Ep. 537: Gagnants et Perdants

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas field another crop of NBA weekend winners and losers. Was Mavericks’ rookie Rodrique Beaubois Saturday night’s best francophone? Is it still too early to write off the now Manu-led Spurs? Did the Cavs’ “Big Z” tribute feel forced? All that, plus Hedo’s “dancing virus,” the Nuggets’ road trip and Wade’s questionable tennis game.


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Comments (28)

  1. Even if all the fanfare from the organization’s standpoint seemed fake for Z, it gave a way for the fans to connect with the big guy. The fans always supported him, and have done so during his entire tenure on the Cavs.

  2. No more Raptors talk. I can’t bear it any longer. The hopes I had for that team… sigh. Hedo needs to get bounced from the city for his lack of dedication on any level this year. He hasn’t been in shape all year, hasn’t played a lick of defense, has no decision making when it comes to anything on offense and just plays with the expectation that he’s so good anything he does will work out for him without any effort. Well, news for Turk, you’re not good enough to be a player who coasts during games assuming plays will be made playing at 50% hustle. While having two other very capable ballhandlers control the offense instead of him, he knew Jose Calderon was on this team and that he’d get the ball less, so using that as an excuse as he has all year is not acceptable. He got his payday and he’s checked out, not just on the year but on the remainder of his career. Using the cap space used to sign Hedo to bring Marion back would’ve been infinitely better for a Raptors team that already lacked Defense and Rebounding. This will go down as the worst transaction in Bryan Colangelo’s career and in top five in the Raptors fifteen year history, maybe only second to the horrid Vince Carter trade that left the franchise in ruins for several years.

    tl;dnr version:
    Hedo sucks, Raps suck.

  3. Zed. That is all.

  4. Does anyone know what is the new TBJ email?

    I hope the Raptors don’t make the playoff and Bosh signs with Miami so he can eventually win championships with Wade.

  5. As a lifetime Cavaliers fan (Terrell Brandon 4E), it bought me great joy to see Z back in the Cavaliers uniform. Sure, Mike Brown biffed it when he gave Z a DNP-CD when Z could’ve broken the record. As Amin said, everything the organization did for Z last night was for the fans who have supported him throughout his entire career and multiple foot injuries.

  6. I’m going to give you a DNPC-CD, Skeets.

  7. That whole “Z” thing was a little pandering. Especially since Z came out with his “I’m gonna retire cuz I was disrespected” whine when he was “traded”. So the Cavs go over the top and suck up to him. Whaaa. How many Z jerseys were they selling anyways?

    And that loophole that allows this to happen MUST be closed. Of course the league wasnt going to stop the Cavs from getting stronger.

  8. I don’t get the Tas/Hedo comparisons. Maybe if Tas were a retired boxer….

  9. Damn, always enjoyed the Jones being an inexplicably local call, but I guess a good move for the rest of the viewing population. I want to believe Skeets, but sadly I can’t shake the feeling that Tas is right. While Manu has been out of his mind, Tim’s new inability to score scares me more than the PooGod’s recent burst.

  10. MMA on TBJ?! Count me confused.

    Blazers for winner of the weekend? Too easy to pick? Portland beat Western Conference teams, OKC on the road in the second game of a back to back. Show some love!

    Hey, I appreciate some Raptors talk. I don’t get much from anywhere else, and I really want to hear about how awful Hedo is and how he’s tanking, since I’ve called that since we first heard what he was looking for in a contract last summer.

    OF COURSE IT WAS FAKE IN CLEVELAND! They traded him away and used him as a part to get Jamison for nothing. Where’s the respect in that?

    Good show kids.

  11. I agree with the Spurs as winners and the Nugs as losers. In fact, I’ll take it one step further: if the Spurs got the Nuggets in the first round today, I’d take the Spurs. Of course, if Kenyon Martin comes back and can play at 90% in the first round, that changes things. But as Tas said a few weeks ago, the Nuggets need him. Their defense has been horrendous for a while now. And then getting outrebounded by the Raps? K-Mart’s injury might not be the only reason for all that but it’s a big one.

    That being said, the big issue with the Spurs right now is health. Tim Duncan is clearly not healthy. He hasn’t successfuly created a shot for himself in about a week; he’s taking catch and shoot midrange jumpers like McDyess. He’s gotten badly blocked and posterized in recent games against OKC and Atlanta. I think he’s injured and hasn’t talked about it.

    If the rest of the team keeps doing what they’re doing and Duncan gets healthy, this team should be able to make it to the second round. If Parker can play at 90 or 100% on top of that, who knows? But those are both HUGE ifs, and their conjunction is astronomical. I’ll give the Spurs a shot against Phoenix, but I still don’t think they can handle the Jazz or the Mavs and they’re obviously miles behind the Lakers.

  12. Just a heads up from the tech side. When I scrolled down here to comment, it was showing me logged in as Tas. When I clicked log out, I ended up on your WordPress login page. Not sure if anyone else sees the same thing, but wanted to let you know.

    Bummer that J.J. didn’t make the whoa boy… he played over 46 minutes. Was going to say that will never happen again, but the way VC is made of tissue paper, maybe it will.

  13. Also, I think Ginobili should be a winner of the week unto himself for this:


    You also see the problem with Garnett’s ups here. It’s like he’s at a lower motion rate than Ginobili in the video.

  14. Thanks Matt, hope you were able to bring more fans home to f**k. Thought the outtakes were hilarious.

  15. Kevin Love a possible Whoa-boy! Thats the first mention of the Wolves in a while.

    Don’t see that changing anytime soon….GO WOLVES in ’14!

  16. Kevin Love is awesome. Also j.j. reddick and andy roddick look alike.

  17. I left a voicemail on the dallas area code jones number late morning on Saturday regarding Kevin Garnett and Survivor. Was that received, or should I try to replicate it with this new number?

  18. Manu = “Poo God”? please explain

  19. Natalie Portman… yes.

  20. Love the show, but I keep getting distracted by the white balance and low exposure. I don’t want it to come off as nitpicking, but it seems like every show of late has jumped up and down with its technical quality. It seems the camera’s not being re-balanced from the stand up set to the main set, with all that sunlight coming through. With a low exposure it makes the guys seem rather sombre.

    Not going to stop me watching, but it’s been bugging me for a bit and I thought I should mention it.

  21. Please someone help me out!!

    What is the song from 1:32ish to 2:13ish.

    I’m really diggin’ it!!!

  22. Are the Raptors showing signs of life right now? Rugged game so far against the Cats. Playing physical, playing defense (:O), not letting the Cats get anything easy inside. Hedo looks like he gives a crap. Have the Raptors realized that their fans are FURIOUS like Jay Triano and decided to try to play for something more than nothing?

    I’m going to RAGE at this post and game in about 30 minutes. No chance the Raptors play a full 12 minutes in the 4th.

  23. Doesn’t Mike Brown get a DNC-CD pretty much every night?


  24. where can i watch the old episodes from before TBJ was on the score

  25. i’m gonna blame you guys for jinxing the spurs….though the only people to be blamed should be that joke of a team.

  26. @D-Time: You can catch a lot of our old video stuff here: http://vimeo.com/thejones/videos

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