Ep. 557: Cage The Elephant

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas are still standing/sitting after watching 11 games over the weekend. Topics include: LeBron’s Sunday best, Wade’s hot right hand, the predictable Mavs offense, ‘Melo’s M.I.A. ‘mates, Roy’s emotional return and, well, a whole lot more. And hey, don’t forget to join TBJ’s Book-Off group — pickin’ starts today!


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  1. Fes-en-ko!


    He twice went to the line and drained both free throws. He had zero dunks, and was still a bigger force than Nene. Crazy. Imagine how good he’d be if Sloan didn’t play Jarron Collins all those minutes the last two years. (Inc. starting Collins against Bynum in playoffs last season, while Fes didn’t play a minute in that series)

    Btw, Nuggets making me look stupid for picking them. Glad I’m not a betting man. That said, how much of it is really the nuggets being the nuggets, and how much of it being the Jazz being the Jazz? These are the same nuggets who put the clamps on Chris Paul in the playoffs last season, right?

    Utah dictates the pace, and runs their shit. Denver is not getting inside because of Sloan’s defensive scheme.

    Sadly, the Jazz can’t expect to get all these FTA vs the Lakers . . .

  2. you guys seem pretty exhausted. case of the mondays?

  3. Was it just me or did Cuban look like he was passing a kidney stone that entire game 4?

  4. I’ve been trying not to obsess about the refs in this Blazers-Suns series, but since you guys went there, I’ve got to say that the Suns have gotten more of the important calls in the series, or they’ve not been whistled for things they should have been whistled for.

    That flagrant on Frye was called because the exact same kind of play happened on the other end and Bayless got called for a flagrant that shouldn’t have been. So, two bad flagrant calls in a short stretch of time. If you call that on Bayless, got to call it on Frye, too.

    Amare has been flopping and throwing elbows all series. Did you see that dive he took to draw a foul on Howard? (I think it was Howard.) So bad. I have no respect for Amare anymore. I used to kind of like him, watching just a handful of times each year, thought he played hard and seemed like a decent guy. All these shots on Batum’s shoulder are just bullshit. That elbow at LA was just as bad as the one KG got fined for, just didn’t connect, but Amare lined up and threw it at LA’s face.

    Anyway, I’m not furious about the officiating in this series, but you can’t tell me the Blazers got that many calls down the stretch. For once, I thought it was pretty evenly called, and that flagrant had to be called after Bayless’s. If anything, the series is being called okay, but they need to keep an eye on Amare.

    I kind of hate Canzano, and this is horribly written, as usual, but it underscores my points here:


  5. Sheed and friends break it down at Bust-a-Bucket (flop included at the bottom):


  6. Am I the only one who is not excited about the Thunder? I really don’t mean to take anything away from that young team that certainly plays great ball but I really don’t see them going anywhere this year. (Even if they manage to upset the Lakers.) And I find it kinda annoying how suddenly everybody is a Thunder-”fan”…

    Maybe I’m still bitter about that whole Supersonics-fiasco.

  7. Thunder are the hot new team, kinda like how last season everyone loved the Blazers, and a few seasons before, everyone was absolutely spellbound by the Baron Davis Warriors. Consistency beats flashes in the pans. That’s why the Jazz have been to the lotto twice in 25 years.

  8. also, don’t the thunder have the highest number of 1st round (and lotto) picks on their active roster? should they *NOT* be good?

  9. The only knock on the announcing from the Thunder-Lakers Game 4 that I have is when they talked about Serge Ibaka’s mom not being there. They turned it into a joke about how he’s one of 18 children, so she must have been at home with the kids. The fact is that she died when Ibaka was 8 years old, that’s why she “couldn’t be there.” If you’re going to bother to do research about how many siblings a player has, you might want to find out whether or not their mother is still living before you joke about her. It even makes the story about Kevin Durant’s mother wearing Ibaka’s jersey better if you know that.

  10. @Travis
    couldnt agree with you more. i havent seen a well-officiated game yet, these playoffs. the officials were bad enough during the reg season, but it has gone downhill quickly in the playoffs.
    consistency is the biggest problem, from possession to possession the refs are changing up what constitutes a foul. its sketchy at best, including the obligatory make-up calls. after watching some of these games in a state of shock, i think we all owe an apology to Tim Donaghy for not taking him seriously. watch Bavetta and the Crawford boys (Danny and Joey) at work. they are so skilled in their manipulation that casual observers might not see it. Bavetta “helps” whoever is losing keep it close. the Mavericks are a whopping 1-17 in playoff games officiated by Danny Crawford. you might remember Joey Crawford as the guy that tossed Tim Duncan out of a game with 2 Ts for laughing……while he was on the bench! How about Tony Brothers, the ref that cost OKC that game against Utah in the last week of the reg season?

