Ep. 548: Feel It

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas countdown the days ’til Christmas (a.k.a. the 2010 NBA Playoffs). Do the Bogut-less Bucks have any shot at hanging with the Hawks? Did Kobe and co. “throw” Sunday’s game to avoid those pesky Blazers in the first round? And what’s wrong with the Thunder? That, plus Skeets slaps a “Wanker of the Week” sticker on Tim Povtak for chastising LeBron.


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Comments (26)

  1. Anyone know if I am going to get charged international charges or any other charges for calling the TBJ line to leave a mail call voicemail?

  2. It’s like you guys read my comment on the last mail call before discussing the whole “sitting out”-thing. While I disagree with Povtak about taking away Lebron’s MVP vote (Lebron is the MVP and that’s that) I agree with everything else he wrote. And I also agree with what Jeff van Gundy said during the Lakers/Blazers game. Healthy players shouldn’t sit out games.

    It’s just my personal opinion. I think it is disrespectful and it sends the wrong message to your teammates. If you want to be a team-leader then go out there and be a team-leader.

  3. J.E., Bless your heart for picking my Jazz to win at Gol_en State tonight (which they will) and then the two of you will be tied. Also something for you fellas because your are Raptors homers…


    They have hot chicks in Canada? Who knew…

    Randy from Utah

  4. Great shirt Skeets!

  5. Do come to Portland!

    Do not wear Sonics jerseys!

    Smartest fans I’ve ever seen. Yeah, I’m a little biased. :) And the city has the most breweries of any city in the world.

  6. Portland is the bomb. I’ll buy your first brews if you guys make it out here.

  7. The hottest chicks are from Canada.

  8. In ancient times, when the top seeded teams were good enough not to drop games vs. bad teams, and the top spots were already locked up (not unlike what we have in the East this year) — ALL teams used to give their best players breathers in the last few games of the regular season. (unless they were going for a scoring title, or something)

    “Cheating the fans” is a poor excuse to hate on someone, at this stage.

    Tas’ stipulation of, at the very least, making an attempt to use an injury as a reason isn’t a bad one either. Then again, the smartest of players used to take their holidays during the middle of the season, so that it does not look so obvious when it’s game 79 out of 82. I am, of course, speaking of Shaquille O’Neal. (And no, not Cedric Ceballos)

  9. I’ve said it many times, healthy players should suit up and play. If I’m a coach, sure I limit their minutes to rest them but it’s an insult to “JOE HARDHAT” and his kids who maybe get to see one game a season with LeBron’s jersey in tow. Shaq used to tank the first half of the season to have some gas in the tank for the playoffs. I was never a fan of that either. Compare it to tennis players who won’t play Davis cup matches so they can be fresh for Grand Slam paydays. It sucks! It’s also unfair to the teams (and I stress the word teams) that suit up and run the marathon. I played hoops until I was middle aged and injuries happened when I played full games without relief so I disagree with Skeets about getting injured when you limit your minutes. That’s why players stretch and warm up pre-game. I do agree that the season is long but so are the paychecks. Go Blazers! The Rose Garden has the best atmosphere in the NBA. We welcome you both to Portland! Why wait until next season! Come see a playoff game this year!

  10. I hate to bring up another sport, especially one that isn’t even half as good as basketball, but a very similar thing happens in the NFL. At the end of the season, coaches rest their starters (i.e. superstars) and everyone acts oblivious to the fact that the organization doesn’t want their guys to get injured right before the team goes into the first round of the playoffs. I completely agree with Skeets that the reason why LeBron is “resting” is because the organization doesn’t want him to get injured. It’s obviously not because he’s tired. Rather, it’s because he wants to win the championship.

  11. Hey guys, I really like your show and I’m a real fan but come on?!?! Skeets saying that these last few games teams play “for nothing”? Every game is played FOR THE FANS. They are the ones that fill the arena, buy merchandise, pay for games online, etc. The are the ones that SPORT in general is a public attraction.Why does LeBron go full out and dunk like a madman in the second quarter of game 9 in December for instance?!? To win a championship? NO! To make a spectacle and make sure the fans enjoy themselves!!! Even the championship isn’t just LeBron’s! It’s for all the fans and the city!

    It’s an insult to Joe Hardhat, every fan in the arena, and for me most importantly – his teammates. What if Moon gets injured? He won’t play in the playoffs just because LeBron decided that he needs to take it easy? Come on?!? If it’s for resting OK I can buy that, as maybe Moon isn’t used like LeBron is, OK. But for avoiding injuries? Replacement starters get injured too you know.

    And also the team leader doesn’t lead from the bench, he leads on the court as far as I’m concerned.

  12. If anyone was wondering who my blind item rip job was in a Tweet from last night, the WoW might help you out.

  13. LeBron should sit. If he got hurt in one of these last few games I would drink myself stupid.

    From Cleveland with love.

  14. yo tas where do you get those sick ass quotes for the end of the show?

  15. A – @Noah: the internets, man. B – I should’ve complimented Skeets shirt in this episode. C – Grisham, just like T-Mac, you’re all about the stats. D – There are some good looking women in Canada. E – If KD is ripping someone, he/she must be rip-worthy.

  16. When I was in Vancouver a few years ago, I emailed Skeets and asked him whether he thought it would be better to watch a game in Seattle or Portland. He said he had a hunch that Portland would be worth the drive.

    The wife and I drove five hours to Portland… via Hooters for dinner… LMA scored 30… the Blazers won… and we got a free chalupa from Taco Bell because the Blazers scored more than 100.

