The matchups have just been set, the playoffs start this weekend, and we have eight freakin’ series to preview. Kind of pressed for time here. But fear not, we worked ‘em into our busy schedule. Just make sure to leave your predictions below.


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Comments (14)

  1. I agree with magic in 5, Cats just don’t have the offensive fire power needed to win this kind of series, especially since the magic are no slouches on defence themselves. Now if it was Cats vs Celtics that would be a different story.

  2. Magic over Bobcats in five sounds about right to me.

  3. I agree. Maybe the Cats could take em to 6, but it seems doubtful. Keep em coming, guys.

  4. Magic will take care of business and do it in 4

  5. Stephen Jackson will come out firing, Bobcats in six

  6. cute…agreed orl in 5

  7. Oh boy, are they mini!

  8. Magic in six, Bobcats are defensive enough to make this an interesting series.

  9. Magic in 6. Bobs are good enough to make it a series.

  10. Magic in 6, on the real

  11. I agree. Ironing sucks balls.

  12. tyson chandler is in that gaggle of centers for the bobs. charlotte fan here so i just hope it goes 6 or 7

  13. Good god, Skeets. But let me not criticise someone for their ironing skills on a sports blog.

  14. Magic in 4, boom!

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