The Jones: NBA In Memoriam

In case you missed it: The Basketball Jones say goodbye to the casualties of the 2009-10 NBA regular season.


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Comments (5)

  1. This is CLASSIC!!!! :D

  2. *wipes away tears*


  3. Love ittt…Raptors Faces….u guys have amazing talent,keep it up…and stay on the score…don’t be like bosh and leave….ie ESPN….

  4. League leadering stats worthy of noting going into the playoffs:

    Most recorder solos in a basketball related blog- 1 thebasketballjones.
    Most segments related to guitar hero related orgy flooring advice- 1 thebasketballjones.
    Most frequent usage of “yesssss, and it counts” a lot – Marv Albert.
    Most offensive threat to run for governor of Alabama – Charles Barkley.

    You guys are doing well, but still…A recorder solo only gets you so far.

  5. Holy crap !!! Video works on Linux again.
    Thanks to whoever got this back on Vimeo..

    Havent missed an audio version but this is the first video Ive caught in quite some time… and not an episode too soon, Tas jamming out the tunes truly was special (and I dont mean that in a special ed kind of way either)
    So I decided to watch it bigger than life on a 10 ft wall by plugging in the netbook in the projector and my son walks in with his friends from school and he’s says to them “Its Tas ! (the kids just stared blankly) and he’s playing a flute too!” and out of their schoolbags they whip like little grimy ninjas the flutes they were given as part of their grade school curriculum. You almost made it cool enough for them to play.
    Yes, Tas, you really have the pulse of the 3rd graders of this nation.
    Either that or youre dating a kindergarden teacher.

    That was the best solo since ’76

    I would have timed those yodeling notes at 1m10 to match the words about Marbury’s sanity.

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