Skeets and Tas bet on NBA games every night. (Yes, they have a problem.) At the end of the month, they tally up the records and the loser is forced to do something embarrassing. With two “Book Off” payoffs to make up for, The Basketball Jones begrudgingly hit an open mic stage to try some “NBA comedy.” It went … um … yeah.

(Note: PG-13 language.)


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Comments (54)

  1. Everyone Google “Darrell Bluett.”

  2. Goran Suton! Amazing.

  3. Oh, painful, painful.

    Who names their kid Rudy?

  4. Wow. That would have been hard to watch if it wasn’t hilarious. I have to give credit where credit is due, you both definitely have a pair of these:

  5. That was painful

  6. I’m pretty sure that was more embarrassing for those watching than you guys.

  7. Skeets loves the f bomb.

  8. Well…at least you didn’t get boo-ed.

  9. damn. THAT was miserable. totally embarrassing. good one yall.

  10. You guys would’ve gotten more laughs had a brick wall been behind you.

  11. Skeets uncensored. I take it that’s your adopted comedic angle. You know, work the badass-preacher character and swear whenever and wherever you have the opportunity to mask the obvious lack of humor, irony, sarcasm, etc. in your act.

    It’s like you transformed the stage to a podium in a Baptist church down South. If you had just adopted a hypnotic, guttural cadence I feel as though you might have had more success.

    Tas? Hopeless.

  12. You guys were totally honest when you said that this was the worst punishment possible to dole out to one another . . . you guys would have done better if you weren’t at a place where the audience was expecting lilith faire type stuff, though.

    Props to you guys for doing this. I’m sure that if you had to, you guys could make a killer stand-up routine about basketball. You guys needed to get the crowd on your side, though!

  13. Tip: Don’t ever do bad “NBA comedy” at a MUSIC-ONLY open mic night. Woops.

  14. Yao Ming walks into an elevator. The doorman says “What floor?” Yao says “The fourth floor.” HAHA!

    Oh, and the doorman is Shawn Bradley.

  15. nba comedy in Toronto… at Einstien’s… really… that, even if you guys were good, wouldn’t fly… though Skeets is going for the shock value with the F Bombs

  16. Brilliant. Nice work.

  17. That approached Andy Kaufman-like levels of twisted awesome.

  18. Wow, somebody did perform worse than the Raptors last night.

  19. Well, first of all, kudos to you guys for having the moxie to stand in front of all those people and embarrass yourselves. That alone deserves a lot of credit.

    I don’t know about the people in that pub(?) but your ‘performance’ definitely made me laugh – even though it weren’t necessarily your jokes that caused the laughs. Maybe you should have announced your perfomance on yesterday’s TBJ. I’m sure some TBJ fans from Toronto would have shown up to support you guys.

  20. damn, tough crowd! good job guys … mission accomplished on the embarrassing part, haha

  21. “That’s short people’s thing to ask tall people!”


  22. that was great! Skeets has chops. Tas….has guts.

  23. Dude, that was incredible. So beautiful. And incredibly embarrassing.

  24. that takes some balls my friend! lol Tas that was pretty good, skeets to much swearing. i was laughing at the very begining with you guys just sitting there drinking, id have to be wasted!!!! to even attempt that.


  26. Skeets looked pretty comfy up there dropping f bombs like they’re nothing, but Tas looked like he was up on a firing line waiting for the gun to go off, hey Tas great job man, takes big nads to do that. Tas I think you should do that again, you have way more skill than that, you do that in front on huge crouds daily and come off cool as hell. Redo Tas you owe it to yourself.

  27. haha very funny hilarious even great job guys

  28. Did they ask you guys to leave afterwards? That was definitely awkward, but worth watching.

  29. …aaaaand Skeets drops another f bomb…

    which got a little lame.

    Good jokes though. Keep the vids rollin you guys!

  30. I think you should have done the schtick with some anorexic hippy chick playing dminor chords over and over and over. That or have at least 3 more beers before going on stage. Joke of the night, the furniture co. nod from Tas. Best wordless laugh, Skeets’ looking like Jimmy Olsen wearing Clark Kent’s glasses.

  31. And yes, we all now understand why all the great comedians end up moving to the USA. That was a rough crowd. You should have yelled “Crosby! Hockey!” at least once to get their attention.

  32. sweet mother of god, that was embarrassing.

    and probably 1000000 times better than any of the suggestions we gave you guys for the book off pay off.

  33. Man guys, that was rough. I blame it on the tough, knowledge-less about NBA crowd. This might make up for four Book Off Payoffs.

  34. That was fantastic. I can’t believe people weren’t excited. The AC Green joke is classic. I always say the same thing about Tim Tebow, talk about wasted potential.

  35. Loved the “what’s up” joke.

  36. haha

    That was hilarious… smiling the whole time. Cammon people- that’s commitment…

  37. i like the part where tas looks at his watch,

  38. Glad I wasnt there. I would have been rolling on the floor laughing and ruined the bit.

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  40. I have NEVER seen so many people in Ein-stein. Did it get super popular all of a sudden?

  41. I liked Skeet Skeets Jao Meng joke (What’s up? Ha ha!). Tas looked hopeless, but for once, I give you props. Huge cajones though. And you said it was a music-only night? Yikes. You guys should have sang “Napoleon Says” in French or something…

  42. That was painful to watch. And I mean: Borat // Bruno – style. Made me cringe.

  43. Absolutely fantastic crash-and-burns by both of you guys! Skeets dropping F-bombs on the artsy college crowd like it was WWII and Tas…well I was waiting for the classic “Is it hot in here or is it just me?” line. Note cards are a no-no my friend. Of course, you guys obviously stacked the odds against yourselves, and must be applauded for the sheer hilarity of the awkward, bewildered atmosphere you created in that pub. Now THAT’S a Book-off Payoff!

  44. P.S. That AC Green joke was legit funny, though.

  45. “What a waste of a dick!”

  46. hilarious….. dont know why nobody lauged

  47. Cheech & Chong would be very proud.

  48. Oh no no no no no.

  49. Wowzers! I could hear the crickets between the F*bombs! Good job!

  50. Ouch! That was painful to watch :/ haha

  51. I love that Skeets got up there AFTER Tas and had to ask if anyone wanted to here more NBA relater humor…haha…everyone there is just like WTF!!!

  52. I stopped watching when Tas looked as his card.

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  54. oh wow…….u guys bombed……..damn………..looooooool……..hmmmmm….man…..i feel for u guys….

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