Ep. 549: Unsung

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas bid adieu to the regular season. Which teams are playing the worst headed in to the playoffs? Did anyone expect home-court advantage for the Suns? And, who wants a ride on the “Kirkus Circus?” All that, plus some praise for a couple “unsung” players.


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Comments (43)

  1. Unsung Player – Brian Cardinal

  2. Unsung player- Primoz Brezec

    According to Rasheed Wallace he is a “gangsta” and plays balls out when he gets the chance.

  3. Unsung Players: Bo Outlaw, Pat Burke, Mark Madsen

  4. unsung? malik hairston! free malik!

  5. my pick for unsung player has to be Dj Mbenga from the Lakers, you just gotta love when that goofy looking guy is out on the floor because he always brings the effort on both sides of the floor. even though he’s lacking on the offensive end he makes up for it with the blocked shots, Dj is just awesome

  6. gotta go with Flip Murray. Dude just hustles and plays hard in his 5 minutes a night.

  7. Unsung Player: Jeff Pendergraph (POR)
    I like how his role has gone from no playing time, to big minutes, and then back to the end of the bench depending on who’s healthy for the Blazers. All the minute shuffling, and he still works his ass off in practice, and leads the pregame team huddle.

  8. I have to go with the unsung, and husky, Aaron Gray.

  9. I’d have said Najera, but he’s actually playing. And hitting threes.

  10. Unsung player: Marcus Banks (TOR)

  11. Brian Scalabrine!

  12. Re: [Rasheed's accidental own basket-rebound] can happen. To Rasheed, it actually happened before, in a Nov 08 game DET vs GS: http://scores.espn.go.com/nba/recap?gameId=281113009

  13. Unsung player: Rasho “Let’s NBA” Nesterovic.

  14. Hey I just wanted to let you guys know that I cant get the video up on my page. Just about a week ago it started doing this. So I just clicked on the side of the webpage where there is a list of videos, but this time the video is not on the side with the rest. So I thought I would just let you know.
    Stephen, Ridgecrest. CA

  15. I’m curious as to why Steve Nash is Skeets’ avatar for the bookoff-payoff, when Hinrich looks much more like Skeets.

    Hedo and Tas Melas are still long lost twins though.

  16. My unsung hero is definitely Malik Hairston of the Spurs. He needs to play more. Whenever he’s on the court he comes to play. Guy has the total game and is unselfish. Pop needs to develop his bench players more throughout the regular season.

  17. unsung player . . . Sundiata Gaines (6.9 mpg). He gets 3/1/1 in his time on the court and stepped up big this year in the wake of the Utah Jazz GM Firesale (getting rid of Harpring, Brewer and promising Maynor for nothing). Also, he’s got a game winner, on national TV, against the Cavs (best record in the league, right).

    Super unsung.

  18. for the book-off you guys could to like a beachcombers type theme thing . . . you know . . . give back to the CBC that we all grew up watching as kids.

  19. Unsung player – Joe Smith, ATL, 8.9MPG. Great guy, always plays hard, been around for years, and his personna is so positive al-round, the smile rarely leaves his face.

  20. I know the heat, bulls and others have done latino days at the stadium, los bulls and what not. despite the horrible grammer, since there is a spanish word for bulls, the event is ok. have the raptors done a french canadian day?

  21. Im going to go with Patrick Mills of Portland. He only averages 2 min a game but has 1.7 ppg.

  22. Unsung Player- Dj Mbenga! Have to love the Congo Cash he tries his hardest on the court and does so much off the court. Plus he has a black belt in Judo.

  23. unsung player is Adam Morrison just cause I am a big Zags Fan. First off I say the biggest news of the night is Boozer going down with injury as it will hurt the Jazz’s chance in the playoffs. Second, if boozer is out and the Jazz win a playoff series could we please put DWill above CP3 in pg rankings as clearly after this year DWill has lead his Jazz to an amazing record with less talent than CP3 had. Plus after watching D. Collinson is CP3 stats a little over rated.

  24. I agree with Amar. Sundiata Gaines is definitely a true unsung player. How many other players period have been able to slay the king?

  25. Portland fan here but have to say Mills has played most of the season in the D league, would have to pick Cunningham or Pendergraph over him.

