‘Technical Difficulties’

Dear BJ Army,

A quick note about the audio show …

We’ve always aimed for brutal honesty when it comes to letting you guys behind the curtain of how our show runs, even if that means showing when we’ve fucked up. This is one of those times.

We recorded the audio show on Friday as planned but we weren’t happy with the way it came out. Maybe this shouldn’t have been so surprising to us considering we haven’t done an audio show in two years, but it wasn’t exactly like getting back on a bicycle.

With the lone exception of our excellent guest, everything from the production to the performance was subpar. Was it horrible? No — I’m sure you’ve heard worse. But it was less than the high standard we expect from ourselves and that you’ve come to expect from us. So, we decided to use that show as a rehearsal and a lesson on how to make the audio podcast better.

We’re sorry for the confusion it’s caused. We’re still doing an audio show, you just won’t have one this weekend. We hope you guys continue to enjoy the daily show and the other content we’ve been dropping.

Thanks for sticking with us. You guys are the best.

See you Monday.

The Basketball Jones

Comments (17)

  1. We could never stay mad at you guys…. <3 <3 <3

  2. Smart move…my dad always says “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, so I’d say you don’t want to put something shitty out there because those who still aren’t quite diehards may not bother with it in the future.

    He also always says “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, but I don’t think that applies in this particular scenario.

  3. I still would’ve loved to hear it!

  4. It’s all good fellas … who was the guest? or is that still remaining a surprise for next week?

  5. Hey, i love your show but i have to say that since yo guys moved to the score your videos take to long to download. Most of the time I open the page and let the video downloading while I do other things and come back later to see if it has finished. The videos start to lag and become unwatchable. I haven’t had any success with it, and I think I have see 2 full episodes since you moved and I was an everyday viewer.

  6. Any chance we can get just the segment with the guest posted? Fine if not. The Jones can do no wrong in my book.

  7. ^ Nick L just loves the abuse you guys have handed out to him in the past. :)

  8. Wow! You’ve really gone for it and put your BDL production levels to shame.

    I hope you guys signed contracts and are not going hourly.

    Less is more right?

  9. As long as I’m not getting discharged from the “BJ Army” it’s all good

  10. Is there any possible way to hear it if we still want to? Maybe a secret underground lair?

  11. Really??? The “BJ Army”??? Come on, guys. You’re better than that. Between that and the “second banana” comment, I may never stop chuckling (is second banana a canadian saying or something?). Thanks for the laugh, much better than NBA comedy night. Hope the audio show goes well sometime soon and we get the additional content we’re looking forward to. Good luck with the bumps along the way and thanks for all the great shows.

  12. I loved “BJ Army”! Despite all this, be sure You guys are the best!

  13. Thanks for the update

  14. “BJ Army” sounds… nasty?
    How about “TBJ Army”?

  15. Mad respect gents. I’m sure we all appreciate the higher standard. Although, to be fair, you have had some hilarious drunk episodes, so how bad could it be?

  16. I can assure all of you that my ex-wife was not a soldier in the “BJ Army”.

  17. Quality Control – Integrity – Commitment…. Embrace it…

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