The matchups have just been set, the playoffs start this weekend, and we have eight freakin’ series to preview. Kind of pressed for time here. But fear not, we worked ‘em into our busy schedule. Just make sure to leave your predictions below.


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Comments (16)

  1. Mavs in 4 OR Spurs in 7.

  2. Tas making a late jump on the Spurs wagon? We are in for another epic series. Dirk and a rested Timmy will put up big numbers. Both benches are solid. It comes down to whether the Mavs can slow down Manu, who has simply been on fire. The series is probably a coinf-flip but I’m going to say Spurs in 6.

  3. Mavs in nine. Can we make the NBA have this be a best of nine series? Please?

  4. Wow Tas I wasn’t expecting you to pick the Spurs…Skeets I kinda knew would pick the Spurs…but damn Tas. Well I hope those Mavs prove both of ya’ll wrong….I got Mavs in 5!

  5. Much respect for both teams, but this matchup just doesn’t excite me. I’ve been watching these two teams, bored, for far too long now. I guess I dislike Dirk enough to pull for the Spurs here. You know who I want to see in this series? George Hill. Quick Draw Beaubois. Blair. Brendan fuckin’ Haywood. New faces, not tired Tony Parker, not perpetually whining, scowling Dirk Nowitzki. Best thing about this series is that only one of the teams can advance. Maybe Manu can keep me awake. Let’s keep it movin’.

  6. If the Spurs get anything from Richard Jefferson they will be very dangerous. He’s been playing pretty good in this last month…finally. And Manu is on a mission. Spurs in 6.

  7. Oh and I’m glad Tas came to his senses with his pick on this series.

  8. these have been funny so far. the paper was funny and the diaper was good, but this one is comedic gold! yall picked the spurs! LMAO! stop stop! i cant take it!

  9. I don’t really see and upset happening unless a big besides Duncan (McDyess or Blair) goes off for 20-10 for at least three games. Super unlikely. Manu might be able to carry them, but you’d also have to get consistent strong games from him and Parker. Their bench is weak and the Mavs have such a strong 4th quarter arsenal that I don’t think the Spurs have much of a chance. Sorry, no last hurrah for the big three. Mavs in 6.

  10. I think this one’s a toss-up, but I’ll take Spurs in 7 because they’re my favorite team. The Mavs look a lot better on paper, but have been unreliable. I still have that blowout loss to the Knicks in the back of my mind.

  11. Mavs in 6. They’re hungry and will tie Manu’s shoe laces together if they have to.

  12. Mavs in 5. Manu steals a game, but the Mavericks are built to beat the Spurs. Haywood will be the difference maker defending Duncan and the PnR.

  13. This is random but for a bookoff payoff you guys should go sing Chop Suey by System of a Down in a karoake bar.

  14. Mavs in 6. Dirk will knock dow at least thirty a game. Manu will be big for the Spurs but not big enough.

  15. Really Tas? Stick to your guns man! The Mavs in 6.

  16. I want the Spurs to win for some reason, but I have lost faith. Mavs are deep, but will need 7 to surpass the Spurs

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