Ep. 523: Snuggle Up

Welcome back, team.

On today’s first show at The Score, Skeets and Tas round up your weekend winners and losers. Is Rodrigue Beaubois — say it twice, it’s extra nice — the Mavericks’ point guard of the future? Did Matt Barnes really get under Kobe Bryant’s snake-like skin? And how ’bout ‘dem Bucks? All that, plus TP’s injury, the Lakers’ lack of hustle and creepy sleeved blankets for everyone!

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Note: Unfortunately, it looks like our old iTunes feeds are pretty much useless. We’ll get you the new goods — both audio and video versions — as soon as we get ‘em. Thank you kindly for your patience.

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  1. The score’s video player doesn’t work in linux. How am I supposed to watch TBJ at work now?

  2. Nice diggs guys. Ohio is the suck.

  3. Can you add the mp3 links so i can listen to you guys at work ;>) where we cant get flash

  4. Well done! The set looks great. Congrats, again.

  5. Great to see you guys on The Score doing your thing. I got to know Tas from liveblogging games for here at The Score and have been a fan of The Basketball Jones ever since. Very happy for you all and all the best. Dino Blogger is just one of the thousands soon to be Millions that is a fan of the Basketball Jones.

    All the best to you all. Loser of Week….Sadly Raptors.

  6. TBJ app? Or at least on YouTube. Jones’n for my jones on the road

  7. welcome back, you crazy yuksters. as a fan for years and years, it’s very comfortable seeing you guys in such a presentation. i thought the audio > video transition was weird originally, but this is just getting better and better as time goes by. what a great new world we’re living in, eh?

  8. Great show guys! Good to have you back. I dig the swanky mugs and the backdrop.

    RIP “Napoleon Says”

  9. awesome first show fellas. can’t wait for the audio show. the winner’s of the weekend: all of us. cause we get more jones.

  10. Love the show guys,can u put a link up as soon as poss for the audio feed to your show.
    I’m a postman in Wales (the UK) and listen to your show whilst on my postal round.
    Cheers Fellas….Smarty

  11. Nice job, boys. Jazz-Bucks game Friday is at Milwaukee.

  12. Good catch, Welk. My bad.

  13. Paul Brothers – Drafted.

    Welcome back boiiiis.

  14. LOL I just found out Paul Brothers is a sportcaster contest winner in some deal with gillette. I propose you guys make snide comments about the billboard behind you every time it changes.

    this clear window behind you has the potential to be epic.

  15. Hi!

    I starting listening to the podcast on the way into the cubicle drudgery but I am always a day behind. Is there any chance of getting the podcast uploaded by 8 a.m. pacific time? I figured now was as good a time as any to ask. I really appreciate the show. Keep up the good work.



  16. When Delonte West is on, the Cavs are the best team in the NBA. He has the ability to score off the dribble and defend the opponents best perimeter player. If/when the Cavs win the NBA title, I’ll look back and say, “damn, Delonte had one helluva series”. He’s the x-factor on this Cavs team to take them to the top.

  17. Hey guys, I’m really excited about the new show, but I need a way to download it! I hope you can get your itunes feed working soon.

  18. Welcome back guys. Fairly new to the party, just discovered you all in October. You’ve been a great resource for all the basketball goodies I need in my life. I’m still in a city that likes its football first, so you’re a welcome daily escape.


  19. First of the new show! Looks good guys, I’m diggin’ the new background, as well as the lack of Celtics shit-talking. You guys picked a good week to go off the air, that loss to the Nets was… yeah. Anyway, I wish you all the luck with the new(ish) show and everything. You know I’ll be watching.

  20. WIN. Is this the same player that was used on the Yahoo Blog? The stream is choppier for me. Kinda frustrating but i love you guys so ill let it slide.

  21. Ditto – too choppy to watch at work. Letting it sit for awhile to buffer, we’ll see if that changes anything. Flash = death. Switch over to HTML5 and get a head start on the rest of the world. Then it’s iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android/WinMo etc compatible.

  22. I can’t view it at work anymore. =( I loved my lunch breaks with TBJ. I hope you guys can use the same video format from before so I can continue enjoying the greatness.

  23. Great show guys, good to see the impressive new set you’ve got to work with. I’m afraid my stream was too choppy too by the end too, I just put it down to my ISP being absolutely fucking balls.

    Looking forward to what you guys can do with the show with more things to hand, also Tas has a very Chuck Norris sort of “I’ll mess you up” look on his profile picture, Skeets alas much like his BDL profile picture looks afraid of something that is off camera.

