Ep. 542: Still Kickin’

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas round up a new crop of winners and losers from the long weekend. Can Manu drag the Spurs to a first-round victory? Does Andrew Bogut’s ugly arm injury shear the deer? And are the Nugs lost without coach Karl? All that, plus a K-Mart prank gone wrong, ghost triple-doubles and the vicious Cavs/Cs rivalry.


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Comments (23)

  1. “The Twittersphere is a bunch of pricks!” -Tas Melas

    Ha! I literally laughed out loud – at work – and then refused to explain myself. Preach it, Tas Melas.

  2. Do we really think it was a ball boy who pranked K-Mart? C’mon, son. So, winner of the weekend: all the Denver players behind that prank who threw unnamed “ball boy” under the buss. Big, fat, juicy winners on that team, all around.

    So pissed that Bogut is done for the playoffs. Sad. I really thought that team had at least the potential to pull off an upset.

  3. Think you guys are selling the Spurs short when you say they can’t win in the first round. Tas, you keep bringing up the Mavs and Lakers, and those are the Spurs’ worst match-ups, but we don’t know that the Spurs will face either of them at this point. Right now they’re in 7th, one game behind OKC, against whom they own the tiebreaker. If they get the 6th seed or better, they’ll play Dallas, Utah, Phoenix, Denver, or possibly even OKC. They’re 3-1 vs. OKC, even before this recent tear. Do you really give them no chance against Phoenix or Denver? Denver might be the worst playoff-bound team in the west right now, and do I even need to mention how Phoenix does in crunch-time against the Spurs? Utah has owned them so far this year, but I think things could be different in the playoffs; the Spurs are a different team than when they lost those game to Utah. And if Tony Parker can play well in the playoffs, this team could be even better than it is right now. I wouldn’t put money on the Spurs in any of those series, but I wouldn’t put money on their opponents either.

  4. There’s a race in the East because the Bulls are healthy, and Derrick Rose is slowly going into constant beast mode.

    And because the non-Bosh Raptors suck. Hard…

  5. You belong in the Twittersphere, Cosmis.

  6. Here’s the bet.


    I win if one of the East bottom 4 upsets and makes the second round.

    Any takers?

  7. PS. I like how your website disregards daylight savings time. Thats bad-ass.

  8. If the Cavs get Shaq and Andy back….do the Cavs beat the Celtics convincingly?

    And pastrypride has some awesome points! But, the NBA is scripted and it’s gonna be a Lebron vs Kobe finals. And let’s face it, Lebron is just better, more athletic, he passes the ball, and has the better team [when healthy].


  9. Raptorman:

    I’m not much for betting, but I’m curious: who do you think will upset one of the top 4 in the East? Who’s most likely? Or are you just banking on the odds of any one of those teams pulling it off?

  10. It’s not so much the lower teams “pulling it off”. It’s the upper teams feeling entitled and maybe getting surprised.

    The Heat and Raptors have risen to the occasion in individual games. Can they for a seven game series? Unlikely. But thats the fun of the bet!

    Who’s on????

    We’ll make it a $100 donation to the Canadian Cancer Society.

  11. Certainly wouldn’t surprise me to see the Celtics fall to any team in the first round.

  12. Wow, what a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect a show today as “Easter Monday” is a holiday in Europe. Anyway, the “bunch of D-Leaguers”-comment was hilarious. And the look on Tas’ face after saying “You just compared him to Hedo Turkoglu” is priceless!

  13. I’m thinking it was Mark Cuban who filled K-Marts car with buttered popcorn.

  14. Whats your guys take on Kobe? I havent seen him take over a game since he came back from his hand injury following the allstar break. While it kind of makes sense, because his fingers are slowly falling off, but he’s been crazy inconsistent with his shot – his turnovers are off the charts and I just dont feel like he can take over a game on a regular basis anymore. Am i being to premature?

  15. Still thinking about your bet, Raptorman. I’m on your side, unfortunately for you. If it holds that Miami plays Boston, I’ll take Miami in that series. Without much hesitation.

  16. Personally, I can’t wait until Shaq is back for the Cavs. He slows them down, and I’ve liked the way the Celtics have looked more when Shaq is in there.

  17. Sooner or later there is going to be a car accident in the intersection behind you guys, during a show.. I will wait patiently until that day.

  18. Nick L.
    You also wonder what kind of shape shaq has kept himself in, and love it that no one on the cavs can shoot free throws; exibit A. lebrick at the celtics game yesterday.

  19. i don’t know why i keep watching these craptors, i know they are going to end the season on a 6 game skid and miss the playoffs by 2 games.


    5 years raps fans before we have anything to cheer about again.

  20. Nice shirt Melas.

  21. I’ve been scouting the comments for a bit and I can’t believe how friendly they are. Dwyer gets owned on Yahoo and the guy is fantastic. All of your viewers must be Canadian.

    Good show. I’d love for you guys to upload it earlier so I could put it on my mp3 player before work, but I’m likely being picky.

    I doubt there will ever be an accident because I am assuming Canadians know how to drive.

    To beer,


  22. Kendrick, that’s a good point. The Lakers haven’t looked strong lately, and I don’t think it’s just a matter of coasting to the playoffs (though that may be part of it).

    Kobe playing inefficiently is a huge problem for them, and it it’s his health, it will be hard for him to turn that around. Also, although Bynum and Gasol haven’t totally figured out how to work together on offense, I think the Lakers are a much better team with both in the lineup, primarily because it gives them two 7-footers for the defense to funnel drives into, two 7-footers to rebound, and it creates match-up problems for the opposing team’s frontcourt with 7 foot Gasol at PF.

    I also think Artest is a bit of a question mark. He had that one game where he shut down Carmelo, but over the course of the season, he hasn’t looked to me like an upgrade for the Lakers over Ariza. Ariza’s particular skills fit into the Laker’s offense perfectly and defensively, I don’t think the difference between them is as significant as the Lakers had hoped.

  23. So how much is Manu Ginobili going to get in Free Agency this year?

    Remember on top of being one of the best big game players in the league that he’s frequently hurt, is very old and only plays 25 minutes per game.

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