Ep. 551: Well, Hello There

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas bounce around eight playoff series like they’re Tigger on crack. Did Kevin Garnett deserve a game suspension for poppin’ Q-Rich in the face? What can Durantula and the Thunder do to shake free from Artest and the Lakers? And what was Gregg Popovich thinking with the one-on-Dirk defense? All that, plus hard fouls, vital homecourt advantage and D-R-E.


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Comments (33)

  1. I think Sir Charles pointed it out best, when Garnett threw it and then ran away you knew it was intentional

  2. Brain fart on the Nuggets facing Suns-Blazers winner in the next round comment. My bad.

  3. Tas nailed it 3 minutes in… David Stern’s NBA has devolved into soccer… the phrase “tough NBA player” is officially an oxymoron

  4. Hey, the Blazers don’t need to work “magic.” They won last night and could have played better. Phoenix will need to be lucky to get away with this series. Much as I love Roy, this team can replace what he brings right now, with the exception of the 4th quarter. If the Blazers can find a way to close things out in the fourth, they’ll be fine. They controlled the pace all night, and the Blazer D was pretty solid.

    Everyone got so crazy when Manu went off for a month. Made him a rich, rich man. An overpaid man for a few years. People started picking the Spurs, drunk on Manu’s hot hand and all that energy. When has Manu ever strung something like that together for longer than a couple of months? Can the Spurs win the series? Okay, maybe, but the Mavs are loaded and they’ll probably take this.

  5. Do you guys not do Headlines during playoffs?

  6. KG deserves a game because, as you guys said, the NBA wants to be consistent.

    But, if you’re lauding them for being consistent, why is it smart to not suspend guys for coming off the bench? That’s completely inconsistent. Cook came off the bench for sure. I’m not sure who else. Garnett should be suspended because according to the rules, unless he was making a basketball move (obviously not), it’s a suspension. The rules also state that if you come off the bench, you’re suspended.

    And, this situation seems to me one where they’d really want to enforce that rule, because people coming off the bench makes it grow and as you guys said there were fans right there. Stephen Tyler could have had his nose rearranged!

    Also, how do you justify this as different to fans of other teams in the past (thinking mainly Suns fans here). Why was this different from their situation.

    Fine with KG ruling because league needs to be consistent. Just don’t see why or how it is smart or good for the league to not suspend guys coming off the bench. Seems inconsistent to me.

  7. Just looked at it again. Magloire not only leaves the bench, he’s the one holding KG when he’s trying to break free and flailing his elbows. You could argue that escalated the situation more than anything.

  8. Sorry for the three straight comments….you guys got me all fired up by saying that it was smart for the NBA not to suspend guys leaving bench then applauding them for being consistent.

    I can’t wait to be in the Garden on Tuesday night for heckling Q-Rich. On Saturday night people were already talking about how crazy it will be. This dude has talked shit about Pierce for years. It’s going to be insane. I’m flashing back to the playoffs against the Nets, wearing Jason Kidd “wifebeater” shirts with his wife in the front row….great stuff.

  9. I don’t really think Stern wanted to suspend Amare and Diaw but was forced to because of the rule’s language: “Anyone leaving the bench will receive a suspension.” Now, you can claim that members of the Heat “left the bench”, but to me, I appreciate how Stern bent the language of the rule in this instance. They didn’t do anything wrong – just like Amare and Boris – but the distance between them and the Suns bench was just too great to ignore. I wish he bent the rule back then, but this is the smart route from this past weekend.

  10. Agree to disagree on Magloire not doing anything wrong, but I’ll accept that.

  11. I like agreeing / disagreeing with you. Thanks for sparking more talk. The ‘Ticket Stub’ should fill in admirably.

  12. Tas has to do a Bookoff/Payoff?

    You danced around the streets as Hedo Turkypoo and did Celine Dion on a recorder!

    I’d say you have two in the bank.

  13. Not really disappointed that there was no Cavaliers-Bulls talk, not much to say really. Although I was surprised Rose only drew ONE foul the ENTIRE game. I was concerned when the Cavaliers let the Bulls back in the game, when they were only up by about seven or eight. Cavs shot 6-23 from three point, not very good. Just hit some of those and the game is not close at all.

  14. “What, do I need to hear Mark Jackson talk about some stupid…shit during the free throws?…”

    Lol! Amazing.

  15. Doesn’t KG’s suspension have a lot more to do with Dwight’s last playoffs? It seems like the NBA wants to make it a precedent that, if you throw a ‘bow, you get a game. I also think that they don’t want the officials to blow that call like they did last year with Dwight’s incident. While I’m not sure whether that’s the best way to go about it — as Nick L. points out, the NBA is trying to present a guise of consistency when maybe they’re not really being consistent–, they’re certainly trying to give the impression of a standard of elbow calls during the post-season. Do you guys think this is reasonable or should the NBA take these issues on a case by case basis?

  16. Nice, a Tas book-off pay-off.

    On the Spurs/Mavs, I was encouraged to see Parker put together his best game in a long, long time. He contributed what he’s supposed to. Very discouraged by RJ. I’m also worried about any minutes given to Mason, Bogans, and Bonner.

