Ep. 528: Bump Bump

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas round up another field of weekend winners and losers. Can the young Thunder seize home-court advantage from the Jazz? Did Kirk Hinrich deserve a one-game suspension for accidentally bumping a ref? And do we really have to talk about the Raptors’ pathetic D? All that, plus Shaun, Rashard and Luis.


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Comments (25)

  1. Watching the show right now, but seriously, if I lived near Toronto, I would be there with a sign.

    Your show rocks!

  2. Did I just say the Sixers have been playing better as of late? Wow. I wish I weren’t a liar.

  3. Hey, hey, how about some love for Batum and the Blazers after they beat up the Raptors??

    Okay, yeah, it was the Raptors, but still. Dude puts Hedo to shame. Still can’t believe the Blazers offered him $50 mil.

    I’m going to go listen to the Showin’ Love video again.

    Also, I don’t really miss that Phoenix song anymore. They’re kind of dicks, too, so, meh.

  4. Knicks for winners of the weekend for getting some revenge on the Mavs after that 50-point loss however long ago.

  5. how about Tony Douglas for winner of the weekend? WHAT!?!? that dude went off…either him or Bill Walker but I am more for Douglas.

    He and Beuabois are like the cinderella stories of the year along with Juwan Howard.

  6. Add Skeets’ “few items of houseCLEANING” instead of houseKEEPING to your 1000th episode highlights vid! LOL great show guys

  7. Heyas,

    I’ve tried to watch the last couple of episodes but the player says the videos are not available. It was working all right last week. Did you guys or people at the Score started to block content to international viewers or something like that? It’s the only thing I can think of, being that I hail from Brazil.


  8. dam yall never talk about the cavaliers haha

  9. Nicholas Batum would be my whoa boy this week. I know you didn’t want to talk about the Raps, but show the Blazers some respect. They won the game and did have something to do with Toronto losing.

  10. Hedo and Rashard played so well last year, made me draft them both in my fantasy league. Now they both plays terribly. SMH

  11. There’s gotta be some way you can incorporate that stoplight on the corner behind you into a segment, right? It can be like Around the Horn or something. For a set period of time, Tas can only talk while the King traffic is rolling, and Skeets can only talk when Peter has the green light. Something like that…

  12. Or some sort of game where you have one green light’s worth of time to list as many of a certain category as possible. I’m getting carried away here.

  13. You gotta give my bobcats some winner of the weekend love here… I mean they held on to beat the clips on friday, then come up sunday to top the magic, in orlando, without crash to increase their win streak to 6 in a row and further help their campaign to their first nba playoffs…. now that has to be worthy of a winner of the weekend, or at least some sort of mention

  14. Tas, Leave your laptop at home?

  15. totally agree w/ the craptors. they wouldn’t even be in the playoff race is the bulls didn’t have tons of injuries. i see the raptors finishing 9th with the bulls making a push near the end with some players coming back.

  16. My computer is in a special place right now.

  17. It’s funny I was getting ticked when you guys were laying into the Raptors. I mean maybe because I suffer through them on a daily basis in writing about them etc. in the DNB. But the frustrating thing about it was 95% of what you said I can’t argue with. I am not sure if there is 20 teams in the NBA that I would rather watch on a regular basis other than them. although the last 3 games aside from maybe the Nets and Knicks I would have been happy to watch anyone else.

    The most scary thing of all is this is WITH BOSH. The Raptors that will be around after him should he in fact walk will be even more scary and painful to watch and we got a preview of those Raptors when he was hurt.

    As for the sign thing living here in Hamilton I was wondering when you guys taped and I am pretty sure that as odd as standing outside on a street with a sign for 20 minutes might be for a whole morning would be even more bizarre. Good luck on Court Surfing and all the best.

    One thing I read (Forget Where) was Bosh on the OKC Thunder. That would be an interesting landing spot for him should he leave. Thoughts on that?

  18. HELP!!!!!!!
    I just returned from Mexico to find that I can’t watch the Jones. I’m running 10.6.2 on a MacBook. All I get when I click play is “The selected item is not currently available”

    Normally I’d just watch it on iTunes, but iTunes is not an option as it’s currently providing the tunes for my wife’s ladies night. I’ve got all night to myself and 6 catch up episodes and all I get is some sh*tty message saying “You suck. No video for you”

    Please help a jonesing man.

  19. PS – for some reason (probably some cosmic ironic joke that I’m currently not getting) I can watch every other video on the site.

  20. PPS – I lie. It’s just a random few. But seriously. Matt, thoughts?

  21. I feel your pain on the Raptors. My Nuggets were your Raptors for a looooong time. Until Chauncy came along the Nuggets could put 105 on anybody in the league on any night. Unfortunately anybody in the league could put 110 on the Nugs same night. Chauncy backing up Karl on the importance of ‘D’ and the importance of every possession has moved this team to elite status. Melo plays defense. Who knew? I’m sorry for the Raptors, Chauncy is taken………………………….

  22. man y do u have to film so early but you know what its my march break so because i have no school ill see if i can come this week

  23. Another loser of the week might be the Dallas Mavericks. They only needed to beat the Kickerbockers to extend their 13-game winning streak and they got blown out by 34. Horrendous game all around, it was their only game since Wednesday, and it was a home game. I think it silenced those who jumped on the Mavs bandwagon to eventually overtake the Lakers in the West. Let’s hope they rebound this Wednesday against the lowly Bulls.

  24. you guys should have cardboard cutouts with signs outside for every show! stephon marbury cutout with “embrace the day people?” bosh with a sign saying “help?” cutouts of players and coaches that might actually help the raptors? Bill Lambeer with a sign “hire me now!”

  25. Skeets you deserved the Knicks to knock off the Sixers after you game them no love for their hiding of the Mav! Karma baby!!!!!

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