Ep. 534: Geeked

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas continue to get geeked about the NBA playoff races. Are the Salmons-led Bucks “NBA elite” material? Did Brooks’ late-game play call blow the Thunder’s chances at securing homecourt advantage? All that, plus Jazz money, D-Wade stats and some “Court Surfing” and “Overdose” news.


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  1. baldingspalding.blogspot.com

    Check it out.

  2. I’m having the problem again, fellas. The video stops in it’s tracks around 4:06ish. Seems it only happens when it’s freshly uploaded though so I’ll keep refreshing.

    Also, Matt, when you get a chance can you friend me on Twitter so I can send you a reply DM. Thanks.

  3. Anymore t-shirts for sale? Can’t find any links to the online store page. Thx and keep up the good work!

  4. Awesome show, Pistons stink.

    Wow…Bucks get that win and Jennings hits 1 shot…bodes well for a bucks team in full swing come playoffs.

    Looks like the Rockets prefer a lotto pick than a playoff spot :-(

  5. It’s working fine now…

    Good to see the show nearing their old lengths. Can’t wait for the audio show.

  6. I do not want the Celtics to get the Bucks or Hawks in the 1st round.

    On another note, why let Tabo take that show when Durant already had 47? Guy had taken one shot all game. Run a better play for KD.

  7. steve r.: heres the link for those shirts, i just so happened to be on it earlier today….


  8. “Can you drink in the studio?” Freaking drunkards ha. Tas, a millionaire? What a joke. And kudos stealing from Bob Marley.

  9. Hey guys,

    I live in Beijing and have not seen nor listened to a single show since you have partnered with The Score. This is not because I don’t want to – I listen/watch via iTouch and have failed to successfully download a single audio or video episode. I have tried from multiple sources (3 computers, 3 different connections and directly from my iTouch and multiple hotspots around the city). I dig the show, but it is fading from the lineup of things I keep up with because I can’t download it. Unless I am inept in some way (possible), this is a China problem – I hope you can get in touch with someone who has time to provide you feedback on some different things you can try so that people here can continue to enjoy the quality content TBJ has generously provided over the years. Otherwise, TBJ and I are headed for a breakup (tears)

    buena suerte

  10. I think I’m with Skeets vis-a-vis star players giving up the ball. Even though Thabo had only taken one shot the entire game, it’s his responsibility to make that wide open shot. He’s an NBA player. It’s much better to cultivate Durrant’s unselfishness and desire to make the rest of his team better than to feed his ego, run a play for him, and serve the game to him on a silver platter. We have to remember that OKC is still super young and this rookie playoff-year is a learning experience that will be better served, in terms of development, by Durrant learning to make the high percentage plays that will pay dividends for years to come than by him going rogue and trying to do it all himself. The best play doesn’t always win you the game.

  11. Great show! As always, I love nerding out with you guys. One thing missing was some mention of Amar’e posterizing Tolliver in the Phx-GS game. One of the best dunks of the season in a wildly entertaining game.

  12. As a Jazz fan I have to come out and say they just can’t beat the Lakers 4 times in 7 games. Sure, the past few times the Jazz have played the Lakers (inc. playoffs) a key rotation guy (or three) has been injured. My statement still stands when the Jazz are healthy though.

    Two big reasons:

    #1 lakers length (all around) hurts the Jazz offense like no other team. LA isn’t a superb defensive team, but they are very long and tip a lot of passes. Utah, in the halfcourt, runs a precision offense that relies on 3-4 passes AFTER deron gives up the ball. (unless Jazz go iso with side pick and roll, or top of the circle pick and roll — which is what they’ve done in the 4th quarter vs. the lakers in the playoffs) Boozer can get position inside on a guy like Gasol / Odom — but getting him the ball is very difficult. When he does get the ball, he’s invariably being defended by a guy who is just as athletic as he is, but 6-10 to 7′ tall. This works against him on defense as well, and results in fouls. To make things worse, Booz is backed up by an even stockier guy in Millsap.Of course, Sloan doesn’t have any desire to match up size with size, and during the playoffs we’ll see him bring Millsaps and Jarron Collins’ to defend Gasols and Bynums. The length disparity is a huge factor that hurts the Jazz — that other teams (like Dallas, or a healthy Denver, will not face)

