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Masai Ujiri hasn’t even been formally (re)introduced to the Toronto media yet, but that doesn’t mean that the Raptors new General Manager isn’t already getting his hands dirty.

Ujiri’s first player personnel task will likely be to try to find a landing spot for Andrea Bargnani, but there’s plenty of work to do off the court as well, as members of the front office were let go this weekend.

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Maurizio Gherardini

Toronto Raptors assistant GM Maurizio Gherardini called into Tim and Sid: Uncut today to talk about the Raptors’ selection from last night’s draft — 19-year-old Lithuanian big man Jonas Valanciunas. I’ve only transcribed a bit of this particular conversation because Gherardini didn’t communicate very much of substance — also, I worked a 16-hour day yesterday and I’m pretty burned out at this point. If you want to listen to the entire interview, check it out on the Tim and Sid: Uncut blog.

Tell us what you think of the (Valanciunas) pick.

“It was a surprise for us. We didn’t think we’d have that sort of opportunity, and we were very happy to take the opportunity. It doesn’t happen very often that you may land a player, a seven-footer who has both athleticism and skills. We thought he was not going to be available, and actually we did not have too many doubts that he was not going to be available. When the opportunity came handy, we had no doubts. We feel we got the best big man in the draft. We feel we got the best piece for the future of this franchise. We think that Jonas has everything to be an important piece of this franchise for many years to come.”

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