Ep. 527: Magic Carter Tricks

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas take a look at the unheralded Magic. Why are so many people not talking about the third best team in the league? And will the playoffs prove Orlando is better off with Vince Carter than Hedo Turkoglu? All that, plus they say goodbye to the banged-up Bulls, feel sorry for Derrick Rose and scrutinize Laker fan Lapo Elkann’s “Wanker of the Week” moment. Embrace the weekend, team.


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  1. whatup with the short shows?!!

  2. “Highly Imagine”- Skeetsism.

  3. THE

    Hedo has to be one of the biggest busts of the year league wide. While he has the occasional solid game, 12/4/4 (and dropping) is not worth $10mill. While I think he is horrid now…what will he be in 4 years? He can barely bend over and touch the floor now. His defence is very weak (but isn’t that a criteria for playing for the Raps?). From what I’ve seen he ‘Got Paid’ and is now going to float/coast into retirement 5 years from now.

    The Raps did fairly well when it came to shuffling the deck last summer. Sonny and Amir were great pickups, Wright was ok, Jack is TJ2010 and Fumble Fingers (wife’s nick for Belineli) is fairly suspect. But Turk….he could be one of the last few crippling contracts signed in the league (pending a new CBA).

  4. Turkoglu was an awful signing for the Raptors in my opinion. The Raptors should’ve just let him go to Portland like he was close to doing and resigned Shawn Marion. Shawn Marion is for the Raptors what they need. Defensive athletic wing. The Raptors should have kept Marion in my opinion.

    I also believe that Vince Carter WILL be the key to another Magic Finals Berth. If Shaq can stop Dwight, we’ll truly see about that, then Vince Carter will be able to step up and take the reigns and take control of a game I do think. Lebron can do the exact same thing however I think that Orlando right now is a better team while Lebron is just the best player on the planet.

  5. Nice to see some love for the Magic men…

    I think the Magic still have the Cavs’ playoff numbers, baring a Howard injury… LBJ is pretty unefficient when facing the Magic… He’s affraid of attacking the hoop because of Howard’s presence and settles for jumpers… And LBJ’s jumpers probably wont win you a series…

  6. VC is a good fit for the Magic, much better than Turk, Turk soared in a contract year, and no matter what you say Tas, a player in their 30s sluffs off a bit after a big contract signing…

    I say good move Magic.

    and on another note ROCKETS ROCKETS ROCKETS.

    P.S. I work in video and media production and actually understand all of what goes into the process of putting a show together. I got nothing but love for you guys, the shows are great, keep them coming. No worries about the time, when you expand you expand, your fans are loyal!


  7. How am I supposed to concentrate on the show when a huge truck goes by right at the start that says “THE BEER STORE” in huge letters. I had to watch twice because the first time through I just kept imagining what “THE BEER STORE” must look like, and how much I’d like to go there.

    These Magic are a huge improvement. Even if you call Vince/Turk a wash (pros cons might just outweigh each other) you’ve got the additions of Barnes and J-Will, plus a healthy Jameer and a Dwight who is more dominant, more confident, and who no longer dissapears in big spots.

    Disagree about Cleveland/Orlando ECF being fun last year (I’m obviously insanely bias though)……I thought it was far and away the less exciting of the two conference finals.

  8. What is the email address, jones@jones or tbj@thescore?

  9. Good show guys! I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen Tas open a show and be on Skeets right instead of left. Much improved camera work. Question, which commentator currently working the mikes for nba games, which would make the best coaches. (There’s going to be a big demand for fresth coaches really soon). My picks would be Kenny Smith and Eric Snow.

  10. Brother of Moses- It’s tbj@thescore.com

  11. i’m looking forward to the day when we see our first fender bender in the background…

  12. they called Lapo, Bartman because he was rooting for the Raptors. He later said that he was hoping the Raptors would win because they have two fellow Italians in the team. You guys live in Toronto and I read what Lapo said in BDL. Get it together guys.

  13. Totally agree with Nick L. Jameer being healthy is HUGE. In addition to J-Will and Barnes, they also added Bass to their bench. Plus, Redick, though not a superstar, is really noticeably better than last year. So I think when you add it all up, they have a much better bench. Plus, they were there last year and have that experience. They got off to a rough start, but now that VC is playing within himself, I definitely consider them championship contenders. (Having trouble picking between them and the Cavs to win the East, but I’m leaning towards Orlando.) They should even be able to match up with the Lakers, with the variety they’ve got in their frontcourt, a pretty good, physical perimeter defender in Barnes, and a young, athletic point guard (the Lakers’ supposed weakness).

    Plus, I think VC is an improvement over Hedu. Barry was emphasizing Hedu’s assists in the playoffs. I won’t deny he was a good playmaker last year. But you have to balance that by noting that there was no Jameer in the playoffs. Now that he’s back, the assists are going to get divided across the team more.

  14. We thank our lucky stars in Oregon that Hedu bailed on us and we signed Miller! Carter is an X factor for Orlando that can flat out light up a court. Similiar to Lamar in LA. When he’s on, the Magic rock and roll. I like watching VCs game much more than Hedus. Maybe Chicago or Detroit could swap half of their teams with the Raptors to see if there’s any chemistry amongst these guys. Whatever they are doing now in Toronto, it’s definitely not playing defense.

  15. Wow, up on iTunes before it’s on the blog. First time ever I think.

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