    #2 consistency of role players — this is a bigger issue, even larger than Kobe, or ‘superstar calls’ or whatever. In the playoffs you can bank on a guy like Derek Fisher or Ron Artest (not a ‘role player’, but in this lakers team, an player fulfilling a role) making open jumpers. In the playoffs I’ve never seen the likes of Kyle Korver, CJ Miles and crew step up and make their “gotta make these” shots. Deron and Booz are clutch from midrange / close to the basket when the game is on the line. But before that event can happen, you have to keep the game close — and in the playoffs that means making your open shots. It’s sad that Kirilenko has one of the most clutch outside shots in recent Utah Jazz history — and he’s far from the guy you want taking jumpers from outside with the game in the balance. Fisher, and Sasha and Shannon Brown will make their open shots in the playoffs — but I can’t bank on guys like Ronnie Price, Korver and CJ to do the same.

    Last in year in the playoffs made these two points very noticeable Perhaps I’m being too hard on my Jazz though — as last year in the playoffs they were playing the Lakers with 2 starters injured and had to go to war with Jarron Collins starting. Utah has a good shot to win 2 games vs the Lakers, 3 if Memo comes to play like he used to back when he was “money’. Fouls, of course, will dictate who is on the court.

    The only way for the Jazz to win 4 games is if Sloan builds a time machine, goes back to Fesenko’s rookie season, and has him play 10 mpg in every game he plays in (instead of the :42 total game time that he gets as a 3rd year player on some nights) — and keeps it up from then till now. Jazz interior defensive scheme is based on NOT doubling. This results in other teams’ bigmen going to down in the 1st half — and then doubling in the 2nd, which gives up way too many open looks. Guarding Gasol in the paint with Millsap is a coaching fail. Especially when Boozer is guarding Bynum on the other block. Having a shot blocker on the floor who gives hard fouls would help the Jazz a bit more on D than a legion of short power forwards who have small verticals. (see: Mark Eaton, Greg Ostertag . . . vs. years when the Jazz were playing Armond Gilliam or Danny Manning at the 5 in playoff games)

    Just my $0.02, of course.

  13. Agree with your love of the Hawks and Bucks, the potential in a series. Bucks are legit. I take them in that series.

    I’m not usually one to complain too much about officiating, but I’ve seen far too many poorly called games in the last two weeks. Not sure what’s going on, but I sure hope the zebras don’t end up making a big mistake in an important game. Been close a few times now.

    Pacers provin’ Tas a foo!

    (I just watched this in bed and explained the slow/rapid rise of The Basketball Jones to my girlfriend. Beat that.)

  14. you guys need to give some love to amar’e. he’s been absolutely on fire since the all star break. he’s averaging something like 30 points a game, had 44 in 16 shots over the weekend, destroyed tolliver with the dunk last night not to mention having the suns only a game behind home court advantage in the playoffs. you guys need to at least consider him for a woh boy the next time he drops 40 and if current play serves as any indicator should be within the next week.

  15. Okur is a bad matchup for the Cs, and it was really frustrating in that second half. The Cs outplayed them in the first half. The Jazz are more athletic, but I really felt like it was more an issue of shots falling for one team and not for the other. The Jazz definitely deserved the W, but it could have gone either way.

  16. @Ed.

    Have you re-subscribed to the podcast? Does it start downloading and simply fail? We need more info so I can pass it along to the I.T. guys here.

    Don’t quit us Ed!



  17. Even with high speed internet, your video feed is stuttering really badly. Couldn’t watch the show after 4 attempts. NBA.com had this same problem for years and finally sorted it out. Here’s hoping you guys can fix the feed before viewers start giving up! You’re yahoo feeds were flawless. Time to get a tech to fix the feed guys!

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