Ep. 555: Dust Bunnies

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas put away the brooms to welcome the “official” start of the 2010 NBA Playoffs. Dirty topics include: Durantula’s late-game defense on Kobe, the Lakers refusal to pound the ball inside, Westbrook’s monster dunk, Rose’s shot-put floater, cool Captain Kirk, Shaq’s 35— er, 20 minutes, Rudy’s missing mojo and much, much more. All that, plus our vote for Wanker of the Week. Enjoy.

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Comments (26)

  1. Good prediction on the thunder Last nite Tas

    And that defender skit was funny as hell

    always good to blaze to your videos

  2. Yay for Buss $2-3 million in da bank.
    Stern at the game?
    Cavs loss?


  3. Anthony Parker has hit at least one shot that looked somewhat close to his try last night: http://tinyurl.com/2buh5he

  4. I feel like you guys have really been in stride for the past couple of weeks, and it has been great (obviously there was that adjustment period). Shows have been phenomenal. Also, I think that the fans are all used to it. I noticed at the end today that I had no idea whether or not the beer store truck had gone by because I have adjusted and am no longer distracted by the passing vehicles in the back. Great stuff.

    I think it’s been pretty clear all year long that the Cavs are worse when Shaq is on the floor. But, I don’t know if they can just sit him down. This is a pretty large ego we’re talking about. I’m hoping that they feel like they need to give him 20 minutes a night, because that would really help the Celtics out a lot next round.

    Delonte is the man. Great series. Made some huge plays in game 2 when things were dicey as well.

  5. lol tas @ 8:40 and come on matt hook us up with some headlines, and don’t give ”game done changed”

  6. Tas, where can I get a t-shirt like that?

  7. There are times when Kobe simply refuses to look for Pau, and you know Phil wants him to. You have to wonder why that is. Kobe does not like being the second best player on his team. I know, some of you will say I’m crazy, a hater, but look at that box score. Look at each one this series. Look at how the Lakers have played over the last two months. Just awful. Ball needs to go inside, like you said, Skeets. Seems so damn simple.

    I challenge anyone to find two softer starters on one playoff team than LaMarcus and Rudy. I’m with you, Skeets: no excuse for the way the Blazers played last night. And J-Rich is just knocking down wide open shots. It’s what shooters can do in the NBA when you don’t guard them. He said this was maybe the best game of his career, but I doubt that. It required so little effort against this awful Blazers defense. I want more Dante Cunningham and more Jeff Pendergraph. At least they’ll bust their asses. At least Pendergraph will attack the rim, something LaMarcus can’t and won’t do against the Suns.

    Blah, I’m pissed. Curious to hear what Ben has to say on the Overdose today.

  8. It’s Okay Tas, I love that man too!! He brings a swagger to LeBron and the rest of the cavs when he’s on the floor. Plus he’s mega long, hands go basically past his knees!!
    But I’m pretty sure that game was fixed. It wasn’t a bailout non-call. It was clearly a blocking foul, Deng(or who ever it was) was not even close to being set. And the Noah chocking/rebounding was just dirty, but isn’t that the true foundation of competition. If you aint cheating you aint trying ;)

  9. @Mart J – I got it at the monstrous NBA Store in New York City.

  10. @danga: Game done changed!

    Also, no headlines during the playoffs. Sorry, my friend.

  11. Travis your a hater lol, jk but to me pau has to demand the ball not ask for it. and kobe gives up the rock alot yet no one finishes, lakers win if lamar hits his open shots same with artest. Also is it just me or was it wierd the the thunder got so many calls and lakers didnt. Stern was in the house and realsed a statement about bitching out the refs ( calling out phil).Durant shot more freethrows the they did as a team and i know TBJ will say they took to many jumpers but damn kobe took 29 shots and not all jumpers.

    Called that chicago win, look back a few eps i said hinrich and miller need to step up. They did and won but they scared me by missing freethrows, gotta love the playoffs. Ps fuck LBJ when is Rose and Noah going to be free agents, damn those boys can play.

  12. As a laker fan i know i shouldnt say this but how awesome would it be with the thunder vs the nuggets, with those fans we would go deaf by the end of the series.

  13. @Matt – it’s spelled game “dun” changed.

  14. The Lakers will be fine, but doesn’t this whole situation seem wrong. Pau shouldn’t have to demand the ball. Kobe should give it to him if that’s their best matchup. Phil should be demanding that the offense runs through Pau. But, things always need to revolve around Kobe. They can’t upset him. Things always need to happen on his terms. What’s wrong with him? He’s not playing with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown!

