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A full evacuation fire alarm here at theScore headquarters threw a wrench into our plans for another podcast, but here are some media clips from Friday for your viewing pleasure:

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To start, I’ll say that you can find Scott’s immediate reaction to the selection of Terrence Ross here, you can listen to a Draft night podcast with Scott, Oliver Macklem and I here, and you can find my Prospect Profile of Terrence Ross from a few weeks back here.

Now let’s get into my take on Draft night 2012 for the Toronto Raptors.

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By now, you’ve probably read Scott’s immediate reaction to the Raptors’ surprising selection of Terrence Ross at No. 8. I’ll have my thoughts on the pick, and the Raptors’ Draft overall, some time on Friday morning.

In addition, we’ll have a much more in-depth podcast featuring a guest for your listening pleasure over the weekend.

But on this late Thursday night/early Friday morning, Scott, Oliver Macklem and I got together for a conversation a lot of Raptors fans are probably having.

Without further ado, here’s our Draft night podcast:

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Terrence Ross

To almost everyone’s surprise, the Raptors selected 21-year-old shooting guard Terrence Ross from the University of Washington. Here is Joseph Casciaro’s scouting report on Ross from earlier this month.

I’m not terribly familiar with Ross’ game, but he strikes me as a fairly well-rounded player with good athleticism and impressive shooting range. At six-foot-seven, 197 pounds, he needs to bulk up quite a bit, but assuming the Raptors plan on keeping him, how long until he’s breathing down DeMar DeRozan’s neck for the starting two-guard role?

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The day Raptors fans have been waiting for since the 2011-2012 NBA season tipped off is finally here. Sitting at No. 8 isn’t exactly where fans envisioned the team would be tonight, but nonetheless, the Raps have a chance to add a solid young talent (or trade for an established talent) to kick-start what we all hope is an active, exciting and ultimately productive off-season.

As mentioned recently, we’ve covered pretty much all of the prospects the Raptors have been linked to at one point or another in our series of Draft Profiles. In addition, you can find profiles of the top-rated prospects over at The Basketball Jones.

We obviously have no way of knowing for certain, or even close to certain, what will transpire tonight, whether it be before Toronto selects, after Toronto selects or regarding Toronto’s pick in general. But based on all of the information we can read, watch, deduce for ourselves, etc. we can at least predict what the 2012 Draft will look like leading up to the Raptors’ selection at No. 8, and try to figure out which prospects will be on the board for the Raps.

Without further ado, here’s how I see tonight playing out:

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