The Jones: Mail Call IV

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers! Join us as we ponder whether Gerald Wallace is All-NBA material, pick our overrated and underrated playoff starters, and get the munchies thanks to a hilarious 4/20 call. All that, plus we giveaway a new pair of Skullcandy headphones and take it to the block for your next prize worthy Q. Keep up the great work, guys. Seriously.


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Contest notes: A winner will be randomly drawn from all video or phone responses to the weekly “Mail Call” question.

Comments (19)

  1. Micheal Beasley = OVERRATED

  2. Man, no one wants a nice Kobe steak?

  3. When listing foods, how could you guys forget Kobe Beef?!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Guys guys guys, Or-y-gun. Say it with me now….. orygun….. Spelled correctly it is Oregon.

  5. Hey, thanks for answering my question, guys! I’m biased on Wallace: love the way he plays, love the small things he does, like you said, Tas. And Skeets, you got Corvallis down, but Oregon: think Oregun, not OreGONE.

    Cheers! Go Blazers.

  6. Good call on The Maestro Fresh Wes being under rated . . . where do the Jazz brass keep finding these 2nd rounders, D-League guys and undrafted rookies from?

  7. munchies man, step away from the crack pipe.

  8. Ben Gordon for being overrated..
    Even here in chicago ppl only remember his good games
    3/4s of the season he would shoot doo doo..
    It’s always a love/hate relationship with guys who “get hot” for a few games but in the long run shoot around 30% every game they’re not “on fire”
    Not good at getting his own shot, a small player who didn’t get into the lane very often..
    That smallness never helped him defend and not wanting too either doesn’t help..

  9. Perk = most underrated.

  10. Now Gerald Wallace will not make it on the All-NBA teams but he should definitely make it on one of the All-NBA Defensive teams.

  11. Kobe Beef
    Tim Duncan donuts
    DJ strawberry
    stephen curry
    corey spaghetti? lol

  12. How about Josh Smith on the all NBA team. Surprised you guys didn’t mention him.

  13. Scratch that…….underrated = Glen Mother F%7#king Davis!

  14. It’s my birthday today, can I have a free TBJ shirt?

  15. Courtesy of Trevor Smith – Ramon Sessions. It’s not 4/20 without a good Ramon Sessions.

  16. wow i would pick S. Jackson but i didn’t remember about him :D

  17. You can listen to the proper way to pronounce Oregon here.

  18. Love me some Darvin Ham…

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