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Unfortunately, Amir left with an injury on "Amir Bobblehead" night

Amir left with an injury on “Amir Bobblehead” night

An absolutely atrocious fourth quarter was the difference on Wednesday night as the playoff-bound Hawks took care of business in Toronto, clinching a playoff berth in the process.

Here are some brief thoughts on the game…

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New York Knicks v Toronto Raptors

The Raptors were unable to complete the comeback, as the Knicks finally took down Toronto this season and clinched a playoff spot in the process.

Here are some quick thoughts on the game…

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Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors

Most basketball fans knows about the statistical/analytical revolution happening in the NBA right now, similar to what baseball went through years earlier that inspired “Moneyball” – both the term and the film. The advanced metrics unearthed during this revolution have helped us break down and understand both games better than ever, regardless of the traditionalist criticisms, and the NBA recently added all of the advanced stats you can ask for to its own website.

The NBA may actually be surpassing Major League Baseball in terms of how far this revolution will be taken thanks to “SportVU,” a program currently used by half of the Association’s teams which records every single second of action on the floor “and spits it back at its front-office keepers as a byzantine series of geometric coordinates,” writes Zach Lowe of Grantland.

Lowe’s fascinating feature on SportVU should be read by all, especially basketball savvy Raptors fans who want the organization to immerse itself in stats and analytics, as one of the main points the in-depth feature makes is that “The NBA is undergoing an analytical transformation, and the Raptors are one of the teams at the forefront.”

Sandwiched in the intriguing Grantland post which focuses on the Raptors are a few talking points for Raptors fans…

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Charlotte Bobcats v Toronto Raptors

The Raptors took down the worst team in the NBA on Friday night but there were some positives to note.

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Toronto Raptors v Phoenix Suns

If you’re an NBA fan following the right people on twitter, you’ll get your fill of interesting and noteworthy statistics to examine from time to time, and Tuesday morning was no different, as Tom Haberstroh pointed us in the direction of a defensive rebounding off of blocked shots table, via Evan Zamir. The fact that a few Raptors made the list makes it worthy of a share here.

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