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You’ve got questions and we’ve got poorly constructed answers! Join us for our inaugural TBJ mailbag session as we ponder tanking games for ping-pong balls, “sleepy athletic” players and who will be better the point guard in five years — Russell Westbrook or Derrick Rose.


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Comments (18)

  1. Glad to see the mailbag starting up. Any chance the shirts come back? I was planning on buying the TO Skyline shirt before the switch.

  2. Zach Randolph I’d say is up there with the sleepy athletics.

  3. Big Baby Davis is definitely in the sleepy athletic crew. He can’t elevate at all, but is a lot quicker than he looks and is pretty nimble and agile for someone built like an offensive lineman. He’s got got good footwork and a couple nifty moves.

  4. [...] athletic” players and whether Westbrook or Rose will be a better point guard in five years. (The Basketball Jones)Is Chris Bosh really worth a max contract? I’ve pondered this question ad nauseum, but [...]

  5. Tayshaun Prince! Oliver Miller & Jahidi White if we’re allowed to include past ballers.

  6. I know with how he looks now, it’s hard to bring up but I’d argue early 2000s T-Mac looked-half asleep at all times and was a deceptively freakish athlete. As for someone right now, I might stick Boozer on the list (I agree that Pierce is a terrific pick).

  7. On Russ/Rose: Westbrook is one of the league’s best defenders at the 1; Rose is one of the worst. That certainly doesn’t have to be the case in 5 years, but it should be mentioned.

  8. The Nets are not that bad!

  9. Small market madness tonight, Sacramento and Indy.

  10. ‘Beaubois’ translates as ‘handsomewood’. So Handsome Wood Rod?

    What, you think I liked telling that one?

  11. Brandon Roy reminds of Paul Pierce a lot in that ‘doesn’t seem that athletic but gets whatever he wants’ way.

  12. of course Paul Pierce would be the captain!

  13. Is Roy still “sleepy athletic?” Guy can get up, is very quick, but he’s so carefully paced throughout the game.

    As for the Spurs, it’s very clear that they need Manu to be healthy and playing well. They’re in big trouble without him. And I agree with Tas: Spurs don’t have a chance against anyone in the first round. The rest of the West, yes, pretty wide open. Let’s hope the Spurs face the Lakers in the first round. Get rid of the Spurs quick and easy.

    I like Westbrook over Rose. Westbrook knows how to get to the FT line, and he rebounds and passes much better. On the other hand, I’d like to see Rose working in a different system. Rose does get to the basket better.

  14. “Any chance the shirts come back?”


  15. I’d go w/ Westbrook (he looks like a Gargoyle, whereas Rose looks firkin weird to me). He is an underrated rebounder, esp. on the offensive end. Also, Westbrook is capable of playing the 2 (like he did growing up), where I feel Rose will struggle. As for Rodrigue’s monicker: “Voulez vous coucher aBoubois”

  16. Rowdy Rodrique Pea-Pear
    (‘Piper’ with an outrageous French accent)

    The Spurs are currently in the ICU….critical but stable condition.

    I’d call Nash sleepy athletic. Half the crowd at any college gym looks as athletic, yet he has insane body and speed control for the body he was given.

    Rose/Westbrook in 5: I would say Rose will have a contract much closer to Max than Westbrook…. which would definitely make me lean towards Westbrook. Easier to maintain a strong team around the cheaper player with nearly equivalent stats.

  17. I think Durant could be considered ‘sleepy-athletic’. Dude is like one long twig but still dunks on the big men in the league.

  18. Deron Williams is a sleepy athlete. Brother is known more for being a thick point with a sick crossover, but he’s proven that he can throw down. I remember in college (when he had some more fat on him) they would throw the occasional lob to D-Will to cross-up the defense.

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