  24. I’m getting a “The selected item is not currently available” error :(

  25. Hey everyone. The RSS feeds are up and running but they’re just not in the iTunes store yet. You can manually subscribe if you don’t want to wait.




  26. I’m having the same issue as Mike above. Using Firefox 3.6 and Flash 10 in Linux, video won’t play. I’ve got a work-around involving Windows, but it’s inconvenient. Any idea why it does this? Is there someone at the Score I could ask about this?

  27. Tas got a new shirt! Nice! Looks good so far guys although I miss my shirtless profile pic from the most recent gen of the site. Hmph.

  28. Thaddeus Young can be a franchise guy with a right supporting cast

  29. Nice new desk guys! Great to have the Jones back, and great to see the Intern got past his probation period.

  30. Melas looked hungover

  31. Nice work JD,just got the audio feed-cheers.

  32. NICE!!!!!

  33. Good stuff, guys. Dig the new set…what was the set to your left? You should do the odd show in front of that every once in a while.

    Also, a thought: you should do a little mailbag question/call of the day video everyday, even if it were it’s own separate video.

  34. Stream is blocked here at work!! Dammit!! What the heck jones!

  35. Whew new studio, lookin good TBJ!
    My winner of the weekend is “Attitude” in the Lakers/Magic game, it seemed like nearly everybody (Kobe, Gasol, Fisher, Barnes, Howard) was getting pissed off. I very much miss that in basketball, you know playoff time is coming…

  36. Loved the new set, missed the amazing soundtrack. Always felt that was the show’s secret weapon. Any chance of a return to the old music format?

  37. Hey Jones,

    I love it that you guys got a big gig and that you’re up and running again. Just make sure to get on iTunes ASAP. My drive to work just ain’t the same without a little Jones in me.

  38. No more “Good morning sweet world”??

  39. I know it’s the first show and you’re just keeping the promise of a Monday show and I thank you. Can’t wait for the creative bits to start rolling in though. gl

  40. this score player wasn’t as smooth as the old one you guys had. It lags on my school network :P
    but good job… so far… i paused it to allow it to load.

  41. My life has improved now that The Jones is back (and so is “headlines” too!)

    Congrats guys – some new polish and the same quality show.


  43. we’re saved the jones is back

  44. Will we not be getting audio Jones now?
    Can’t watch video each morning in traffic :)
    Gotta have audio option!

  45. That episode has to be favourite for next year’s Oscars.

    Mid conversation photos and Whoa Boy stats sheets work for me.

  46. nice place jones!… what times do you guys usually start filming maybe i can make an embarrassing signs… i mean some really neato signs

  47. No more t-shirts to buy? No Good Morning? What madness is this?

  48. Thanks for the quick work on the feed, JD!!

  49. welcome back, it’s been a long week.

    seeing how the Spurs seem to be struggling, without Parker is going to be even worse. i doubt that they will make the playoffs. has anyone thought about Chris Bosh going to the Spurs this summer? he is a Texas guy, albeit from Dallas, and having a new version of the twin towers in San Antonio before Duncan gets older will restart the franchise.

  50. Lovin the new set. Especially the window and the traffic.

    great show, congrats to yall

  51. good to have you guys back!

    you guys are looking all professional behind that desk and corner room view. good stuff.

  52. THIS IS SO LEGIT!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! Congrats boys!

  53. Where can we find old episodes? I joined the party late, was starting from way back when, but now there is no archive of old shows. What the Freak.

  54. Can’t wait till you guys film an accident or get mooned during a show. but you guys are too legit to quit. keep up the great work.

  55. Hey Shelb,

    You can find our old episodes here: http://vimeo.com/thejones/videos


  56. Eeek, a real production studio. This feels like the first day of school. You must be a little excited that you don’t have to deal with that little bastard Vimeo anymore, eh?

  57. Glad to see Tas and Skeets finally made it ‘big time’ with their own personal talk show Mugs and everything! Great show, keep it up!

  58. Nice studio. Now you guys have to wear pants for the Jones every day.

  59. This score feed is terrible for downloading, the old vimeo one was WAY better. Please find some way to stream this easier.

  60. The video quality seems poorer, with artifacts and pixelation, on the vodcast feed. Probably because of the low bitrate chosen.

    Still, glad you’re back.

  61. I miss Vimeo! It’s blocked for me now at work as well…….

  62. Just watched for a second time this evening (tough without it last week). Great episode content wise as well (I was so focused on the new set earlier today).

    I can’t imagine any team handing out thousands of rocks…..seems like a bad idea on many levels.

