The Jones: Mail Call V

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Join us as we discuss freaky year-to-year spikes (Gerald Wallace on the glass, Channing Frye’s three-point shot), our All-NBA Headband Teams, and which commentators we prefer to listen to during the playoffs. All that, plus we giveaway another pair of Skullcandy headphones and hit the bench for your next prize worthy Q. Keep up the great work, guys. You rock.


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Contest notes: A winner will be randomly drawn from all video or phone responses to the weekly “Mail Call” question.

Comments (36)

  1. I won a case of beer in a preseason bet that Love would average 10 per game, knowing that he would play absolutely no minutes this year.

    But I will never get that case. Damn you, Patrick.

  2. Great job, per usual. I would have to agree with Tas and say my ideal NBA commentator team would be Kevin Harlan and Hubie Brown.

  3. Can’t believe I forgot to mention this, but Tim Thomas’ double-headband look is the finest moment in the history of NBA terrycloth.

  4. No Zach Randolph for best post player???!!!

  5. Marv Albert and Mike Fratello for me.

  6. It’s really hard to pick an all star commentary team; being a Clipper fan, I love Ralph Lawler. He’s entertaining and funny, and at the same time he knows the game and can paint a beautiful picture. Also, he gets more excited than people like Marv and Kevin, and even most fans. It’s amazing to watch with Ralph when the Clippers win in dramatic fashion because you can feel his genuine excitement. The Clippers, as you know, are a pretty sorry team, so when this happens, he gets really excited. You feel like you are celebrating with him, and you become even happier with every victory because you know he’s happy. So Ralph definitely tops my list. I’d say my next favorite is Marv, but he is similar to Ralph and isn’t a color commentator so wouldn’t complement him well. I’d reunite Ralph with Bill Walton, because they are just an amazing duo. I guess I’m somewhat Clipper-biased, but that duo is better than any other one out there.

  7. Can’t stand Reggie Miller and Mark Jackson as color commentators. Reggie always sounds like a kid who watches his first basketball game, ├╝ber-enthusiastic. Jackson, to be honest, seems a little slow, mentally.
    All the others are actually pretty good. Don’t like Doug Collins’ voice, though. My favorite would be Hubie Brown. Great analysis and a voice that doesn’t annoy the hell out of you. I’d pair him with Jeff van Gundy, guided by Marv Albert or Kevin Harlan. Or even Shulman.

  8. Only a punk like Rondo would wear his headband upside down. Not only disrespectful to the league and Jerry West (it may be a racial thing) but to the casual fan who doesn’t see many games, he just looks stupid.

  9. Commentary team: Dan Shulman (play-by-play) and Doris Burke (color).

  10. Turnaround: Jamal Crawford

    Also Skeets no love for Bibby’s headband? lol.

    Anything with Harlan is great. Him and Walt Frazier from the Knicks would be interesting.

  11. Turnaround: Jason Kidd’s 3 point shooting.

  12. Turnaround-turnaround: Jason Kidd’s 3-point shooting in the playoffs.

  13. agree with skeets. Hubie because of his insights and fantastic voice, Schulman because he keeps it clean and concise.

    Hubie isn’t perfect though, too often he begins sentences with “Also” and “Now” followed by a long pause before he gets to his point. Another thing he does that I find hilarious is on a replay he’ll say something like “Now…. just watch as this guy does such and such” as if he tells the audience this and then its going to happen, but the thing already happened 5 seconds before. Still, he’s the best colour guy.

    As for Devlin, dude stop telling us the score every minute of play!!! We can see the frickin score on the screen!! So annoying. The other thing he does is extend his vowels when a player takes a long shot, eg. “Bargnaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii – No!”. Nails on a chalk board, that.

    Also, no mention of Chris Kaman? Guy has classic post moves that you just don’t see much in the NBA anymore.

  14. I like Kevin McHale on the mike, too. Smart, good delivery, laid-back humor. Also a very nice guy when you run into him in a Minnesota gas station, FYI.

  15. As it is hard to call from Australia, well at least not cheap, I think that eitehr Chauncey Billups or Tim Duncan make a lot of sense as players who currently coach thier teams a lot as players. A role player guy who does it, I could see Derek Fisher or Anthony Johnson perhaps.

  16. I’m going to have to disagree on the Kevin Harlan pick for best play-by-play. The man is annoying. His excessive exaggeration and embellishment (sorry, but “with no regard for human life” has to be the worst line spoken in the history of the NBA) gets in the way of being able to watch the game properly. I can’t remember where I read this (possibly BDL): It’s hard to tolerate Kevin Harlan when he’s calling a three pointer made with 9 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter a “dagger”.

    Play-by-play should meld into the broadcast seamlessly. My pick for who does that the best is Mike Tirico.

    For colour commentary, Hubie is great because of the insight he provides. I also enjoy JVG simply because he’s hilarious.

