Ep. 558: Eat Your Vitamins

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas put the NBA playoffs in a sick figure four leglock. Are the Magic better than last year’s Finals squad? Can the Suns bench contribute in Portland? And should Brandon Roy really be out there playing? All that, plus the Hawks-Bucks highlight Canada, wrasslin’ and hockey didn’t want us to see. Dig it.

And hey, don’t forget to make your TBJ Book-Off picks.


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Comments (25)

  1. Hey guys, that song at the 32:35 mark of the last Overdose (yes yo dooo, yes you dooo, now the feeling’s got awaaayyyy) was that also just a generic tune? I tried googling the lyrics to it but to no avail. If it’s just a generic song that can’t be got anywhere then that sucks, cause I found it to be real catchy.

  2. Heres my picks:
    Boston is gonna win to finish it out at home vs. the Heat.
    Cleveland will win the series tonight in Chicago.
    Dallas is going to make it close by winning tonight at home.
    And Im going to go with the Thunder to take the lead in the series.

  3. How, do two guys who run a basketball show not subscribe to the NBA league pass? Wouldn’t that let you watch any game off digital cable from Rogers or online? Or am I missing something…

  4. Yes, you’re missing the fact that it’s the playoffs — all games are nationally televised. Well, in the US.

  5. Combine Skeets’s and Tas’s comments and we’ve identified the problem here: that pace was too fast when the Blazers took the lead. They needed to slow it down once they got that lead, play defense, and rebound, but they kept pushing and giving the Suns possessions to get back into it. Camby NEEDS to stay on the floor. You’re right, Skeets. Ugh. LaMarcus had TWO REBOUNDS in 40 minutes. So, yes, Roy needs to start. He’s fine, but they need him in there to get into a rhythm and slow the pace down a bit.

    I’m frustrated with Nate’s rotations. Why so much Howard and not more Cunningham last night? Why still go with Rudy at all? Going into the playoffs, Nate said he’s shortening his rotation. Apparently not. Nic and Brandon played 19 minutes each!

    Here’s the lineup the Blazers NEED to have on the floor more minutes than any other lineup: Dre, Roy, Nic, LA, Camby. Steve Nash can’t guard any one of those guys by himself. If the Suns go into a zone, hey, the pace is slowing down now for sure. That lineup wasn’t on the floor for ONE SECOND last night. When Roy came in, he was on the floor with Bayless most of the time, so the pace still played into the Suns game with the Blazers trying to push and taking shots early in the shot clock.

    Ugh, I’m so frustrated. Blazers could have won that game last night, but LaMarcus needs to get more than 2 rebounds in 40 minutes, and Nate needs to get his best lineup on the floor and keep it on the floor. Roy off the bench? If he’s healthy, play him, and stop fucking around with the lineup at this point. Why play Rudy right now?!

    I better just stop now.

  6. I believe a few things:
    1) The Magic/Cats series was called too tight.
    2) The Spurs/Mavs series hasn’t been called tight enough.
    3) No series will be called as tight as the Magic series or as loose as te Spurs/Mavs series for the duration of the ‘offs.

  7. Travis, how could the Blazers shorten their rotation? That happened last fall man. I didn’t think the Blazers could pull this one out even before the game. Bench or role player play has defined every Suns win in this series. The Blazers have not been able to get Rudy to throw a basketball in a swimming pool since the allstar break! I realize fouls were not the major reason they lost, that being said, I thought the playoffs were all about letting teams play physical D. Whoever dissed Juwan Howard has obviously not watched the Blazers much this year. When you shut down Amare and Nash and Grant Hill, Dudley and Frye beat you what can you do but shrug it off? Live and die by the 3pt shot. Give Phoenix credit, they filled up the hoop. Game 7 overtime buzzer beater in this series, On paper the Suns should beat the Blazers. Nate has done a great job of coaching. Just ask Gentry. Two great coaches and two very different styles of basketball. Of course Roy is not going to light it up 9 days after surgery. It’s all about heart. That’s why we love our Blazers! Back to RIP city and rock the house guys! Those wrestling figurines are just creepy! Right out of some B movie horror flick! Good show guys!

