Ep. 540: Bad Thursday

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas discuss whether the Lakers can get their shit together, if Garnett’s expletive comments about Durantula have merit, and the NBA’s decision to let fans vote on the MVP. All that, plus your Wanker of the Week, a new Skeets’ 24-second shot clock violation rant and, hey, NBA headlines!


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Comments (22)

  1. Maybe LeBron will pull another “Dunk Contest” where he says one thing but does the other. It all just draws attention to him when he feels like it’s lacking. Feed the beast that is his Ego.

    First time commenting… why I put that, I’m not sure.

  2. Great show as always, but Tas, please- “Oklahoma” refers to the University of Oklahoma (20 mil S of OKC) teams, which don’t have shit to do with good basketball. Our team is from “Oklahoma CITY” the capital, but certainly not representative of the entire state. Please try to refer to OKC correctly, what you do is the equivalent of saying “the Orleans Hornets” like they moved to France or some shit.

  3. April Fools! The wolves and wizards never win, even when they have more points at the end of a game…

  4. 1. We have a time limit for headlines – including the word ‘City’ would have put it over the top.

    2. I know what the capital of OK is.

    3. Fine.

  5. anyone else notice skeets making a wanking motion after the headlines? you gross

  6. I was playing dice. You gross.

  7. HEY TAS! Haha, it’s the security guard who hollered at you at the Raps game. Thanks for the unintentional shout-out on the show. I’m sure you were rooting for the Clippers, or at least booing your hated Raptors.

  8. If the ball’s in the other team’s hands before the clock goes off, there’s no way it should be called a shot clock violation. I think the rule is clear, but refs mess it up all the time and assume that since the team gets to keep the ball (although not the fast break), it’s easy to lean toward just calling it a shot clock violation. It is bullshit. I only see it happen about once a week; then again, I mostly watch one game a week that doesn’t include the Blazers.

    LeBron’s pregame crap makes him a pretty big wanker. Just sayin’. I don’t care about whether or not he plays in the World Championships. Wondering whether or not Roy gets into the Olympics after not participating this summer.

    Nuggles over the Blazers tonight? Sure, it’s in Denver, but Denver isn’t playing well because they think they need K-Mart (maybe they do), and the Blazers are playing great ball right now. Should be interesting.

  9. Testy today guys? It’ll pass… even with the Celtics losing, Sheed had his best game since the allstar break. Sounds like Kenyon Martin will not make the playoffs this season which bodes good for the Blazers! You guys are going to lose taking the Nugs tonight! The Blazers collective hunger for that 50th win is working. Portland may be the most rested team going into the playoffs and probably have the most evenly distributed playing time in the league for their bench players. Bucks put up a hell of a fight against Cleveland last night as well. That game could’ve gone either way. Have a great weekend!

  10. Hey, when is the Jones gonna be in 3D?

  11. I love the end-of-week shows. They’re just like the mid-week shows, only with more profanity and ranting. Keep up the good work guys!

  12. The rule is that the opposing team needs to have possession of the ball after the 24 secs.

    Maybe a compromise could be made like a “delayed offside” ? The buzzer goes off, the ref holds his hand up and only blows the whistle if the possession ends up with the shot clock violators.

    Have a good Easter gents.

  13. Funny, at the game last night, my buddy and I were discussing why they have to bother putting the “city” on the jerseys….why not just be the oklahoma thunder…..not because i have any problems with the city, but that’s a long name to put on a jersey.

    Maybe they should just put a big “OKC” on the jersey, similar to the “ATL” on the hawks unis. That would look great.

  14. I f’ing love the basketball jones I wanna see Tas and J.D at a Raptors game sometime. I would totally do the Matty O “Whats up guys”. Maybe try the tbj handshake. Too bad its not worth going to see the raps for the rest of the year.

    And one more thing KG should retire hes old and he knows it and he doesn’t appreciate a young baller going out there giving it. Screw KG and the Boston Celtics except Rondo he should get out of there hey BC want a PG that can ball trade the future for Rondo. That Jones fix today was great I hope that 45 minute podcast is up that way I get my fix for tomrrow since these two guys dont wanna work a friggin good friday.

  15. I was at the BOS-OKC game last night (hell of a game) and that 24 second thing was ridiculous. Maybe it is technically the right call, but it should be like the advantage rule in soccer. All it did was stop the game and rob us of a potential highlight reel play. Way to go, NBA. Fix it.

  16. I miss Skeets “thanking” the guys who come in to clap for the wanker of the week…

  17. I’ll bring it back, crash-dev.

    Note: “The Overdose” should be up shortly.

  18. Couldn’t agree with you more Skeets, that OKC/BOS game was amazing! I love to see that Garnett still gets so hyped, but I think this game just verified the passing of the guard, from one dominant Kevin to the next.

    I’m with Tas on the point that I’m not overly concerned about the Lake-show heading into the playoffs, but a few more losses peppered throughout the final few weeks would sure hurt their confidence.

    Happy Easter gentlemen.

  19. Paul Pierce for MVP.

    The one call in that OKC game that really pissed me off was the Pierce strip that was called a foul. If that never happened, I’d have no issues with the officiating. But, when that happened it makes you think something fishy is happening.

    That being said, the Thunder absolutely earned that win.

  20. @Adam H – Ha. Thanks for tuning in, man. And, thanks for the handshake yesterday. Made my day.

  21. “The question is: what’s the answer?” – J. E. Skeets

    Can we get that on a shirt, guys?

  22. Coincidence alert: Dallas just got fucked on a similar fastbreak/24-second violation today on TNT -_- Fuck that (puto)! – FTP. As for MVP, Adam Morrison ftw. Have you seen his benchwarming skills for the season? It’s like 50 degrees F per game! PER GAME! First-rate, superb. And it has nothing to do w/ Whoa Boy!

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