Ep. 543: Thunderstruck Forearm

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas do their best to focus on the positives from Tuesday night’s epic Thunder-Jazz overtime game. (Damn you, Tony Brothers! Damn you to hell!) Topics on tap: Deron’s career night, Durant’s defense and Jeff Green’s Pippen-like contributions. All that, plus Chris Bosh’s broken face, the Cavaliers’ “high-level practice” and a horse. Enjoy.


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Comments (19)

  1. Where can I order the “Gimme-go-cracker” t-shirts? That was one of the best lines ever from the Canadian Michael Jordan of Turkey.

  2. Skeets gots himself a new pair o’ shoes…

  3. Okay, first and formost – Durant got fouled on the last shot. That said, I vehemently disagree with Tas’ assertion that the game was reffed well. The refs were missing calls on both sides all game long, and they were inconsistent has hell with “what is a foul”, and they kept changing that criteria every 3 minutes. Ibaka (who did get to the line a little bit) and Millsap need to get murdered in order to get a FT, while a guy like Durant needs the least amount of incidental contact (save for the last shot) and is rewarded with FTs. [As an aside, Millsap never gets reffed reasonably, he's always getting hacked with no fouls called. One day he's going to punch a ref like that South American bbal player who punched a ref and went to jail]

    Secondly, the end of this game (bad call or no call by refs) is a lot like the Jazz loss to OKC on New Years Eve where Millsap gets jobbed for a foul that should not have been. That takes a win away from the Jazz there. Maybe the refs were ‘evening’ things out with their inaction in this game? (We all know that refs go by some secret ‘opus dei’ style code that is beyond the realm of logic)

    Back then if you went to some Thunder blogs they were all saying “Boo hoo, this type of play happens in the NBA”. So, it is only fair to comfort them with the same, after this loss. “Boo Hoo, Thunder fans. You’re going to have to wait another few weeks before you have ALL the refs on your bandwagon”. The general concensus by Jazz fans is that ‘shit is even, now’. (not in the head to head, but in games decided by the refs) You knoly have to ask KG of the Celtics about how frequently Durant gets calls, it’s good for him to actually try to make a shot with a little resistence now and then. I hope the playoffs aren’t a FT parade for the Thunder, that would be a travesty. They were not a FT parade when UTah was the ‘young hot team’, they weren’t a free throw parade when the Blazers were the ‘young hot team’, or the White Chocolate Kings, or the Kobe and Eddie Jones Lakers or any of those groups.

    Also Andrei K would have made the game a little different, maybe no ability to change the game when Durant want hitting threes in the halfcourt set from 35+ feet. But he would have been able to make the lead a lot larger during the first 42 mins of the game to make it that much harder for Durant to stay hot. (After all, he did miss a number of shots in OT before that CJ foul)

    The Thunder scare me, and I did not want to see them in the playoffs before this game — but now I really want to avoid them.

    As for the comment that this is NOT a hardwoodclassics game because of the last non-call — well, tell that to the Jordan push-off game where he wins the title after throwing Bryon Russell out of the game. For a number of Jazz fans all over the world that game is unwatchable as well, yet it is worthy.

    The league isn’t going to apologize for that game; and the league shouldn’t coddle the thunder for this one. Durant is a professional and his interview after the game shows that he is a man, even if a lot of people on the Thunder bandwagon are little girls transitioning into their menarche.

  4. re: bosh’s injury


    That’s from Gray’s anatomy (uh, not the show my wife makes me watch), it’s a highly vascular area (compared to other parts of the skull) because there’s so much going on. Depending on the advice of surgeons he may have to finish his playing days in a mask. (also, depending on how this all heals)

  5. Durant must have watched your mailbag show yesterday and was pissed you guys picked Lebron over him

  6. Additionally, this is the 2nd time in the last few weeks that the Jazz have been 2nd in the West. No one would have thunk it back when the Jazz were a hot mess, but have been a very good team of late. Of course, Sloan will finish 8th in COY voting, despite having the huge distraction of Booz all season long, all the injuries and jumping from 8th seed to home court in the 1st round with a roster that’s WORSE than last year (giving away rotation players Brewer, Harpring and promising rookie PG Maynor — for nothing)

  7. hey guys duke won the ncaa championship…not baylor/butler

  8. Yes, but did they cover the 7 points?

  9. good stuff amar. i agree wholeheartedly. extremely well-played game, not a very good officiated game. Jazz and Thunder alike getting snubbed with calls. CJ Miles got whistled for a ghost foul really late in the game, a shot Durant missed and UTah rebounded (which they had troubles doing all night), Durant made both free throws to seal the gap. I really think that last call made up for that. yes it was the game-winning call for the jazz, but every call, every basket is potentially the game-winner. great game by both teams, but jazz escape with the win. Props to D-will And Durant.

  10. That was a great show guys. The only time I really get to see Deron Williams is when he’s doing absolutely whatever he wants against the Lakers. The guy is just ridiculous.

  11. NBA has stated that the refs missed the call that should have given Durant FT’s.

    Bryon Russell is waiting by the phone as we speak to hear about 1998 . . .

    in other news “wah, wah, wah”. All teams get hosed by calls. I didn’t know that Durant (as great as he is) requires this amount of babying. Or maybe the amount of babying is completely related to how big the band wagon is? When are the Sonics fans going to get an apology?

    Oh yeah, who cares about them, right?

  12. I was watching that Thunder/Jazz game and I jumped out of my chair at that last shot by Durant. He got smacked! I was mad. I’m not even a Durant fan, but what he was doing last night was amazing. Down by double digits and then just putting the team on his back on both sides of the court. AMAZING!

    Too bad about the Raptors though. Even if they make the playoffs, without Bosh they most likely won’t even win one game.

  13. The refs really should be able to go to the tape in a situation like that when there are 0 seconds on the clock.

  14. just wanted to let u guys know that duke won

  15. Yeah, Christian Laettner hit a shot at the buzzer.

  16. Tony Brothers should be sent home for the season. I don’t know how you miss that call. You don’t. You just don’t call it.

    I’m getting close to saying I’ll take Durant over LBJ. That stroke is sweet.

    Chris Paul over Williams any day. I think this is only a debate when CP is hurt and Williams is on fire.

    Say goodbye to Mr. Bosh, Canada. That was his last game in a Raptors uniform.

  17. Durant gets more calls than anyone in the NBA, Wade included. There was a reason Garnett went on that Durant gets Jordan calls rant. It’s freaking true. One non-call for Durant, I’m not going to cry. It really is atrocious. Skinny players in the NBA get so much love from the refs and Durant is the quintessential call getter. He deserves a fraction of a fraction of all those calls he gets. This is going to get ridiculous in the coming years if this keeps up.

  18. i agree when the refs swallow the whistle when players drive the ball in hoping for a foul in the last seconds but this was something else. the refs took away his opportunity to win the game. BS!

  19. what is the name of the song that plays at the 1:50 mark

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