Ep. 526: Thunder Rolls

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas bring the bottom of the Western Conference playoff picture into focus. Are the Thunder the league’s “smartest” team? Can the Grizzlies sneak in to the 8th spot? Will the Spurs and Blazers hang on to their playoff positions? All that, plus an embarrassing Boston beatdown leaves Celtics fans reeling.


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  1. I see Memphis getting into the playoffs. They have been struggling lately before yesterday’s win but I don’t see any of those guys quitting. I know it’s hard to say but they’re taking San Antonio’s spot. Parker is out, team chemistry is no where to be found.

  2. I agree that the Grizz are the only chance to sneak into the playoffs, combined with Portland’s injuries, or if Manu turns off his awesome switch, combined with some un-Memphis-esque luck. And the Celtics definitely need an out-of-nowhere thrashing of an upper team. Probably won’t happen, but KG might have an episode after flashing back to his Minnesota days and break somebody’s head with a dunk or something. Who knows.

    But with the standings, Portland-LA was a series we were drooling for last year, Phoenix-Denver would set arenas aflame, Jazz-Thunder (JAZZ THUNDER SAX!) could potentially be great, and Dallas-Spurs…well, Dallas-Spurs.

  3. I don’t foresee the Blazers dropping out of the race. With all they’ve been through this year, they won’t turn it off now. Especially with Dre’, Howard, and Canby keeping all the kids in check. I agree that if Memphis were to get in the playoffs, it’d be at San Antonio’s expense.

  4. I think that in the West, fans are going to see more daily (hopefully) movement between the top 8 teams than you are likely to see a team from the outside break through. (Unless there are some shady things going on, like injuries or suspensions) Grizz have talent, but it may be too hard for them to make it. Who knows.

    I have bitter memories of the Raptors 1st playoff sortie, where they were scared and making bad turn overs in the 1st quarter vs. the Knicks in MSG. (This one particularly high pass that went into the 5th row that was between Vince and TMac haunts me still) Younger teams seem to have the odds against them in the playoffs. As a Jazz fan I really don’t want them to have to play the Thunder — they seem to have the Jazz’ number this season. The only instance I can think of where a team in recent history did particularly well in their 1st trip to the playoffs happens to be the Jazz, who won a game 7 on the road in the first round, and made it all the way to the West Finals. That team had a number of guys on it who were very young, but the steadying influence of Jarron Collins, Rafael Araujo and Derek Fisher helped.

    Do the Thunder have enough ‘vets’ with playoff experience on the roster now to mitigate some of the nerves?

  5. Great show guys. But WHAT is going on? You promised “more Jones” and now it seems like the episodes become shorter by the day…

  6. Unagi — “More” doesn’t necessarily mean “longer.” You’ll see.

  7. too obvious “that’s what she said” joke?

  8. @jeskeets: That is true… But for the Jones’ format – as we’ve known it so far – it is really the only quantitative measure. Anyway, I’m looking forward to see what’s “more” to come.

  9. This feels more like a “Jones” downsizing then a step foward. Slow loading site, less content, etc/etc.

    The phrase “You’ll see…” is generally not a good sign…

    I’m holding my breathe.

  10. the griz have the best shot of all because of their road record and pretty potent offense. but it only happens if phoenix, portland, or san antonio go on some kind of swoon, maybe due to injury (tony parker?).

  11. @4:45 – sponsored by Doritos?

  12. why are the episodes so much shorter now?

  13. I repeat myself. This is still not running on my UBUNTU 9.10, proprietary adobe sucker plug-in… And it doesn’t even seem to be the plug-in but some codec issues.

  14. Blazers got older this year intentionally. (Camby aside, as he was a necessity.) Tas, that Thunder bandwagon is going to collapse. Although, keep an eye on Ibaka.

    Those 8 teams currently in place in the West aren’t going to miss the playoffs. No chance. There’ll be some shuffling. I think Portland moves up a spot (of course I do), OKC or PHX could slide down a spot, same with the Spurs if they keep playing as they have been. But no way do any of those teams miss the playoffs.

  15. Give them a break. They’re still settling in at The Score. Eventually they’ll reach the desired level of Jones-ness.

  16. Patience, folks — dudes have been at the new gig for all of four days. I can’t imagine Skeets&Tas&JD&Matt (BTW: Would totally wear that Helvetica shirt) would make the move if it didn’t mean getting more opportunities to do bigger and better things.

    Also, really, fellow commenters? Nobody’s made a “Skeets’ ‘roni” joke yet? All right, fine. I’ll be your huckleberry:

    “I’d bet you think Skeets’ ‘roni is like Seikaly, but it’s actually more like Turiaf.”


    One last thing — @theREALheadlesschicken: Ubuntu’s not working for anyone this year. Ask KG.

  17. The Blazers will make the playoff and (fingers crossed) may even get out of the 1st round. Spurs may not make the playoffs if Ginobli drops off a bit. Spurs biggest weakness is Pops stubborn refusal to play his young bench players. He’s not resting his starters enough through the regular season. Memphis might steal their spot, but the Blazers are scrappier than your average injury ridden franchises. This site is really slow loading and I have a fairly fast connection. Does your cameraman suffer from a nervous disorder? Another seasick episode guys. Tripod anyone?

  18. With all the attention on the powerhouse teams, I for one would love to see a Blazers-Bucks finals! Yeah, I like underdogs and am bored with the Lakers and Cavs talk

  19. I agree with Riverman I would love to see some upsets for the finals. However speaking rationally I do think the eight in the West right now are going to be in the playoffs. Spurs just make it at eighth and the Griz coming oh so close. I wasn’t a big fan of the Kevin Martin deal for Houston because Carl Landry was playing so well for the Rockets I mean I understand the need of a scorer but still Rockets won’t get in and Hornets despite the super rooks in Collison and Thornton I can’t see them cracking into the top eight.

