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Apparently, a small portion of the small crowd at Friday night’s Jays/Yankees game started a “Let’s go Raptors” chant at one point in the evening (Perhaps this Raptors teaser video filmed at the Rogers Centre got fans nostalgic about the franchise’s early days playing at the Dome).

Despite being a Raptors season seat holder, and more importantly, the co-editor of this fine Raptors themed blog, I refuse to support this cross-sport chanting. As a loyal Toronto sports fan with a connection to all three of the city’s major sports teams, I find it odd to “insult” one team by cheering for another in the wrong venue, though I do appreciate the “we’re fed up with futility” sentiment.

Secondly, the whole thing just comes off as kind of cheap, particularly when just five months ago, fans at a Leafs game chanted “Let’s go Blue Jays” at the Air Canada Centre. If the Raptors get off to a slow start and the NHL lockout ends, will we have to put up with “Go Leafs Go” chants at Raps games?

Having said all of that, I do understand the opportunity the Raptors have to make this city theirs, if even for a very short period of time.

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