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Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers

On Tuesday, most of us were convinced that news regarding Bryan Colangelo’s job status would emerge throughout the day.

Late Wednesday afternoon (or whenever it is that you stumble upon this) we still aren’t seeing any clearer in that regard, but there’s plenty more Phil Jackson chatter to hold us over in the meantime…

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Image creation courtesy of theScore's Sean Keay

Image creation courtesy of theScore’s Sean Keay

I don’t how many people envisioned the first two weeks of the Raptors’ off-season being dominated by Phil Jackson to Toronto rumours, but nevertheless, here we are.

If you remember from when the Jackson/Raptors rumours began to heat up on Friday after the Tim Leiweke hire, Toronto’s biggest potential competitor in the chase for The Zen Master was thought to be Seattle if Chris Hansen could successfully move the Kings there. However, with the committee of NBA owners recommending on Monday that the relocation of the Kings be blocked, and therefore recommending that Seattle stays without an NBA team for now, Toronto’s biggest challenger appears to have taken a pretty crushing early blow, and I wasn’t the only one thinking that way

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Kobe Bryant And Phil Jackson Address The Media

I was going to write a quick collection of thoughts on how the appointment of Tim Leiweke to President and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is good news for the Raptors going forward because of his breadth of NBA experience.

And then this happened…

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