    Yes Bing, Cuban did look like he was passing a kidney stone yesterday. you would to if you built a powerhouse, but consistently find yourself playing against the refs. they just dont like Cuban. period. Kidd takes a 3 last night from the top of the arch, all alone, cept for 1 spur who leaves his feet in an attempt to block the shot. Kidd leans into him hard and throws up a shot. 101 times out of 100 thats a foul, ALL smart players do that. this one goes uncalled. yes, Cuban was passing a kidney stone named Bob Delaney.

    the NBA: where conspiracy theory happens

  11. Amar, I don’t know about the roster thing, but getting to the Jazz’s level of consistency is a major goal of the Thunder and Blazers. They’re not going into this with the mindset of trying to win right now, future be hanged. Looking back on the Warriors it’s easy to see why they were a flash in the pan, because they had a rocky foundation to start from. OKC and Portland have been much smarter about the kind of teams they’re building, and the Thunder in particular have been built to last. The exciting thing is that they’re ahead of schedule, not just that they’re doing so well.

  12. Hey guys. There happens to be a block on my computer that blocks the website where we pick our teams so Im going to let you know on here…
    Orlando will beat Charlotte
    Pheonix at home will beat the Blazers.
    And the Bucks will even it up beating the Hawks at home.
    Thanks a bunch, :)

  13. Tas, you look so tired, get some sleep man.

  14. I’ve been on the Thunder bandwagon since the playoffs started. I don’t expect them to go far; I doubt they’ll make it out of the first round and if they do, I doubt they’ll make it out of the second round. But it’s just really endearing how young they are. KD and Westbrook are a couple of young kids. Seeing them holding their own against the Lakers is a good “coming of age story”.

    I’ve heard some Mavs fans complain about the officiating in the Spurs-Mavs series, but really can’t understand what they’re talking about at all. A few missed calls go the Spurs way, a few go the Mavs way. I think I remember the Kidd shot you’re talking about, and that looked to me like Kidd lunging awkardly and slowly toward the defender but failing to draw contact and putting up an airball. It seems overwhelmingly obvious to me that there hasn’t been a major preponderence of wrong calls benefiting either side in that series. Dirk has gotten tons of phantom calls on his fade-away jump shot. Tony Parker got called for charging Barea when the replay showed it was clearly a block. The fact is, the game is hard to officiate. Biased officiating theories that don’t use more advanced statistics just end up reflecting fans’ preferred outcomes of the games or their tendency toward conspiracy theories. I’m not saying officials aren’t biased (there was a study from a few years ago that claimed black players get called for more fouls as a result of ref bias; I haven’t read it or weighed the evidence, but I won’t rule it out). But I call BS on the claim that the officials have conspired to help the Spurs at any point in this series.

    Mark Cuban is stressed because his team has been outplayed, outhussled, and outcoached. And, surprisingly, the Spurs’ pieces actually do fit pretty well. If I just spent millions on Butler, Haywood, and Stevenson, and if I’d traded away Devin Harris for Jason Kidd, was paying the second highest payroll, still didn’t have anyone who could create off the dribble, I’d be upset watching those games too.

  15. re: TBJ’s Book-Off

    Are we supposed to pick all games? Or do we pick one game per night? (Like you guys do during the regular season.)

  16. @ Sebi – pick ‘em all.

    @ Michael L. – You’re right.

  17. Noooo! Where did the Vimeo video player go?

  18. Less Matt, more chat!

  19. Bring back Vimeo.

  20. So I guess Hill & Blair are the future of the Spurs?
    Also if the Mavs do get bounced, where do they go from there?
    Caron was supposed to put them over the top, at least to the Western Finals.

  21. Is anyone else mesmerized by the traffic?

  22. so far im calling the west, i picked utah, the spurs ( come on skeets how could you go against timmy and the boys) i picked portland which was crazy awesome that b roy came back. and of course my lakers.
    i want to say this people have been bitching about the refs saying stern wants the lakers to go seven. i cant disagree about the refs sucking balls ( thunder have taken 40+ more FTs than the lakers the last to games combined). yeah durant gets the call everytime he gets breathed on so what, if thats the case then the lake show needs to hold their breath and win this shit in 6.
    oh yeah im getting shit kicked out of me with the east, chose the bulls( lebron now makes jumpers) jumped on the miami bandwagon and now 3-1 but hoping for a comback.

  23. The unsung hero of the Spurs-Mavs series so far is McDyess. Dirk’s gone off on him a couple times, but McDyess’ defense has never been bad. If you force somebody into tough fadeaways, you’ve done your job. McDyess has been rebounding, passing, and shooting great. He always takes those jumpers from the top of the key without hesitation and it shooting over 53% for the series. He’s averaging almost 8 boards in under 30 min. Last night, he got 3 assists and 10 pts (5-9 FG) with very limited touches. He’s just been playing very smart, always making the right move. This is big for the Spurs since they obviously need him if they’re going to make noise in the playoffs.

  24. So, is that why you keep saying the Heat “gave away” game 1? The personnel they used? I’ve been trying to figure it out. I know they were up 14, but I really felt like the Celtics made adjustments to stifle Wade and tightened up their D, and so I felt more like they won it than the Heat giving it up.

    I’m admittedly absurdly bias though.

  25. Bring back Vimeo please!

  26. I got my picks right.. but idk if they count because I cant use the official site. :(

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