Ep. 525: Fear The Deer

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas sort through the Eastern Conference playoff race. Are the Bucks causing the top four teams to worry? Who do the bottom seeds “hope” to match up with? Can the Charlotte Bobcats or Miami Wades actually win a series? All that, plus mustachioed bananas.


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  1. Nice that you included biggie!!!

  2. We lied. Apparently, you DO have to re-subscribe. Use those links above, team.

  3. What happened to your hand, Tas? Sympathy injury for Skeets’s ankle?

  4. Thing about the Bobcats is they’ve owned the Cavs this season (3-1). I know, probably doesn’t mean a thing, and it’d be silly to bet against Cleveland in the first round no matter who they play, but still. With Tyrus Thomas now, against a Cavs front line that may or may not include Shaq, with a rusty Z, etc., the Cats could potentially be some trouble. They definitely want the 8th seed.

    Bogut should’ve been an All-Star (over Horford, Josh Smith over David Lee), should make 2nd team All-Defense (Dwight’s a bit overrated but a lock) but probably won’t (Duncan, probably). He’s been really, really good this season.

  5. Whats the number to call? I would love to inform you guys on how to pronounce luc richard mbah a moute’s name. Better known as the “Crazy Cameroonian”

  6. Hey Zach.

    For now you can use the old “Jones-Line” 214 5-JONES-1.

  7. +1 for the Wayne’s World picture and “Mili-walk-kay” in the intro.

  8. Two things:
    1. If I got you right, you said that the Bucks are the most random (/boring, careless, average) team in the league. To me, that is the Indiana Pacers. For the last years, they have been in the middle of the standings, not a playoff team, but not very far away. Now they’re one of the baddest teams in the east, and still pretty boring to me. I apologize to Danny Granger, but the Pacers doesn’t have a big superstar, and there is never any big news about them. Just the whole package makes them most boring or careless or whatever team in the League.

    2. do you really think Bogut is the second best Center in the League? I’m sure he’s better than some of these guys, but not all of them? David Lee, Andrew Bynum, Al Horford.. and I don’t know if the everyday-injured centers count, but Yao, Oden, Chandler, Al Jefferson. + Amare, but he’s probably a PF. Also, Brook Lopez and Joakim Noah are rising. I think they would be right there as well. A couple of rising PFs to mention is JJ Hickson, he has been amazing this year, and, someone who hasn’t been too much in the stage lights lately, but who is also rising: Jordan Hill.
    It’s a bit sad to see that it isn’t too many of those GREAT centers (anymore). All we have now is a big flow of Point Guards.

    -Anders, Norway.

  9. I’ll take Bogut, healthy, on my team over Dwight. Yep, said it. Dwight’s hands can’t compare.

    This media/Flash player is so fussy! It’ll just stop and then I have to refresh the page and re-watch the first 6 minutes. Never happened with my old Jones!

  10. Amin, hurt my finger peeling my banana today.

  11. Great Show guys!

    Juwan Howard, the feel good story of the year!

  12. What happened to the quality on the iTunes Feed? It looks really bad.

  13. It might just be me but the .mp4 format videos don’t play on my iPod. Just a heads up for tech people.

  14. Hey guys,

    Regarding the video on the iTunes feed, ignore the quality of today’s episode. We’re working out some kinks in the way we compress it. It’ll be better by tomorrow.

  15. What time do you guys shoot? I’ll do my errands at Shoppers and watch for myself.

  16. is the new Jones only going to be on itunes? I can’t download it from Zune

  17. Hey Jack. (et al)

    Here is the audio feed:

    Here is the video feed:

    You should be able to subscribe with any platform with those links if you don’t want to go through iTunes.


  18. Cheers for talkin’ about the Deers!

    I think “The Beer Store” are using your show to advertise… that’s twice I’ve seen the truck in the background go past (8:30) and have been distracted.

  19. Bogut is definitely in the running for 2nd best center in the league. But how about Kaman? Though he’s drifted off a little lately, you can’t blame him because the Clips are a mess both offensively and defensively. He’ll get back to how he was playing earlier in the season and should be included on that short list with Bogut. Also, Brook Lopez is hastily climbing the ranks of centers. He’s super talented and young, like Bogut, so I wouldn’t be surprised if his name appears on one of the all NBA teams.

    In other news, what’s your guys’ email for questions and such? I think I remember you saying tbj@thescore.com, but I’m not sure. Thanks guys and keep up the excellent work.

  20. The Bucks have been dethroned as Club Average by the Indiana Pacers. That team looks like the Geek Squad playing pick-up on their lunch break.

  21. Hey Becquer. You can email us at tbj@thescore.com. Send us some mail!

  22. You were watching cats in heat last night, Skeets?

  23. Never thought I’d say this about a show, but I miss the ads.

  24. I sent some the other day and just wanted to make sure I sent it to the right place since I didn’t get the usual “thanks” reply. Hopefully you guys aren’t too good for that anymore. Hahaha. I kid, I kid.

  25. I miss the music. How much could that Phoenix band charge you guys to use “Napoleon Says”. Im sure The Score could manage it.

  26. the fact that david lee got the all-star replacement nod over bogut was a travesty. bogut really has developed into a great player…

    once upon a time i would’ve never been able to say that.

  27. Skeets what kind of Nike’s are you wearing? (This is a serious question).

  28. None of the guys among others’ honorable mentionings have anywhere near the all-around game (eg. intelligence, passing, handle, ambidexterity and now – dare I say it – free-throw-making) possessed by Andrew Bogut. While Amar’e was acknowledged, Becquer M. has named at least four (Lee, Horford, Jefferson and Stoudemire) natural fours for center comparison. Tyson Chandler and Greg Oden should never be spoken of in this context, and that has nothing to do with their fragility.

    Given optimum health for all NBA fives I’d take only two freakish humans ahead of Bogut; Yao and (probably but not certainly) Howard.

  29. Thank you for qualifying the Perk criticism before you gave it. It did not go unnoticed!

    You guys really need to get mbah a moute down. “mbah a moute, or whatever”. The dude is a prince! He’s not going to be happy about this.

  30. @5:51, “un-ridiculously quick”.

    nice one, skeeters!

    anyway, keep up the good work.

    btw, did you guys change the theme music for the jones for the score? i can’t remember when it changed! but it did…

  31. Thanx for new iTunes link! now i can’t wait till that 30-min-audio-weekly-tbj :D

    Mmmm how many episodes till someone stay in front of The Score’s building waving his/her hand??? :D

  32. lighting is bad in new studio. you need to add lights.

  33. this is still not running on my UBUNTU 9.10, proprietary adobe sucker plug-in…

  34. Let’s be honest, Daniel, Skeets had the beginnings of incredible word usage there, but forced himself in to a contentious verbal block/charge incident. Tough call. Looking at the replay, he probably did well not to assert Bogut’s athleticism as unbelievable, but as merely ridiculous.

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