    On KG suspension, the way he elbowed and ran, as Barkley pointed out, was kind of weak. Either don’t elbow, or if you do, don’t run away. It reminds me of when he gave Zaza Pachulia a forearm to the chest, then when Pachulia got in his face, he “flopped” to make it look like Pachulia head-butted him. 1:19 in this video.

    Kind of makes his intense/toughguy image kind of annoying to me.

  17. Miller taking the charge on Stoudamire and fouling him out of the game, plus his stats make him the Whoa Boy in my mind

  18. Jazz are done, even before the Memo injury I was thinking 5 games. Things you guys didn’t mention –

    Nuggs/Jazz game was a damn close game, even in the 4th, until JR just went crazy on Korver. That got the Nuggs going — but D-Will was amazing and kept the game a game for a very long time (even after Memo was gone, and another starter in CJ had to miss the 3rd quarter for injury). Nuggs won it with getting really hot at the right time.

    Good showing by the under-manned Jazz on the road, game was closer than final score. How great would the nuggs be in SLC missing 2 starters, with a 3rd right off an injury and a 4th missing an entire quarter for getting killed in a freak on-court collision? Oh yeah, that’s right, the Nuggs beat the Jazz in SLC w/o Melo this year. Good thing I said before these games start that Denver was going to win in very few games.

    That prediction looks like it will come true.

    If Fesenko of Koufos got regular playing time they could be Gortat like — but Sloan has mismanaged their development — not even sending them down to the D-League, and keeping them on the bench all regular season long. Of course, I have strong opinions about this:


  19. Fesenko developing in to Gortat? Ok, I’m buying what you’re selling, but not Koufos. Come on, now.

  20. After KG left MN he started to show is true colors. He is a punk thug who cannot control his emotions. I think he should just leave.

    I also think Durant should take it to Artest in game 2. Obviously Artest did a great job, but Durantula was able to get the fouls in the game. If Artest fouls out, no one else will match up against Kevin the same way. Also, on most nights a few more of those shots fall and the Thunder possibly squeak out a win. It’s too bad that with Sefolosha on the court, the Lakers can basically ignore him and he won’t make them pay for it. Imagine if the Thunder had Bosh……….

  21. Hey skeets don’t apologize for the show going on longer, I actually prefer it that way! You guys should do longer shows with greater in depth analysis.

  22. I’m with Nick L. here re: suspensions for coming off the bench. With Amare and Diaw everybody understood that the rule was stupid, or, at least, that the spirit of the rule was not really meant, probably, to apply to a situation like that particular one. But Stern went with the letter of the rule: fine, I guess, I can live with that, if that’s just the way he’s going to interpret the rulebook. But for him now to suddenly make exceptions, to say, implicitly, that the rule is not, in fact, meant to protect against situations like this, where the guys leaving the bench don’t really do anything, etc., is hypocritical and frustrating, especially to Suns fans, who have to deal with seeing an example being made out of their guys and then, a couple years later, seeing that example being forgotten. It’s a (much) worse version of the refs going out of their way to call ticky-tack fouls in the first quarter and then just arbitrarily abandoning the practice later. I could deal with the Amare-Diaw situation only because I believed that there was going to be a consistent interpretation of that rule. As for the fact that this time the scuffle was near the Heat bench, to me, that only makes it worse; A/D didn’t end up close to the fight at all, but the Heat guys left the bench and were right there. I don’t understand why this isn’t a bigger deal to more people. Sigh, go Suns.

    Also, for someone who has been stabbed 11 times, Pierce sure acts like a bitch when anything happens to him on the court. You’d think that someone who’s actually almost died would be a little less melodramatic.

  23. Skeets,
    what does your shirt say? all i can see is the first 3

    i demand to know, these phrases, on your shirt!

  24. yes raffff (minus the pierce stuff, but I’ll accept it)…..WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE????? The whole city of Phoenix should be rioting!

  25. Maybe all Suns fans should file a class action lawsuit….whatever it takes…..I don’t want Magloire to even sniff the garden tuesday night (I know he won’t impact the game….but it’s the principle here).

  26. You guys are freakin’ awesome. But… Blazers in 7.

  27. Skeets we needed a Manuuuuuuuu.

    Spurs turned the ball over so much and the Mavs played close to their best and still won by only 6. I expect a close series.

  28. http://mobile.poundingtherock.com/2010/4/18/1429822/spurs-mavs-game-1-second-half#35149717

    a breakdown of free throw numbers in game one of each series…

  29. B.Jen Fear the Deer

  30. The playoffs will fire up as soon as you bust out the Roundball Rock…


  31. Fesenko did not shit the bed. cheap fouls runined whatever flow he developed in 1st half.

  32. i like how you guys overlooked orlando and charlotte, as usual orlando flying under the radar

  33. You can hardly read a basketball blog without Dwight Howard’s picture on the front page, no way Orlando is overlooked. 9 blocks in a game..defensive player votes through the roof. Charlotte is definitely under the radar. Without Jackson, they are in trouble, however Tas has throughout the year praised Wallace. Cats just aren’t that deep, however they are well coached and play Larry Brown defense. Bulls and Cats are just out classed in the eastern playoff matchups. I skip the Cavs and Magics 1st round games because there are way better matchups this year to watch. The Cavs and Magic will have the most rest through the 1st round as opposed to the rest of the matchups, particularly in the west with all those 50-50+ teams banging it out.

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