  20. you guys shouldn’t worry so much. they said that they’ll start coming out with more different and creative stuff. let them get adjusted to their new schedules… i’m enjoying the shorter shows just as much. still getting my nba fix.

    and yea. the western conference is set. unless timmy or manu get injured, the spurs will hold on to their spot. lock it up.

  21. Hey congratulations on the move fellas. I re-subscribed on ITunes but it did not come up today. Just wanted to let you know.

  22. Im running a few different Linux like Kubuntu and Mandriva (both using KDE4.3) as well as Gentoo and the video is not working.
    And its not that 64-bit flash player thing that was posted a few days ago. Im using an old Celeron based laptop and a netbook that runs the ubiquitous Atom chip but no 64bit..
    I use tons of Flash videos sites, sports sites and pr0n sites every day and this is the only one that gives me problems.
    The ONLY one.
    Love you guys but not enough to go back to Windows.
    20 years of an abusive relationship is more than enough.

    Tell Teh Score’s code monkeys to stop flinging their poo and get to work.

  23. Well the Grizz were a lock for Playoffs but who would have thought that the Thunder would be THIS good?
    Portland just keeps winning despite all the injuries, so my only hope at the moment of winning the bet with Skeets is that the Spurs will start to lose games hopefully Richard Jefferson’s magic this season can rub off a little on his team mates, otherwise I’m up for 3 Tees (Gulp!)

    Let’s go Grizz!


  24. Hey Amar, “the steadying influence of Rafael Araujo”? That’s a joke, right?

  25. itunes is not showing today’s episode, nor is the download link. I need my basketball jones on the go!! I’m looking forward to it.

  26. Love the Jones, love the Jones’ fans…

    Daily show and comments always good for a few laughs…

  27. video not available for download?

  28. I’m moving to Toronto… Beer trucks, Doritos trucks and sunny every morning it seems.

  29. Feels like before I can really get into ths Podcast and its over already.

  30. It’s tough because all along I’ve been making excuses (injury to KG, injury to Marquis, injury to Pierce, injury to Big Baby, not playing hard, shots not falling, etc).

    But, last night the light bulb finally went off. It had nothing to do with effort. It wasn’t that they were coasting. Memphis is just better. That’s it. The swagger comes when you know you’re good. They now know they’re not.

  31. The quality of the Score show vs. the old show is similar, but I do miss Napoleon and the other ‘musical interludes’. The old school pauses/breaks gave you a chance for a quick morning wizz, a few sips or coffee etc. plus they did lengthen the show into the 15-20 range rather than the 12-14 range. I hadn’t even adjusted my junk this morning by Whoa Boy time! I suppose I could just pause it, but the silence would be deafening.

    I miss the old desk and all its clutter and the pool table, but the oddities of the daily Toronto grind through the window make up for it. How long until you get a BJ Flasher?

  32. Hey everyone.

    Surprise! The video feed is up now. We know all of this is frustrating for some of you. We’re working on it.


  33. Awesome show as always.

    I almost have to agree with you that the Grizz and Rockets are out. It is clear the Hornets are done, but being the die hard Rockets fan I am, I don’t quite think I can count the Rockets out. They could get hot and in a groove with this new team of theirs. It is a team that hasn’t been scouted really yet as there hasn’t been time to scout them. Jordan Hill h as played well in limited time as has Jared Jeffries.

    I think if this teams finds the right beat they might just be able to ride that beat into the playoffs, and as we saw last year put this team in the playoffs and anything can happen.

    Another thing of note…
    Their sched may not be as hard as what Portland has, the T-Blazers have played 2 more home games than road games whereas the Rockets have played 1 more road game than home games which means 3 more Home games for the Rockets down the stretch than the Blazers which bodes well for the Rockets, also the Rockets get to play 8 sub .500 teams in their final 19 games where as the Blazers have 8 in their final 16 but 5 of those are on the road….I just think it could be interesting in the Rockets get hot and the depleted Blazers run by the Charisma of Juwan Howard get tired.

  34. just wanted to say i like the new setup you guys got here. BDL is lame without skeetz now. i miss the old intro music to.

  35. When can we expect a new feed for Zune subscribers? I like the new setup, but also miss the music interludes. Keep working hard fellas!

  36. i think the grizzlies are the only ones with a shot at cracking the 8, at the expense of the blazers, but they’d have to go back to the way they were playing a few weeks back. the spurs have a tough schedule to close out the season, but they should hold on (touch wood).

  37. The new intro I assume is for copyright reasons?
    I will say it does take away slighty but who cares.

    Plus I also enjoyed watching the “vintage” jones first couple of episodes was like watching reruns of the simpsons or something that you never knew existed and being pleasantly surprised by the better than expected writing.

    Keep it up guys

    I also take back most of the diss laid on Bogod more recently.

  38. If you guys looked a little closer at the schedules i see that it could be very likely San Antonio falls out of the playoffs in the West. Keeping in mind they won’t have Tony Parker for these games here is what lies ahead; 2 games each vs Orlando and Los Angeles, Road games against Miami, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Boston, Phoenix, Denver and Dal. Miami/Orlando and Atlanta/OKC are both back to backs on the road for an older team and home games against Cleveland, Houston, and Memphis. Do they old legs have enough gas to hold on? I would have to vote nay. keep doing what your doing fellas. GO NUGS

  39. MC Welk — you know it! Though I must say I miss his ‘toughness’. It takes a special kind of player to have the intensity to attempt to murder marvin williams in a summer league game. (in self-defense)


  40. i miss the closet and and the old show now you have bosses yuk!

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