact that the Raptors are 3-11 and the fact that there are other, younger players in Toronto (Valanciunas, Lowry, DeRozan, etc.) for fans to be excited about, it seems as though Raptors fans have finally had enough of the man Bryan Colangelo famously dubbed “the enigma of all enigmas.”

Among the plethora of hypothetical trade proposals out there (and that’s all they are, is hypothetical proposals put out there by fans and media members), you’ll find one constant – virtually every idea to get Bargnani out of Toronto ends with him in Los Angeles and Pau Gasol in Toronto.

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Now that the dust is starting to settle over the Lakers’ coaching crisis with their hiring of Mike D’Antoni, it behooves D’Antoni and Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak to examine their roster and determine how their personnel fits within D’Antoni’s spread pick-and-roll system. One of the keys to an effective pick-and-roll offense is having a big man who can step out and make three-pointers. Pau Gasol isn’t really that type of player, and Antawn Jamison appears to be essentially washed up. This means that Gasol could very well be available in a trade if the Lakers are able to acquire that shooting big man and bolster their weak bench.

You probably know what’s coming after the jump, but prepare to be outraged or delighted anyway by my proposal for a Lakers-Raptors trade that could benefit both teams.

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Jeremy Lin's Rockets aren't worth the premium price tag, but a Raptors/Pacers opener offers great value

As the discussion intensifies and the anticipation builds with the season inching closer (24 days until training camp), it’s usually around this time that fans begin to peruse the schedule in search of games they’ll try to land tickets for. It’s also around this time that fellow season seat holders begin trying to narrow down their list of games they want additional tickets for.

On Thursday, Raptors season seat holders received an email that included the details of the 2012-13 tiered pricing at the Air Canada Centre.

There will be five tiers this season: Best Value, Value, Premium, Premium+ and Super Premium. Here’s which visiting teams fit into each category.

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Kyle Lowry blowing by Steve Nash is something we hope to see at the ACC on January 20

In one of the more anticipated days of the summer for basketball junkies, the NBA announced its’ 2012-2013 schedule on Thursday, and as usual, there are some games that obviously stand out from the rest.

While I doubt the Raptors are featured in many, if any, of those games for the casual NBA fan, we’re here to cater to Raptors fans. And with that, here are the games we think you should circle on the calendar:

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