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With the pre-season finale (thank God) set for Friday in Milwaukee, the Raptors received some good news on Thursday, as Kyle Lowry will be able to practice and play while recovering from a¬†left ring finger tendon injury (though he’ll be out vs. the Bucks).

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With the dog days of summer bringing little to no Raptors news in August, I was considering writing a post on Jonas Valanciunas’ appearance on an SB Nation projection of the top 100 players in 2017. Valanciunas was projected as the no. 18 player on that list, and it got me thinking about how possible it is that JV could be the best player on a legitimate contending team in his prime.

Thankfully, Dwane Casey made some interesting comments about another Raptors sophomore recently, and so we’ll save that proposed post, comprised of complete conjecture, for another day.

The other Raptors sophomore I’m referring to is Terrence Ross, and here’s what Dwane Casey had to say about him in an interview with Sean Deveney of Sporting News:

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Phoenix Suns v Toronto Raptors

With Summer League behind us, Drew, Oliver and I got together to discuss Jonas Valanciunas’ dominance (and his MVP award), the other Raptors in Vegas, Toronto’s acquisitions since the last time we spoke (Hansbrough, Buycks and Augustin) and what we can expect from this team if this is the roster they go with in 2013-14.

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Toronto Raptors v.  San Antonio Spurs

While I’m firmly entrenched in the “don’t ready anything into Summer League” camp and I don’t pay attention to the numbers posted in Vegas, there are always observations you can take away from watching guys play at any level.

On that note, here’s a little bit of what we learned from the Raptors at the annual Las Vegas Summer League…

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Summer League is a young man’s game, but add a more polished beast to the mix and those young men are reduced to boys. Case in point, Saturday night in Las Vegas where a bulked up Jonas Valanciunas physically dominated anyone and everyone Miami’s Summer League team threw at him.

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