Ep. 535: Boomshakalaka!

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas skip over last night’s horrible NBA action to revisit a couple “Court Surfing” hot topics. Who has a better chance of beating the Lakers — Denver or Dallas? Can new owner Michael Jordan change the fortune of the lowly ‘Cats? And who would you select as your new “NBA Jam 2010″ team? All that, plus The Producer teaches you The Jones’ secret handshake. Razzle dazzle.


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Comments (25)

  1. Kerouac. Good. That image was actually used for a Gap commercial, painfully enough. Not that I don’t wear some Gap.

    Blatche had been playing so well and I was hyping him up all over the place. Damn.

    Blazers still got the Lakers’ number in Portland. …maybe Portland rallies around KP…!? Who’s with me???!!!

    That said, I’ll just be a homer. How about Roy, Rudy, and Camby for NBA Jam? I know you’d think LaMarcus should be there, but Rudy seems like a perfect NBA Jam guy. Or Oden over Camby. Injuries off, please.

  2. I was a drive and kick guy in NBA JAM (Drive with a big, then kick it out for a 3, no dunks :P )

    So, I’d probably go with a big who’s quick and an excellent 3pt shooter…hence

    Cavaliers (LBJ/Shaq (?) and Mo Williams)

  3. lebron and anyone else. (shaq and mo i guess)

    i used to really like playing small, so steph curry, monta, and that 40% shooter (morrow?) could be fun too. guess the game would probably give them biedrins instead. if he can block thats ok i guess.

    are you saying its 3 on 3 or is it like te where you pick two of three?

  4. I wasn’tiçnto basketball when thefirstNBA jams got out but Iplayed one on Dreamcast…

    It already had 3 players, so I usually liked to go with a point-wing-big lineup, like a bibby-peja-webber at the time…

    I like the Magic, although I’d prolly play Vince instead of Rashard…

    I like the Suns too, with a Nash-JRich/Hill-Stoudemire lineup… Sucks on D but they can light it up!

  5. Oh noes! Melas with the curse / hex on the Jazz for attempting fiscal responsibility! And for the record, it was 3 guys they got rid of — Harpring ($6.5 m), Maynor (1st round rookie money) and Brewer (1st round rookie money).

    NBA Jam team . . . seriously, Cleveland will be overpowered because LeBron will be all 11′s out of 10. Then Shaq / Mo Williams . . . that’s some balance right there. (unless there’s a cheat code to put LeBron on the Knicks)

    My Jam team is going to be ziller and moore. (with shoals off the bench because he uses too many words).

  6. Was the white balance broken today or did you guys spend too much time in the Toronto sun…?

    I don’t think anyone will knock out the Lakers in the West. Kobe will be way to determined to make it to the finals. He will want to make sure that Shaq doesn’t get that 5th ring. (Provided the Cavs win the East – which is not a given.)

    As for NBA Jam, I agree with Skeets that the Magic are the perfect NBA Jam team. Though I’d go with Howard, Carter and Lewis.

  7. Yeah, Blatche seems like the type of player who might be held down by his mental game, kinda like Starbury or Ricky Davis.

    My top 3 would be:
    3 – Atlanta (Joe Johnson and Josh Smith)
    2 – Dallas (Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry)
    1 – Pheonix (Steve Nash and Amar’e Stoudemire)

    Check out my picks for all the teams here:

  8. …. did you say Gooden would have put the Mavericks over the top to beat the Lakers? Drew Gooden? The guy with the duck patch? Him? Is he funny or something?

  9. Man I can’t wait for NBA Jam to come out again. I think you all are right that the Thunder will be nasty. I like Joe’s call of the Suns. Nash, STAT (if he beats the murder charges on Tolliver) and Richardson could be a fun team to play with. I think the Mavs and Thunder will also make for good balance. At least I’ll be able to run w/ my Spurs big 3 even though this will probably be the last year of them together. Good stuff as always boys

  10. My team is Dallas with Dirk, Caron and Jason Terry. I think that would be a great NBA Jam team.

  11. Tas: It’s to shed salary for luxury tax. Are you the owner? Didn’t think so. NBA is a business. Matthews could be a Brewer with better range, and Gaines isn’t too shabby of a replacement for Maynor (can play combo guard). I thought you were talking about the Cavs for a second (still can’t get over how they gave up nothing and acquired an All-Star caliber forward)

    And where could you play the retro NBA Jam?! I am feeling really nostalgic right now (the animation for the newer version looks creepy, but I might give it a go). My NBA Jam team would be MIL (Fear the Deer!) going with the defense/offense theme: Bogut has BLK, then you got Jennings bombing 3’s, while my main man Salmons is solid. And new patented phrase:

    “Lampago Blanco!” (It is Spanish for “White Lightning.” Nice little homage to Noche Latina, attributing to diversity in NBA, and really rolls off the tongue quite well.)

  12. Give me Boston’s KG, Pierce, Rondo combination.

  13. What about Ibaka, Westbrook, and KD

  14. I am a long time fan of TBJ, but why the heck do you guys use a picture of a heavly injured poor fella in the your video? not cool….

  15. for NBA JAM I’d go with the Nuggets. Nene blocks and rebounds, Melo scores and then you can choose between Mr. Big Shot and J.R. Smith. Highlights galore

  16. How do I call you bitches now?

    P.S. CJ Kyle Matthews for 3!

  17. Too hard on the Jazz brass. Only Maynor was more than a negligible loss in terms of playing personnel. As a swingman whom couldn’t hit the jumper to save his life, Brewer sucked. Matthews is just as good and the Miles/Korver duo needed to play. O’Connor knew this and made a sideways move and saved money doing it.

    I haven’t played the new NBA Jam but why would they mess with the formula and go with three on three? The old game worked beautifully. Way to flirt with ruining the game, EA. Cynical perhaps, but please tell me this wasn’t a move made to placate marketing and agency types ie. more exposure and property rights.

    Anyway, I have to go due to a lingering urge to call ‘Maple Lodge’ Farms (@ 14:45) and buy something. Olsen ought to ring them chasing advertising monies owed.

  18. Check that – it looks like NBA Jam’s still two on two. Good.

  19. the guy doing the commentary for the new nba jam sucks. he completely sucks. its not a patch on the original commentary. it may well ruin the game.

  20. Please, for the love of GOD, tell me who does the “Are you ready, go get your coat / Cuz we’re ready, ready to go” song.

  21. I was a beast with the Bullets on NBA Jam Tournament Edition on SNES. Webber was a monster and Calbert Cheaney and Skiles could knock down the threes.

    As for my team, I was thinking the Magic. Dwight Howard would be unstoppable blocking and dunking, and he’d be surrounded with shooters.

  22. @MC Welk,

    We’re getting a toll free number next week. That’s right. Toll. Free.


  23. @NSpicer- That “Ready To Go Song” is from a stock music site called apmmusic.com. It’s not really “by” anyone.

  24. I’m going with PHX for my NBA JAM team:

    Nas, Amaré, Hill

    you got assists, points, rebs, 3′s, blocks… everything!

  25. The Magic are the Best Pic Here. Two Former Dunk Champions on the Roster and if you get tired of Driving can kick it out to that left corner (the Only place i shot from) to a heavily loaded 3 point arsenal of your choice, Primeere Nelson, Raw Lew, JJizzlle ( Iwant credit for all my nick names)

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