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A true Raptors fan can never get enough Jonas Valanciunas in their life, so on that note, here’s a couple of great JV-related GIFs from the weekend.

First, Valanciunas provides the most energetic and comical inbounds-defence of all time in Indiana:

Next up, Jonas goes all Dikembe Mutumbo on us and reminds the Hornets that they shall not pass.


I’m pretty sure he was actually waving his finger at the foul that was called on the play, but whatever, Jonas forever.

GIFs courtesy of Scott Lewis and @Raptors

If you’re a regular RaptorBlog reader, then by now, you should be familar with theScore’s awesome creative/social team, which occasionally give us some Raptors-related creative gems.

Well with best friends Rudy Gay and Kyle Lowry set to join forces in Toronto, Toby Fowlow’s creative instincts kicked in.

What do you think…

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After the success of the Valanciunas-inspired "Hope" poster, theScore's creative team just couldn't help themselves

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about Sam Mitchell’s recent radio comments about not being hard enough on Andrea Bargnani because the organization thought he couldn’t take it, and because of those comments, Bargnani’s negative affect on the Raptors is back in the limelight, especially with the team having won three straight since Kyle Lowry’s return to the lineup.

First of all, as Skeets tweeted last night, the notion that anyone in the organization thought Bargnani couldn’t take tough love from Mitchell doesn’t add up when you remember that Bryan Colangelo and co. were apparently blown away by Bargnani’s outstanding Caliper Profile results before the 2006 Draft. You know, the test that “showed that Bargnani is virtually oblivious to what others think of him.”

But with or without Smitch’s comments, we’d all probably be talking about Bargnani anyway. After all, for better or worse, the Bargnani conundrum is the topic we just can’t get enough of. We’ll all write about him and discuss him and then say things like we’re “done” talking about him or “tired” of talking about him, and yet lo and behold, there we are weeks later having the exact same conversation or writing the exact same column/blog about him.

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Oliver and I aren’t the only hardcore Raptors fans here at theScore, and we often end up in lively conversations with coworkers about how to go about fixing the current state of the team. Well someone here decided to have a little bit of fun at the Raptors’ expense.

Check out Toronto’s latest acquisition (Sometimes, you just need to laugh):

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What would it look like if the Raptors decided to blend the old with the new?

If and when the Mickael Pietrus acquisition becomes official today, Oliver and I will be on the pitch for a good cause at theScore’s charity soccer tournament, so there probably won’t be any new Pietrus-related content or even a Game Thread here today (I’ll probably have some thoughts on the game later tonight), but we do have a treat for you.

Recently, fellow blogger and hardcore Raptors fan Chris Lund mentioned that he thought the tacky old dinosaur on the jersey uniforms would look good with the team’s new colour scheme of red, black and white. Most people think of ideas like that and then just mention it in passing to anyone who’ll listen. Lund went the extra mile and decided to actually create the hypothetical uniform change, “pixel by pixel,” as he told it.

To clarify, the Raptors are NOT changing their uniforms (though I do believe we’ll eventually see the original jerseys trotted out once or twice). This is just a cool concept created by a coworker that I thought was more than worth a share with RaptorBlog readers and fellow Raptors fans.

So without further ado, here’s Chris Lund’s uniform design. It takes a little bit of the old and blends it with a little bit of the new:

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