Ep. 544: Stinger!

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas discuss Carmelo Anthony’s stinger and J.R. Smith’s brain fart, the Suns improving bench mob and whether $40 million is too much money more an aging Manu Ginobili. All that, plus shout-outs and playoff sleep schedules.


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Comments (24)

  1. Dantley was screaming towards JR “I WAS CALLING A TIMEOUT!” and JR looked lost like he didn’t know what he was talking about…. When he was doing this as he was walking towards Melo
    The other thing doesn’t Dragic play like Steve Nash lite… i mean he seems to dribble like Nash… Steve has got his protoge
    Manu got too much… that’s it

  2. some teams just looked Dog tired in the 4th last night. The jazz just looked like dogs, period.

  3. The refs should have blown the whistle. If for no other reason but THREE IN THE KEY.

    Melo was lying down in the key!!

  4. Don’t love the music fading over Skeets as he introduces everyone. Producer!

    Maybe you give Manu $9 mil per. $14? Well, hell, if Hedo’s making… Sorry, can’t help myself.

    I’m in Oregon, so it’s easy to watch all the games. Love that the games back east start at 4 or 5 p.m. here. That’s my solution: head west. (Actually, don’t. Get off my lawn.)

  5. Skeets! Your emotions have hornswaggled you into taking the Clips. If you come up short by one game…

  6. Does Ginobili deserve 14 mil per? No. Would this be recompense for all those years of awkward brilliance without a fitting contract -as you gents pointed out? Certainly. Spurs are good at balancing the scales. Take some notes Clips! This is how you build a prosperous organization. Maybe I’m be too harsh on LAC…Drew Gooden and Chris Kaman ARE leading my finals-reaching fantasy team.

  7. Skeets, you always mention blogs for other teams (Bright side of the sun today?). Do you have a blog for each team in the league? Could you provide them somwhere? I find it interesting to compare team blogs after a tough or contentious game.

  8. Don’t forget that in the last year of Manu’s deal, he goes from being Manu Ginobili, to “Manu Ginobili’s expiring contract” and will be a valuable trade chip that they can theoretically use to bring in youth. So basically they only need two good years from him.

  9. I’m all with Travis. Move West.

    1. Early game is usually on at 4-430pm….PVR straight through until 11pm.
    2. Stay away from all media sources until ready to settle in for the night.
    3. Start viewing around 6pm. With the PVR you will usually finish Game 1 as Game 2 approaches half time.
    4. You finish the late game and it is still early enough to go out for a beer/food.

    No staying up late. No getting up early.

    Pacific. The perfect sports watching time zone.

  10. Hey Tas! I was there indeed. I try to be there for all the Raps’ games, although it is tempting to stay home now. I actually ran into JD and his family at the game (Hey JD!), cool guy. I’ll keep my eyes open for you guys at the remaining games and our two high-level Cavs’ practices, I mean “playoff games”. Thanks for the shout-out!

  11. the key to the playoffs is to drink tons of caffeine, and resign yourself to putting in a subpar performance at work for about two months.

  12. Over here in London, most games don’t start until Midnight, and since I’m a Mavs fan, their games usually don’t start until 1 or 1:30 in the morning. So when I can, I’ll try to get to bed as early as possible, say at 9, then wake up in time for the game, and goes back to bed afterwards. The going back to bed part is always a bit more difficult though, as the excitement of the game doesn’t fade so easily, still, worth the lack of sleep, especially at this time of the season.

  13. I’m glad to see the Air Canada Centre is still in good hands, Adam – except on the court, of course.

  14. JE in a button up? I wonder if his girl had anything to do with that.

  15. That’s a hot Curry!… near quadruple double.

  16. Playoff schedule:

    Nap for 2-3 hours before the first game of the night to carry me through the evening games. Recording them and watching them in the morning is difficult because of Twitter and my daily homepage, ESPN. I gotta go through my routine every morning, so I gotta watch the games live.


    I think Skeets’ point is spot on. The Spurs get great deals on nearly all of their players, so, while he may not exactly be worth 13 mil a year, they want to compensate him for all the great work he’s done for the organization (both on and off the court [i.e. bringing in a strong Latin American audience, etc.]). Also, I think the Spurs are afraid that he might get a comparable offer elsewhere, especially based on the way he’s been playing lately. I think there are definitely a few teams that would’ve stupidly paid the Poo God 13 mil for the next three years *caugh* Knicks, Heat, Clips *caugh*

  17. Beautiful Toronto weather in the background lmao

  18. How can i get that ready to go song?

  19. Tas – Maybe the solution to the rest of the games at the Air Canada Centre is just to get sloshed?

    JE – I’m watching your bet go up in flames right now…

  20. as a spurs fan, the manu deal was the right thing to do (him in anything but a spurs uni wouldn’t be acceptable)…but i still can’t help but worry about how it pans out.

  21. Am I the only one that cannot see the podcast?!? “This item is currently unavailable.” it says… Wtf, is it some sort of geographical thing…? :(( I want my Jones fix baaaad…

    Cheers from Bulgaria ;))

  22. The direct links for both the video and audio casts don’t work either.. :(( Help a brother out here?

  23. Does anybody know how I can get a hold of this episode?

  24. I had trouble viewing it too. I found it here:


    Hope this helps

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