  26. so do we just start calling Sundiata the name “Regicide” now?

  27. My unsung hero is too easy – Sean May, for the Sacramento Kings. 9 MPG, 3.3 pts, 1.9 rebounds, and a surprisingly decent jumpshot. But his real value? The never-ending opportunities for fat jokes gives us unfortunate Kings fans something to laugh about.

  28. Tas, you really held it together after Skeets told you he picked the same team as you for the book-off pay-off. Last time that happened, you were like Zach Galifianakis in those vodka movies.

    Really liked the opening quote/picture combo today.

    I’m a little worried about how many playoff previews you guys are doing… I have a lot of work to do this week.

  29. Andrew currently ok with Bogat,
    Is Malik Hairston an unsung hero or just a guy who doesn’t get a lot of minutes? I know from 48 Minutes of Hell there are Spurs fans really pushing for him to get more minutes, but it seems like it’s kind of an “I have no idea how good he is, but it’s worth finding out since Bogans stinks” kind of thing.

  30. Unsung player: Josh Powell. He’s surely the Lakers’ best role player and, more than any other guy on the bench, completely understands how he fits into the team dynamic. He gets a few minutes a game and rarely wastes them. He’s not very talented, but works extremely hard, leading Phil Jackson call Josh Powell the Lakers most reliable bench player. He understands that he’s not in the mix, like Shannon Brown or Jordan Farmar, to play big minutes in the future, which allows him to perform with less mistakes and more consistency.

  31. Yes, Cs were apathetic for sure. Especially Marquis and Nate-Rob…brutal.

    But, Paul Pierce was great. He came out on fire to start the second half. He and Ray were leading………..unfortunatly, nobody could follow.

    All that said, sheed doesn’t score on his own hoop and a ridiculous jumper or two from rose or kirk don’t fall and Cs have that one. Don’t count the Celtics out until they’re officially dead.

  32. Definately going with Anthony Johnson

    I think this guy has probably been a real leader behind the scenes and on the bench for Orlando and helped their guards a lot.


  34. Sorry to be a prick but I was wondering when the awards show was getting posted??

  35. Stephen — Should have it up in an hour or so.

  36. Dude…. Marisa Miller is like 10 years older than Rose… Though still a pretty good notch on his belt…

    Unsung Hero: Any dude from the bench of Cleveland that doesn’t play… someone has got to do the Handshakes with Lebron

  37. Hairston is the real deal, when Pop sent him to the D league Toros he made most D league players look weak. He had a few 40 plus games without being a ball hog. High Basketball IQ with this guy. He was a huge influence on Aaron Brooks when the played for Oregon. Unselfish, complete team player. Perfect new generation Spur. 5 minutes on the court he gets pts, rebounds, blocks, assists, passes well, makes free throws and doesn’t turn the ball over. A Carl Landry type player with more offensive skills and a good guy to have in the locker room. I was hoping the Blazers would try and get him.

  38. Riverman-
    Hope you’re right about Hairston. I’ve been a big Spurs fan since pre-Duncan, but haven’t gotten to see Hairston on the court at all. I think they need to go into a gradual rebuilding mode this offseason, so it’s good to hear another of their young guys are showing up. Garett Temple has probably played too little to make this unsung hero list, but I’ve really liked what I’ve seen of him. In his last few games for the Spurs, he’s scored a lot of points at a high FG% in limited minutes. And he hussles on D.

  39. JE! Tas! Thanks for your involvement in this, really appreciate it!
    Great show, I get it on my iPhone – keep up the good work…

    Oh… and GO LAKERS!

  40. @pastrypride – a little from column A, and a little from column B. i’ve been one of those people pushing for more minutes for him (on poundingtherock rather than on 48moh), and i think he fits the category of unsung enough – he’s not really known outside spurs fans.

  41. Tas snatches defeat from the jaws of victory in the book-off – loved the Chiacgo pick Skeets, was all over that myself, but the Warriors winning? Boo yah!

  42. Anthony Johnson is a good unsung player, got to agree with Peter

  43. just want to point this out, miss miller is so hot that i believe if i was derrick rose i would not be able to control myself and would begin to puke all over the court if i heard marisa say she thought i was cute.

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