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Phoenix Suns v Chicago Bulls

In one of the quietest trade deadlines in recent memory, the Raptors were unable to unload Andrea Bargnani, but the team did complete a trade for backup point guard Sebastian Telfair that sends Hamed Haddadi and a conditional second round pick to Phoenix.

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2013 Sprite Uncontainable Game

Andrea Bargnani at the All-Star festivities in Houston…just not doing All-Star things

With the plethora of rumours and reports linking him to various teams, everyone just assumed that by Thursday’s trade deadline, Andrea Bargnani’s tumultuous time in Toronto would have mercifully come to an end, also bringing about the end of the Primo Pasta and Sauce commercials we’ve been subject to for the last few years.

Unfortunately for those fans, it sounds like we may have to wait a while longer…

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Boston Celtics v Charlotte Bobcats

Alright, Raptors/Bargnani related trade rumour no. 5347847 – ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that “Charlotte’s growing determination to move Ben Gordon has presented Toronto w/another Andrea Bargnani suitor.”

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Philadelphia 76ers v Sacramento Kings

As the plethora of Raptors-related trade rumours – most of which will likely include Andrea Bargnani – roll in leading up to Thursday’s trade deadline, I’ll try to post some quick thoughts and analysis on each one. So far this season when it comes to Bargnani, we’ve already talked about blockbuster deals like trading for Pau Gasol, Carlos Boozer and Pau Gasol again. Perhaps an indication of just how low Bargs’ trade value is right now though is the latest report.

On Friday, Fox Sports Ohio reported that according to sources, the Raptors have engaged the 76ers in Bargnani trade talks, with Sam Amico writing that “a Western Conference executive suspects it would involve center Spencer Hawes.”

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Toronto Raptors v Chicago Bulls

If you were already itching for another big Raptors-related trade rumour now that Rudy Gay is firmly in place and Pau Gasol is out for a while, ESPN’s Marc Stein dropped this on us Thursday evening…

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