    Cheers dude.

  17. @ Stefan:

    Dude, you’re thinking way too idealistically if you genuinely believe that the game is played “for” the fans. In a certain sense, you have a point: fans buy merchandise, tickets, etc. to keep the enterprise of owning an NBA team somewhat profitable (then again, I think there are only 5 NBA teams turning a profit this year). Then again, NBA franchises make decisions out of self-interests that (sometimes fortunately and sometimes unfortunately) have nothing to do with the fans: salary dumps, overpaying contracts, resting star players, etc. The reason why LeBron goes out and dunks in a lowly December game is, of course, to put on a spectacle for the crowd. But, the reason why LeBron sits the last several games of the season is to make sure he’s healthy come playoff time. Ultimately, that last decision is also “for the fans”: the only way to ensure an injury-less LeBron going into the first game of the playoffs is by circumventing the whole possibility of him getting injured in the first place.

    I completely disagree with your statement that it’s an insult to LeBron’s teammates for him to sit a few games at the end of the season. His teammates want to win a championship (hopefully) as much as he does and probably don’t care that much (even Jamario Moon) about the last few games of the regular season. As LeBron, Mike Brown, or anyone else in the Cavs organization, I’d rather run the risk of having Moon injured for the playoffs than having LeBron: the first might damage your team’s depth and consequently tire your players out a little more than normal; the second might not allow you to get out of the first round of the playoffs.

    Avoiding injuries is precisely the reason why LeBron is sitting the last few games of the season. You’re fooling yourself if you think it’s because he wants some “rest.”

  18. I understand the concern over injuries that can happen due to the NBA’s 82 game season, but im not convinced it should be shortened. I mean, these players are paid millions of dollars to entertain us. Seriously, besides our entertainment, is there a point? If nobody cared, what would these guys be up to? Let the boys play.

  19. It needs to be asked why some star players’ mentality has changed versus those in the past like Jordan and Malone. They used to take pride in playing games if they were healthy, and why wouldn’t you. It’s your job. You’re no more likely to get injured in the 82nd game than you are in the 24th game. It’s the same risk you take every time you step on the court.

  20. I think you guys are completely missing the point. It’s not because they can’t play, aren’t healthy enough to play, or want to play but are being held back by franchises. It’s because they want to be 100 percent sure they’re healthy for the PLAYOFFS so they can WIN a CHAMPIONSHIP. (This, of course, is the case for LeBron and other upper echelon players.)

  21. Would Cavs fans rather see LeBron in a meaningless game in April, or see LeBron win a title?

    Have some perspective. Let coaches sit the stars when there’s nothing to play for.

  22. So Bequer, why should then LeBron play in the first round against the Bulls/Raptors? They will advance anyway, why risk him?

    I know I’m a bit over the top idealistic, but I want to see a show, every night. Why not just forfeit the last games without meaning? They’ve clinched homecourt since April 4… why even bother playing the rest of the season?

    I really think it goes all the way back to Jordan, Malone, Olajuwon… It’s their job, it’s what LeBron gets 150 grand for…. It’s funny – in one of the videos on NBA.COM, a Cavs practice video LeBron himself talks about being a team, having a goal as a team (not as a single player) and then says “WE CAN’T TAKE A DAY OFF”…. Then why did you?? Hah… Hipocrates, all of them… This is what happens when the media hype makes you think you’re bigger than the game itself. He’s there to entertain after all. All of them are.

  23. Come on down to P-Town guys! Guaranteed you wont forget it…. Unless you choose to that is…

  24. One more thing, I just read a few minutes ago… Cleveland played hard and beat the Raptors a few months back, and then the Cavs called it quits a few days ago and the Bulls won – and now the Bulls could make it into the Playoffs by just one game, which both they and the Raptors played seamingly against the sam opponent, but not really. One more twist to this whole resting out stars issue – opponents get an unfair deal…

  25. I think you hit the nail on the head, Stefan. You’re being far too idealistic. I’ve been a Cleveland homer my whole life (all sports), so believe me when I say that Cavs fan couldn’t care less about LeBron sitting the last few games of the season. I’ll tell you, however, what we would care about: Management foolishly marching him out there in a few meaningless games, only to see some bitter player on a losing team take him down hard on a drive to the hoop, causing him to miss the playoffs. We’d want management’s heads on a spit, believe me.
    As for it being unfair to other teams that are fighting to get into the playoffs when the Cavs rest stars against another contender, that really shouldn’t be the Cavs’ concern at all. If the team that “get’s an unfair deal” had just played better during the regular season, it wouldn’t be an issue. The fact is, the Raptors brought it on themselves with their poor defense and all-around average play.
    All of the criticism, including the original article from Tim Povtak, is coming from outside perspectives, completely unaware of what Cleveland fans are actually thinking. As far as I can see, it’s just common hater mentality, finding any fault they can in a team that’s doing better than their own.
    When it comes down to it, I, and every other real Cleveland fan just wants to see a championship. If that means ensuring LeBron’s health for the playoffs, we’ll live with him sitting out the final four meaningless games of the season.

  26. Just wanted to add that to avoid any situation like this in the future, the only option is to shorten the season. Each game then becomes necessarily more meaningful, and teams are much less likely to head into the final two weeks of the season with anything decided already. But, with a shortened season comes even higher ticket prices, a result of simple supply and demand economics. And I have a hard time believing that any fan would prefer that over what we have now.

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