Remember Jonas Valanciunas’ animated, arm waving, leg sprawling defence on in-bound plays last season?

Well Valanciunas was up to his usual tricks again in another EuroBasket warm-up game on Thursday, only this time on the perimeter, and one youtube user (H/T to Lietuvos Krepsinis) decided to have some fun with it:

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Gay Working With Olajuwon

The summer months usually bring us myriad stories about players getting bigger/stronger, improving a specific facet of their game and generally vowing to come back more complete players, but here’s an off-season workout I didn’t see coming – Rudy Gay working on his post game with the one and only Hakeem Olajuwon.

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Tracy McGrady officially announced his retirement from the NBA today after parts of 16 seasons in the Association, and while only three of those years were spent in Toronto, we’d be remiss as a Raptors-related blog if we didn’t spend at least a few words on T-Mac’s legacy here.

There are many Raptors fans who look back at Tracy McGrady as one of their all-time favourites, some who loathe him for being another in a long list of “ones who got away,” and even a chunk of younger fans who don’t have a single memory of McGrady in Raptors purple.

Either way, here’s a quick reminder…

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With FIBA EuroBasket 2013 less than two weeks away, Jonas Valanciunas and Lithuania continued their warmup to the tournament with a 69-55 win over the Czech Republic to capture the Vilnius international tournament title.

Valanciunas finished with 23 points in 21 minutes (he was 7/9 from the field and 9/11 from the free throw line) to go along with eight rebounds, a block and four turnovers.

Here’s the evidence…

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With the dog days of summer bringing little to no Raptors news in August, I was considering writing a post on Jonas Valanciunas’ appearance on an SB Nation projection of the top 100 players in 2017. Valanciunas was projected as the no. 18 player on that list, and it got me thinking about how possible it is that JV could be the best player on a legitimate contending team in his prime.

Thankfully, Dwane Casey made some interesting comments about another Raptors sophomore recently, and so we’ll save that proposed post, comprised of complete conjecture, for another day.

The other Raptors sophomore I’m referring to is Terrence Ross, and here’s what Dwane Casey had to say about him in an interview with Sean Deveney of Sporting News:

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