  8. Just to let you know: the Vimeo player isnt better for everybody.
    I can still watch, but I have to wait a looong -looong- time for it to load…

  9. 40 minutes later and it’s not done loading… my comp/wi-fi has something to do with it prolly, but I don’t get the same problem with the score’s player…

    I don’t see any way of satisfiying everyone but uploading it on both players…

  10. I thought the refs did a terrible job in the Blazers/Suns game. They took key players off the floor and kept the Suns at the line. I absolutely think that the Suns were more aggressive and deserved more free throws, but when Camby got foul number four, the game was still relatively close. Refs essentially made sure the game didn’t get closer.

  11. Jones, don’t feel bad the MIL-ATL game wasn’t on in the US last night, at least if you have basic cable. Only ORL-CHA and POR-PHX were on last night, and tonight only CHI-CLE and OKC-LAL are on TNT tonight. MIA-BOS/SA-DAL are on NBATV tonight, so I won’t be able to watch those. :*(

    Good work brining Vimeo back, so props to you Matt & JD!

    3-0 in the people’s book off!

  12. Great show guys.

    Don’t feel bad for missing one game: I only got to catch about 5 games since the playoffs started… And I fell asleep watching 2 of them (3 AM is no time to watch basketball)…
    Plus 2 of them were Magic-Bobcats, so, yeah, not that interesting…

  13. @Breyzh: If you’d rather use The Score’s player, go here:




  14. In the still shot of Marcus Camby, he had a Suns towel draped over him.

    If that was a practical joke by the towel boy, we may have found our wanker of the week.

  15. Haha I took the B-Cats and Hawks too. Now I don’t feel so bad.

    Heat, Cavs, Mavs, THUNDER!

  16. Whew, riverman, that’s all over the place. I want to respond, but…?

    You said Rudy can’t find the hole. Right. Sit him. Next two games, Roy and Nic need to play close to 40 minutes each game. Howard has been a liability all year, more so in situations where he can’t match up, which is the case with the Suns unless Collins is in. He’s got to sit a lot these next two games, and Dante needs to be playing his minutes. Far more athletic, matches up fine with Frye inside and out, and he rotates better onto smaller guys. It’s pretty simple, really. I’m saying what a lot of people know and are saying about the Blazers right now.

  17. The guy who calls the Celtics games makes it unwatchable. It’s like they stuck a microphone on an old man sitting on his couch at home while yelling at the television set.

  18. ATDHE.net, fags. And why would you keep mentioning the hot chick and not providing a link? Ha, team Skeets picked Bobcats! Tas shit the bed! I wanted the Deer, but you convinced me to go w/ the Hawks :( Ha, JD wants you guys to hurry the fuck up

  19. Mike – that is not just a guy. That man is a national treasure. As a player he won 8 titles. Won another as a coach, and was a coach of the year. That’s a man’s man. The type of guy who’s not afraid to walk into the four’s at midnight and start burying shrimp cocktails and bloody mary’s, his mere presence causing all the grown men around him in the bar to abandon their quest for someone to fingerblast just so that they can observe his every move.

    Really though, the guy has been a part of the league since the ’60s, and if you can get past some of his rants, he knows what he’s talking about. Plus, his partner Mike is the perfect ranch to his buffalo sauce.

    Love the nickname “foulonyou”, hate when the announcers say it every five seconds. Looking forward to it losing it’s novelty.

  20. Fair enough, but it’s still almost unbearable for anyone who doesn’t live in Boston to listen to that guy for 48 minutes. Especially on the calls that are so blatantly obvious, ie. Perk throwing the elbow.

    I understand being a homer, but as a commentator I think you should provide more basketball insight than a fan in the crowd shaking his fist angrily at the referees.

  21. Thanks a lot Matty’O!

    I agree with Mike. Had to listen to Heinsohn yesterday, and he’s really annoying… He sometimes gets it right, but you don’t care because of all the times he gets it wrong…

    He was prolly a great player (#7 on the C’s all-time scoring list isnt anything), but god is he unlistenable if you arent a Boston homer…

  22. I can definitely see that. There’s no objectivity. But, he’s a wonderful man.

  23. And, you’ll never convince me he’s worse than Reggie Miller.

  24. Perhaps his greatest moment ever:

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