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Phoenix Suns v Toronto Raptors

With Summer League behind us, Drew, Oliver and I got together to discuss Jonas Valanciunas’ dominance (and his MVP award), the other Raptors in Vegas, Toronto’s acquisitions since the last time we spoke (Hansbrough, Buycks and Augustin) and what we can expect from this team if this is the roster they go with in 2013-14.

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Toronto Raptors v.  San Antonio Spurs

While I’m firmly entrenched in the “don’t ready anything into Summer League” camp and I don’t pay attention to the numbers posted in Vegas, there are always observations you can take away from watching guys play at any level.

On that note, here’s a little bit of what we learned from the Raptors at the annual Las Vegas Summer League…

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It’s obviously just meant to be a funny mock interview between two teammates, but Jonas Valanciunas’ “It’s been fu**ed, man” comments to DeMar DeRozan about Summer League have gotten some play around the internet today, especially through social media.

Valanciunas also pokes fun at teammates Terrence Ross and Quincy Acy and jokes that he won’t take anything from his first Summer League experience.

Here’s the thing, while Jonas may have been joking around in a general sense and while I imagine the team might mention something to him about videos like this in the future, the Raptors big man has a point.

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Summer League is a young man’s game, but add a more polished beast to the mix and those young men are reduced to boys. Case in point, Saturday night in Las Vegas where a bulked up Jonas Valanciunas physically dominated anyone and everyone Miami’s Summer League team threw at him.

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Rio Grande Valley Vipers v Iowa Energy - Game Three

With the capped out Raptors sitting on the sidelines of this year’s free agency sweepstakes, there hasn’t been much news around here since Masai Ujiri pulled off the impossible and found value in an Andrea Bargnani trade (which should become official when the moratorium on player movement is lifted Wednesday).

On Tuesday however, the team announced that Nick Nurse has been added to Dwane Casey’s coaching staff and that he’ll coach the team’s Summer League squad, which you can find here.

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