No vote? No problem. Skeets and Tas hand out the major NBA hardware in a star-studded gala filled with laughs, surprises and a moving musical tribute.


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Comments (33)

  1. Grrr…… still not working. lol I just have to be patient :p Hey just so you know you Im a baseball fan not a basketball fan. But you guys are starting to get me to love basketball. I love your show and Im stoked because the Suns are my team and I love to see “Old Man” Nash throwin up the assists. lol

  2. Love it. Absolutely genius.

  3. Three things and only three things:

    1. Loving the big time production camera work.
    2. This is probably the most predictable year when it comes to NBA awards with the exception of Coach of the Year, which really is a joke most years anyway.
    3. A recorder? A man in his late 20s who still plays the recorder? Just… wow.

    Great show guys, thanks.

  4. Wow, guys, this is one hell of a crisp production. Props to JD and Matt and anyone else on the technical end of the award show. Tight.

    Nate’s coach of the year award makes up for Durant getting MIP. Durant was well on his way to these kind of numbers last year. But, like you say, Skeets, whatever. I sort of hope Brooks gets it.

    Love the recorder!

  5. I want a Tas recorder solo at least once a week from now on.

  6. Incredible show! Well worth the wait. Thanks for throwing Portland some love with the Coach of the Year vote. And also by not mentioning Greg Oden’s Patella in your beautiful tribute song.

  7. Incredible production in this. JD is the man! Aaron Brooks should get the Most Improved Player, Durant was well on his way to these type of numbers last year. Excellent work on the recorder Tas, but how old is that suit? Skeets, I was surprised your tie wasn’t thinner. Excellent work, Basketball Jones a winner is you!

  8. you guys are crazeee-bigtime. it’s nice to see. I think MIP needs to be changed. make it two awards: best vet who has better than expected season (maybe fills in for a starter who goes down?); best (new) face in a new place.

    People are supposed to get better from season 1 through 4. Wasting an award on one of those guys here overlooks some truly deserving guys.

  9. you guys got me. i realy thought that was your audience for the award show.

    i agree on Evans winning ROY but Jennings has to be a close 2nd. yes, after his 55 point games he slowed down. but he still is a big reason the lowly Bucks made the playoffs.

    i’m glad you mentioned Varejao among defensive players of the year because he still doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. and Artest is not one of the best 4 defenders in the league this year. his shoes really are bricks.

    for COY i want to add Stan Van Gundy among those 4. i don’t know who he’ll replace but he has found a way to use Carter efficiently with Rashard Lewis having a horrible year and Jsmeer Nelson declining from last year.

    OMFG the song was amazing!

  10. Raptors are disgusting. BC owes up an apology for putting together a team that doesn’t care. Bosh is gone and I don’t blame him.

    My articles comeson the site I write for May 5th….

  11. you guys were..

    100% correct

  12. Tas on the recorder evokes images of Hendrix on stage at Woodstock… music genius.

    How you guys didn’t lose it, I’ll never know.

  13. Awesome, guys. I would say only that Bogut should be a nominee for DPOY over Varejao. COY is a toss-up. Anyway, awesome. RIP Farrah.

  14. In Memorium: The San Antonio bat {death by Ginobli}., great eulogy Tas.

  15. I like the best vet and new guy in new place ideas.

    I’d also throw in sophomore of the year as well.

    then MIP can truly be eliminated

  16. What we in Australia have for AFL football is a player’s most valuable award (which is voted for by coaches and players) and another award called the brownlow where they take votes by umpires for every match and at the end of the season whoever wasn’t reported and gets the most voted wins the medal. There’s an award ceremony where the players get pissed during and everything.

    Sophomore of the year or best international player or a fan vote or a coaches award and so forth has about as much weight as these awards have right now. Which isn’t a lot.

    Best international- Dirk/Bogut
    Best Soph – Aaron Brooks
    Coaches Award (Player you would most like on your team)- LBJ/Nash/Dwight

  17. Great show guys! Next year – real crowd

    I’d have to go with Aaron Brooks over Durant – the Durantula was a star in the making even back in his Supersonic jersey, it was meant to happen eventually. But who could see this funny little dude with the smoking red jacket could actually run a team :) Kudos to Brooks for that!

