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After posting my Raptors-related thoughts about Day 1 of the Olympic basketball tournament, I took Day 2 off to bring you the newest episode of RaptorBlog Radio.

But I’m ready for some Day 3 thoughts after waking up/not really going to bed so I could watch Lithuania vs. France at 4 a.m. ET and then catching Spain vs. Great Britain later this afternoon. So let’s get to it:

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Over the five group stage game days for men’s basketball at the Olympics, I’m going to try to post my thoughts on the performances of the Raptors’ three representatives in London. I’ll also do this for any knockout stage games that include Jonas Valanciunas and Linas Kleiza’s Lithuanian team or Jose Calderon’s Spanish side.

So without further ado, let’s discuss how Valanciunas, Kleiza and Calderon fared on day 1 of the 2012 Olympic basketball tournament.

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Lithuania took on Iceland (yes, apparently they play basketball there) in a pre-Olympic tuneup game on Tuesday, but not even the mighty Eyjafjallajökull could stop the above events from happening.

Forget results or stats for a moment (they were playing Iceland for God’s sake). Let’s just admire this one singular highlight for the time being. First of all, the setup pass from Kalnietis was both spectacular and ballsy, but the finish was absolutely thunderous.

Valanciunas shows off his highly touted athleticism and explosiveness on this alley-oop jam, coming out of nowhere (check out where he took off from) to forcefully bang the pass home over a poor, helpless Icelandic fellow.

To finish, there’s nothing like girating on an opponent’s back and getting the crowd amped up. But what else would you expect from a guy who was once compared to Rambo?

Now wipe your mouth, you’re drooling.

If you tuned in to the American team’s final pre-Olympic game against Spain on theScore Tuesday, you would have seen Jose Calderon running the Spanish attack.

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