The Jones: Mail Call III

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers! Join us as we ponder whether NBA players give two shits about winning the scoring title, if Robin Lopez “will make some noise” in the Most Improved Player “race,” and who has the best chance at recording a quadruple-double. We also giveaway a pair of Skullcandy headphones and sit you down for the next prize worthy Q. Keep up the great work, soldiers.


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Comments (21)

  1. I disagree guys, I think fans may notice who leads the league in scoring while it happens, but don’t get all that caught up in it or care too much. This year is different for one reason–because LBJ cares. Those statements about “I could lead the league in scoring every year if I wanted to” are not only complete BS, but–far from showing that he doesn’t care about the scoring title–shows that he cares an awful lot. Although not surprising given LBJ’s arrogance and immaturity, it’s a bit embarrassing for him to be making preemptive excuses in case he doesn’t capture the scoring title. He’s clearly the greatest player playing today–no one’s going to think twice if he’s first, second, or tenth in scoring if he doesn’t come out and make a big deal of it. It’s much like promising to enter the dunk contest and the refusing to actually compete on the off chance he might lose. If he can’t be crowned number one, he doesn’t want to play (a flaw he showed off most memorably in his tantrum following last year’s Eastern Conference Finals).

    Not only is this embarrassing, it’s also terribly disrespectful to players past and present. The NBA has been around nearly 65 years, and in that time only 7 players have managed to lead the league in scoring as many as 3 times. While it may not be the most meaningful accomplishment, it’s clearly something that’s difficult to achieve. LBJ’s peremptory face-saving logorrhea unfortunately amounts to belittling all those he views as unable of achieving his levels of greatness–greatness that he, fortunately, need not demonstrate, as he’s so graciously informed us of his capability to achieve it.

  2. What do you want AJR? LBJ to tell his view, that he genuinely doesn’t care, or for Durant to keep going out there and jacking up 25 shots a night. LBJ sits… can it be any more obvious that he genuinely doesn’t care?

    And yes, if LBJ wanted to, he could lead the league in scoring EVERY SINGLE SEASON. I don’t even think that’s in question here.

  3. The mystery of Tas’s non-accent lives. Don’t make me pick up the phone.

  4. camby would probably be the closest to getting a quad-double just cuz it was only 2 seasons ago where he had 2 triple doubles with pts, rebs, assist and also had a tripple double with pts, reb, blks, and another occasion where he had a double double with rebounds and blocks. lebron/bryant/nash/paul or even possibly melo could possibly get it with the 10 tournovers

  5. “And yes, if LBJ wanted to, he could lead the league in scoring EVERY SINGLE SEASON. I don’t even think that’s in question here.”

    T-Car, I must strongly disagree with you. If it was a matter of players WANTING to lead the league in scoring every single season, LeBron wouldn’t be the obvious pick. Kobe, Melo, and Durant are purer scorers and can score much easier on any given night. They have more in their arsenal. LeBron’s scoring game isn’t multi-faceted enough to that high of a degree where he could win it as easily as he says he could.

  6. Whats the name of the song at the end?

  7. I agree with Adam M.–plenty of players “want” to lead the league in scoring, and are capable of doing so, and only one can manage it in any given season. Look at league history and the scorers who spent years looked to score and only to score (English, Wilkins, Gervin, Iverson, McGrady, post-Shaq/pre-Gasol Kobe, Vince). The most any of those guys managed to lead the league was 4 seasons, and some never got there at all. I highly doubt they didn’t lead the league in other seasons simply because they didn’t feel like it. In any event, the issue isn’t whether LBJ is capable of leading the league in scoring (he’s done so once), it’s the mind-boggling (and wholly unfounded) arrogance of saying that he could do so *if he wanted to*, thereby slapping the league’s other great scorers in the face and absolving himself of any criticism should he happen not to end up on top.

  8. Quadruple Double: ANDRAY BLATCHE!

  9. @Bing – lol hes probably gonna block/steal the ball from his own team to get it

  10. After watching the post game interview of the Portland/OKC game, it just hit me that Marcus Camby sounds like Jay-Z.

  11. Woops…I meant Lakers/Nuggets at the end….not in the first round obviously. Oh well, that’s the way it goes sometimes.

    Skeets got it at the end, LeBron seems to me to be the no-brainer answer to that quad double question.

  12. LeBron is prolly the one who will get this Q-Double, just because, as his comments on the scoring title or his willing to top bryant’s 62pts game in the garden with a 50pts T-Double show, he cares about statistical accolades…

    Like most people who pretend to love themselves so much (I personnaly can’t believe it’s humanly possible) he is in fact craving for attention…

    His reaction to his MVP (that he dreamed about it since he was little) also shows how he likes personnal accolades at least as much as team success…

  13. If the players are healty they shouldn’t sit out games. Period. It’s just disrespectful to the fans and to other teams.

    Lebron is a wuss for sitting out all these games. And don’t anybody tell me that he’s sitting out because he’s banged up. I bet that we will see Lebron playing in the Cavs’ season finale against Atlanta IF the Celtics win tonight. Why? Because there’s no way the Cavs want to face the Celtics in the 2nd round (assuming the top-seeded teams win their first-round matchups). But that’s exactly what’s gonna happen if the Hawks lock up the 3rd seed.

  14. Disagree totally. It’s great for your team to have a winning season, but nothing compares to your team winning a title. For the commited fans, championships won can be some of the most memorable moments of your life. I would imagine that the financial rewards for the franchise are also much greater over about 5 years after winning a title.

    The whole point here is winning a title, and the teams are doing these things with that singular purpose in mind. LeBron playing if that 3rd seed is still in question would be just that, working for the best chance to win a title. Of course he’s banged up! The dude plays tons of minutes and gets banged on like crazy!!!

  15. C’mon guys! TBJ I gotta disagree with you on this. Although LeBron cares more about the MVP more. You would be naive to think that Durant is not doing all he can to win the scoring title and be the youngest player ever to do so. This league is all about ego and bragging rights. Durant wants this! David Robinson wanted it when he went for 71 on the last game of the season. McGrady wanted it for two years to put his name among the elite when he was in Orlando. This matters to the guys close to it. LeBron is disregarding it because he knows he’s got the MVP.

  16. I bet J-Smoove could get a quadruple-double at some point.

  17. “It changes from year in year out.”

    Thanks, Skeets.

  18. I think that great players and great coaches always carry the attitude that every game is a playoff game. Would suck if your favorite band played a lazy or out of tune show just because they are on the last leg of a long tour in a small town. Let’s not do that to the sport. Sweeps are boring! 7 game double overtime 1 pt wins at the buzzer. That’s showtime hoops! Scoring titles are all about show me the money hoops. Allen Iverson made a career of them.

  19. I am surprised that Rondo’s name isn’t getting a mention for a quadruple.

    The guy is a stat demon and seems to collect the steals frequently.

  20. I’d say Deron Williams could put up a quadruple on a good night.

  21. Where’d you get the shirt?! Forward me a link, please! And people care b/c Durant is now the youngest to ever do it. You had to know Dwyane won it last year, I thought you knew your stuff. And if you think about it, all these awards are subjective, so you can’t just throw MIP under the bus, eh!

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