    Everyone who is unhappy with this, have faith. I’m sure all kinks will be ironed out, and you have to see what huge potential there is here.

  63. congrats on the first episode guys! I was wondering if you’ll still have the direct download link for the mp3 files, as I like to listen to the jones on my way to work (and I don’t use itunes).

  64. cant watch the vid, i guess this is it. we had a good run, been watching for 3 yrs. somehow i knew the vid wouldn’t work.

  65. Matt The Producer,

    Thank you sir! Vedy, vedy good.

  66. Hey Skeets, do you know how long I’ve been a fan? WHERE’S SHEED’S DRILL AT!!! Congrats on the new gig, great show.

  67. Lookin’ good, guys, love the new digs.

    Long live the Jones!

  68. Glad to have these guys on board at the Score. I think it’s only going to get better from here as now this is essentially their real “job”!

    Love the flat screen T.V. in the corner displaying the Score logo and the table on flimsy looking casters. All I can think of is jumping up and down outside of their studio on King street since I work like 3 minutes away.

  69. Welcome back jocks! Good luck on your new gig! For the peeps running Linux, get a Mac already….

  70. yay you’re back.

    will a video download option always be available? thescore.com is blocked at my work (as was tbj.net) for most of the day, so i download before i leave home and watch it…

  71. You guys gotta talk about Nate Robinson’s new obsession with LOST. His Twitter is now a must read first thing every morning to read his #wordaapp on the show.

  72. Love the new show guys. Great stuff. I can’t wait for more Jones. I also love that headlines are back. Good call.

  73. Happy for you guys and very excited about all the new stuff. But i miss the jones song!! you are very close to snapping my very long streak of consecutive days hearing the name Napoleon spoken/sung. If it weren’t for my girlfriend asking me how short the diminutive french general was this evening, it would ALREADY be over! Keep up the good work and bring back the song!

    Your Jones Warrior,

  74. Dear The Score,

    Please pay Phoenix lots of money for the use of Napoleon Says


    TBJ Listeners

  75. Nice show, just looked up your new Studio in street view. very nice.

  76. @Shelb & @TheJones

    I too watched the old shows when I first discovered The Basketball Jones. The only other show I have ever gone and watched the older episodes of is Top Gear, and that’s not exactly the same as NBA basketball is so ‘in the moment’. I think it says allot about how good Taz and Skeetz on air chemistry is, I wasn’t watching those old episodes for the game results…

  77. i heard that kobe’s rape trial is effecting his play. Is this true?

  78. How long before you guys have people outside the window with signs……… and there you go, Skeets just “beat me” to that line, as I was typing it.

    Nice new kicks there guys!

  79. For all the linux users, our intelligent developer team has a fix for you.

    It seems that our video provider’s player does not work with the 64-bit flash player. The work around is to download the 32-bit player from Adobe and then create an ns-plugin wrapper for it. If you follow the instructions in the first link below you should be ok. Also below is a link to a newer version of flash that you can download. The developers recommend using that plug-in instead of the one that the blog post (the first link) links to.


    A link to a newer player:

  80. Great job guys, but I miss yahoo for some reason. Anyways love the new location. Peace

  81. Ron you are a coward and a fool. I’d knock you downif you said that within my wheelhouse,

  82. TBJ is not fully using all their talents until JD gets a segment if not daily once a week. That’s a guaranteed emmy nominated show if he gets his own segment.

  83. That’s it, huh?
    You sold out to the man…
    No not you, Skeets. You sold out to Yahoosoft a long time ago.

    Aww, who gives a F***, as long as the podcasts keep comin. Heck, with all that newfound cash theyre throwin at yall, you can do two of them a day now.

    Right now, the switch gets a failing mark.
    RSS feed is wonky and the video wont work with Linux and a buddy told me the site is on their no-go list at work it seems (yet egotastic.com still works…. thank god)….
    but other than that, its fine!!

  84. i agree with skeetz……the snuggie thing made me want to puke, how stupid!! does the nba have stock in snuggies or something? why one arth did anyone think that was a good or cool idea.

  85. it’s just not the same I want the underground but it’s hollywood now, for it to survive it was the smart move but I miss the hard edge and the simplicity of it all.

  86. [...] The Basketball Jones. Skeets and Tas are back, y’all!PF: The Sporting Blog. Glen Davis(notes) almost had a shot at [...]

  87. Everybody has to get over to lockerblogger.com. Its a social media site that is all sports and has pros on the site blogging and posting videos. They wrere on the red carpet for the 30 for 30 Reggeie Miller thing and got interviews with Spike Lee and Reggie all the others involved with it. Pretty sick.

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