    And I’d have to agree with Lopez about Van Gundy, if not a winner at least a nominee – getting Vince in the mix, dealing with the unhappy not-getting-enough-shots Dwight and being one of the most honest and fun coaches to have a press conference with, I’d have to go with that guy :)

    Artest was average this year, but I guess having the three nominees next to Dwight is sort of meaningless, the guy is The Chinese wall even more that Yao was… Ho makes guys stay out of the post, and even when they settle for a jumpshot, they surely have to be nervous about missing it and having a very remote chance of an offensive rebound.

    Tyreke was a lock, if not the stats, just seeing him play makes you understand that he’s special. The skillset is mad. Surely a star already. It would have been interesting how a healthy Blake Griffin would alter this rookie-guards-dominating scenario.

    Crawford is also a lock for me, the guy can make most starters in other teams look like fools. He deserves this :)

    !!!NB!!! When Stern calls you up guys, to appologize for not giving you a vote, make sure you tell him on behalf of all still playing b-ball lovers around the globe – PLEASE STOP SHOWING sprained ankles, knee injuries, etc. in super slo-mo highlighted replays!!!! It just breaks my heart seeing this and as any player would agree, seeing something like this just cripples you big time. It’s disgusting, unnecessary and absolutely malicious. Just say “he got injured, bla blah…” DONT SHOW IT PLZ!!!

    R.I.P. MJ

  18. Entertaining show as usual. The In Memoriam segment drew a laugh as you’d hoped. As an ordinary musician myself, I appreciated the work. Yes, that’s a compliment.

    You’ve nailed pretty much everything except for the DPOY noms. If you are to be considered one of the best four defenders in the NBA, your defensive game alone should make you a certified starter. Especially when the alternatives in your position on your team are negligible contributors in the overall scheme. On this count, Varejao does not land a nomination. Howard is a deserved winner, but I would replace Varejao with Bogut. He was the anchor, chief organiser and cleaner-upper of a defensively awesome Bucks team, and rated highly in both the blocks and charges taken categories.

  19. Skeets, that tie makes you look even more skinny.
    Great song btw

  20. after millions of hours on the internet, blazer fans get their wish, thanks TBJ, nate was a sav this year GO BLAZERS

  21. Nice show guys….BUT…In memory, gotta include Portland’s knees….Oden’s and Przybilla’s….Ouch! Nice nod to Nate though…even if he is a bit of a control freak.

  22. Nice! Loving the show. Talking about the awards, I’d say – too predictable. Not your fault, of course… Anyway, you could’ve put more humour into this. Say, for an example, whilst introducing the nominees for the MVP – “Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and…. Lebron James”. Just some minor details, everything’s good!

    Take care and best wishes from Lithuania,

  23. Very entertaining and well done.

    Hey Tas. I did a four part arrangement of the Phantom of the Opera for recorders a few years ago. Lets get two other guys, some tequila and jam baby!

    And I would expect TBJ to have a few of their own awards. Like biggest bonehead play (Sheeds own-goal is still fresh) and maybe worst injury sideline suit or whatever.

    Enjoy the playoffs, gents!

  24. Love the motion graphic of the old TBJ podcast logo!

  25. Tas were you aziz ansari’s (stand up comedian) roomate???????

    you must watch this lol

  26. actually Portland is 2nd in games lost behind GSW who have 400+

    And I would only know that because I’m a Warrior homer.

  27. Great show guys. I thought Matt was gonna stumble a little but he pulled it through. In Memoriam was awesome, great idea! The sad part was when I realized that I know that the song is from Titanic. My hetero ego may never recover…

    I wonder what song and advertising strategy the NBA will choose this year. The last 2 years they’ve made it really good. Kanye with “Amazing”, the “where *** happens” and the split screens with two guys talking.


  28. The friar tuck…you have to stick it up in the waistband.

  29. Josh Smith not a finalist for Defensive Player of the Year? Shame.

  30. Yeah, I agree with COY.

  31. best show yet…

  32. Great show guys the memoriam segment was simply awesome i felt sad and happy at the same time, well done. Damn i miss iverson :(

  33. No Josh Smith as DPOY candidate? And why the fuck are you on Varejao’s nuts? A bunch of people left off of the memoriam though

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