Ep. 536: Deep Dish

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas yell a lot. (Sorry, late night.) Topics shouted include the “quiet” Blazers’ playoff hopes, Americans’ thoughts on Chris Bosh and overrated deep-dish pizza. Yup. It’s Friday. Check out some NBA comedy, yo.


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Comments (36)

  1. despite your obvious dislike for owl city, you should at least get it right; owl city is not a band!

  2. Man, I hope Andrew Bogut got a refund on that tanning bed.

  3. Hey guys you spelled that dudes name wrong. It’s S-M-I-T-H not B-O-G-U-T.

  4. Craig Smith can’t even get love from the Jones when he’s getting love from the Jones! I know you guys are awesome for getting Andrew Bogut his dap, but giving him The Rhino’s? For shame!

  5. Hey, hey, I know damn well that Bosh is fantastic. Far, far better than the PF on my team, LaMarcus. It’s not even close.

    Blazers can take down the Mavs in the playoffs. I believe it. (Won’t discuss the L*kers.) The Blazers threw three different defenders at Dirk: LaMarcus, Batum, and Camby. A bit of Cunningham. It had Dirk on his heels. And Dallas cannot slow the Blazers down. Just a weak defensive team.

    Hey, Craig Smith’s Whoa Boy image says Andrew Bogut! PRODUCER!!!

  6. At least you will get to watch LeBron in the playoffs, it is great. I went to a Cavs home game when they were playing the Nets in the first round a few years ago. Good show, Craig Smith is going to be mad though when he saw his name was screwed up!

  7. P.S. I’m from East L.A. and I can reel off a number of my buddies, myself included, who know that Chris Bosh is going to help take a team to a whole new level with his athleticism, his drive, and all-around solid game. We also feel he has a rather oddly shaped head, but that’s neither here nor there.

  8. Great show today guys. Funniest in a while.

    Sad about Bosh, but it’s true. He’s as good as gone as this post-All Star stinkfest from the Raps.

    And no doubt, he will take whatever team he signs with to the next level. MULTIPLE championships are in Bosh’s future.

  9. Skeets, I see you writing random shit all the time. Is it actual information? Are they just little sqiggles? It’s driving me nuts, what are you writing!

  10. The way Skeets reacted about Bosh is the exact opposite of how Colin Cowherd reacted about Durant.

  11. This is my favorite type of TBJ show. Thanks for the laugh

  12. your video player needs some work! i can hardly listen for 10 seconds without it saying “the requested file is not available”

  13. If the next TBJ tshirt says “AC Green, waste of a dick” I’ll buy a dozen.

  14. Did you go to Pizzeria Uno in Chicago, Skeets? That’s allegedly where deep dish was invented, and it tastes like a circle of garbage.

  15. Word up for defending the Death Cab.

  16. About time the Blazers got talked about, I must be noone because I talk about them all the time. Forget the media hype and marketing machine, we want upsets across the board and a seven game one point champion …between the Blazers and the Bucks!

  17. Good stuff, when does the audio drop?

  18. “Baby Blue Movies with J.E. Skeets”? Ummm no thanks.

  19. Pcahulia! Ha ha! I didn’t know Andrew Bogut poses a striking resemblance to Craig Smith. He’s like a better Glen “Big Baby” Davis

    @MJ: Amen (though a picture of a chicken/cock would be more appropriate then the actual word)

  20. Yeah, I’m a hardcore Blazer fan , but I kept switching the channels between Blazers and Xavier during timeouts and foul shots. Jordan Crawford and Terrell Holloway’s 3′s were sick, sick, sick. Kansas State got and missed so many foul shots at the end though. Agh. I wish Xavier won.

  21. supercool show, seeing you having so much fun always makes me smile too :-)

  22. You guys are really getting the jokes flowing now, looking real comfortable on the new set. You gotta start abusing the swearing more though, haha.
    Wrote a piece on why Vince is gonna choke in the playoffs – check it out at baldingspalding.blogspot.com

  23. I bailed on the Heat’s blowout of Chicago at halftime to go watch Xavier vs. K-State with my friend. That game was absolutely ridiculous. Reminded me of the Celtics vs. Bulls games from last season’s playoffs. Too bad Xavier couldn’t pull it off.

  24. Haha, halarious show today guys. That’s the kind I like!

    What about Bosh coming to Houston and being paired with Yao, Martin and Brooks-that’s a sick lineup! and totally possible.

  25. Andrew Bogut is black :P

  26. Andre Bogut=Craig Smith ::confused::

  27. Where’s my audio only show? I want more free stuff! Feed my inflated sense of entitlement already!

  28. We’ve all been anticipating this long audio show since day 1 on the score, is it coming soon??? It is now officially Saturday.

  29. You guys are really good at talking up promises you can’t keep. Maybe you should focus more of your 8 hours a day on those 15 minute shows and less on promoting anything else.

  30. although i’m a guy, i feel like you are my boyfriend – always promise promise promise and then you brake my hart by disappointing my. where is the 40 min audio show, bad lover?

  31. @drewski

    It’s good that you want more. You’re just not going to get it this time.


    When your boyfriend shits the bed, he’s doing you a favour by not letting you see it. (or hear it in this case).


    Your refund is in the mail.

    @Nick L.

    Hang in there buddy, you’ll get it on Saturday.

    NEXT Saturday.



  32. Why can’t I find the 45 minute audio show anywhere?

  33. I realize that internet=business and I realize that I don’t pay anything so I don’t have the right to complain. But promising content just to get more web-hits is not cool… All these people keep checking back to get that 45 minute show.

  34. u-stream sounds really bad, but I’ma have to check it out now.

  35. mellowman, you don’t seem that mellow, man.

  36. Hey guys, since the move to the score the video stream is WEAK. Sometimes unwatchable, this needs to be fixed!

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