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First, here is Rudy Gay’s first field goal as a Raptor:

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No thoughts on the game from Joe or myself but if you feel like mourning yet ANOTHER heartbreaking loss, here is Kyrie’s game -winner…

I thought Alan Anderson was the correct choice to be guarding Irving since Lowry wasn’t on the floor, but once the game clock reached 5 seconds, Anderson should have realized Irving wasn’t driving and closed the gap between them. It was an absurdly long game-winner but Kyrie has that kind of range on his jumper.

The Raptors have now lost 12 games this season which they were leading at some point in the 4th quarter….Ech.

This might explain why Lowry was substituted out of the game with about 4 minutes to go…

We aren’t even halfway through the regular season and rookie Terrence Ross already has a very impressive portfolio of dunks to show off. On Friday night against the Bobcats he added another one:

Let Ross Dunk

Let Terrence Ross dunk. Also, give the kid some more minutes. That is all…

On the next one, the rookie decided to preface the jam by showing off his range and defensive awareness:

Once Ross got out on the fast break, it was pretty awesome to see nearly the entire arena (including the Raptors bench) rise in anticipation of what he was about to do.

The guy that was supposedly “a reach”  at No. 8 in the draft is an athletic freak who can shoot and already plays legit NBA defence at the wing. Yeah, ’cause guys like that just aren’t top-eight material. Remember what I’ve been saying about people underestimating Ross’ potential?

DeMar DeRozan has been the best dunker on the team since the day Raptors drafted him in 2009, but that title is no longer secure with the addition of rookie Terrence Ross.

In Sunday’s game against the Rockets, DeRozan made a statement…

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