  15. Why does it look like Rudy has 6 fingers on his left hand?! Fog Raw 2.0! As for Ersan Ilyasova (sounds like a Turkey dish, pun intended), he did improve. He was shit, now he made a name for himself (hurray for international play!)

  16. when i said demand the ball i meant the way kobe does when he’s battling for position. pau needs to yell clap his hands and get the ball from someone. But your right kobes the man and he needs to make things happen and get pau some looks also drew. that would open his game alot as well.

  17. Sorry Tas, us office-dwelling cube monkeys don’t even say TGIF. Unless we’re extremely uncool.

  18. Yelling and clapping your hands isnt necessary if you have confidence that your teammates will do the best decision and put the ball in the best hands. You shouldn’t have to yell and clap.

    Thing is: either Kobe thinks he’s always the best scoring option except when a teammate is open, or P. Jax is starting to get real old…

    I mean: isn’t the moto of the triangle offense to use your inside players to score or lure defenders to saf off of shooters? Even when they were as crappy as Bill Cartwright or Luc Longley it didn’t seem to offend MJ that Jackson called plays for them.

    I just don’t think Kobe understands that his best chance at winning a championship is going to his bigs (this is also true for the remainder of the playoffs). Either that, or he cares more about being a hero than actually winning.

    I don’t want to disrespect the guy or anything, but when it’s that simple, you have to wonder how or why the guy who has the ball in his hands the most and who is known as a student of the game and a pretty smart guy doesn’t make those simple entry passes…

  19. *sag off of shooters

  20. The Blazers were knocked out last night, but I still think Webster played his ass off. Rudy needs to wake up period! When the Suns are shooting lights out, the Blazers are in trouble! Batum is our best perimeter defender and he’s out. Miller and Aldridge have been taken out with double teams last two games, but nobody is nailing shots. Missed freethrows have killed them and Camby hasn’t been able to finish a layup for 2 games. It’s looking bad. I say start Webster and bring Rudy off the bench. Who would’ve thought Grant Hill would be such a factor. Brilliant move putting him on Miller. It’s going to be ugly

  21. The SLC crowd has been one of the loudest for OVER A GENERATION. With the rise and fall of some fair weather crowd empires (Sactown in the 90′s, Oracle for the Dubs that one year, etc) the Jazz crowd has stood the test of time. We all shall see this, on TNT, tonight.

  22. A couple things annoyed me about last nights Cavs-Bulls game (aside from the lazy ineptitude of the Cavs offense), and both were the Chicago crowds doing. First, what is the deal with the “Cleveland sucks” chants and boo’s every time LeBron touched the ball? Hey Chicago fans, you realize it was Noah that said bad things about Cleveland, not LeBron about Chicago, right? That LeBron actually followed up a few days later saying he loved the city and people of Chicago? I understand having pride and loyalty toward your home team and city as well as building a strong rivalry are great ways for fans to immerse themselves into games, but that was an embarrassment in an over zealous, Pavlovian sort of way.

    And the other thing was the MVP chants when Rose was at the foul line. Good grief I truly loathe this trend. A lot of cities do this so I can’t give credit solely to the Chicago crowd, but still… shut the hell up already!!

    anyway, good show as usual.

  23. RE: the Lakers’ tendency to forget they have 2 top shelf 7-footers on their team:

    They have mastered the “stupid” part of the KISS Theory. If only they recognized that the theory contains other letters.

  24. Alright, I broke down and listened a day early.

    1 – The reimbursement should be one half of a month’s rent. I actually agree with Matt about the full month’s rent, but I’m quite sure that all landlords will have banded together to prevent that. One half months rent, though, should absolutely be it.

    Obviously you don’t live in the washing machine. But, there are three major things that can totally swing you to take an apartment you might not take otherwise: laundry machines, parking, and a dishwasher. You might never have lived in this fucking place if you knew you were going to have to go over a month without a washing machine!

    In the future, I think you should tell all prospective tenants that you have a dogshit landlord. They shouldn’t make you wait that long.

    2 – Amusement parks, no question. As I said above, I had that eye infection from a water park, so I see them now as disease traps. But, amusement parks have roller coasters, which are better than water slides. Plus, you can do them in the fall and spring. Plus, they can amuse you all day and night. You get sick of water parks after a while.

    3 – Paul Pierce, KG, and Ray are looking very spry.

    4 – I’ll admit that Perk was brutal last night. But, he’s been great defensively, and had a great offensive night in game 2.

  25. Skeets says “Pasta” the weird way. like “a” as in apple. I remember from when he said you should get your favorite player a pasta maker.

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