    No one, however, is worse than Mark Jackson. Seriously, try playing the Mark Jackson Drinking Game, where you take a shot every time Mark utters the phrase “you talkin’ ’bout”. You’ll be drunk by halftime.

  17. Mark Jackson’s constant “grown man move” comment annoys the hell out of me. To be honest, it’s pretty obvious to anyone who listens to him why he hasn’t gotten a shot at a head coaching job.

    Got to agree with you guys and people above that Hubie Brown is the best. He teaches the game but not in a way that is boring or demeaning to the listener. I’ve gotten used to Tirico and I think they complement each other well.

  18. Another Mark Jackson “classic”: “Now, if you’re the [insert random team name]…”

  19. can u guys try getting the d-will headphones

  20. PERK!!! Whoever left that message is the man.

    I couldn’t participate because I kept coming up with Pau or Kobe, and I couldn’t bring myself to declare either of those publicly.

    I love big Al, but that dude does not defend. Gives up just as many as he scores.

  21. Hubie is a great basketball mind and an even greater teacher, but sometimes miked up he seems to be reciting chapters from his book, which I already own and have read, so I’d like him more if he toned that part of his shpeel down a bit. Years ago I’d have picked Marv Albert hands down but I agree that he’s maybe losing a bit of his timing. I’d pick Shulman and Burke for sure

  22. To me no commentator was worse than Walton. He was the consumate commentator- flopper. Whoever dunked the ball was always the greatest center on earth until someone else dunked it! Too much time on Ken Keysey’s farm to focus for an entire game. McHale is much, much better than most player-announcers.

  23. Cramazing. How about some of the best (Mark Jackson: Mama there goes that man! You know the rules: hand down, man down!) and worst (Reggie Miller: he sounds like a fucking idiot) broadcasters? Ha, the gook near the end talking about Dwight, but obviously the best post player is a tie between Kwame and Thabust

  24. Yeah, some love for Randolph or Kaman or Bogut would have been nice…

    I dont quite discern play-by-play guys from one another… There must be a play-by-play commentator school, cuz’ they all sound pretty much the same to me…

    But on the color guys, I love McHale, Brown is good. I don’t like JVG, but it’s still better than Jackson or Reggie (I can’t stand Cheryl either btw)

  25. I’m with Tas, I need my announcing team to be excited. My “I’m so excited I’m going to pee myself” announcer duo: Bill Walton & Kevin Harlan. I feel like if you put the two of them together, the universe would spontaneously combust with excessive positive energy.

    Successful Player-Coaches: Chauncy Billups, Duncan, Deron Williams, Pau Gasol, Derrick Fisher, Luke Walton, Grant Hill

  26. Chick Hearn anyone?

  27. trey is right, tim thomas double headband is a classic. how about julian wright, covering his ears.

  28. For best post player did no one mention Bogut? He’s got such a soft touch with both hands, knows when to attack and when to kick it out to the open guy. plus he destroyed most of the centers who were listed in that montage offensively and defensively.

  29. Best headband: Wayne Chism!

  30. My favorite color commentator is Hubie Brown, as he comes off as the most knowledgeable. As for play-by-play guys, here are my favorites in order: Marv, Harlen, Mike Gorman (Celtics local guy). One thing I cannot stand is when the play-by-play guy constantly makes comments about other sports. Turico, I believe, is guilty of this moreso than anyone else I can think of. Doesn’t this bother anyone else?

  31. I’m kind of shocked that nobody mentioned Yao Ming as best post player. He might not always be able to get position, but once he’s in the post he’s automatic. And you can’t foul him, because he’s money from the stripe too.

  32. haha how old are you Tas? “punk ass kid wearing his hat sideways” lol i can imagine you yelling at kids to stay off your lawn. I’m surprised to see so much hubie brown love, i guess i don’t like him that much because he’s always paired with tirico and that duo honestly sucks, also it doesn’t help when they show hubies’ face on tv 0_o. Kevin Mchale is awesome especially when there is a foul called and you can just tell that he’s thinking “that’s a foul?” also i’m a lakers fan and when they play the clippers i’ll switch over to the clipper broadcast just for Ralph Lawler he’s the best around.

  33. That last guy on the video messages is exactly why they need to take All-Star voting away from the fans. Dwight Howard the best post player????? That guy knows NOTHING of basketball. He got caught up in the Superman hype. Dwight has exactly ZERO post moves. How can a guy 7 feet tall and that much of a physical freak of nature not average 30-15 and 5 blocks a night? His own team won’t pass him the ball! What does that tell you? HE IS NOT A GOOD POST PLAYER. I wouldn’t mind him being on the Cavs (my team) but he has to develop some post moves, a sky hook, some up and under, SOMETHING!!!!

  34. Jamario Moon with the headband over the ears was a big omission from the team.

  35. Just when u give Josh Smith some love… he jacks up a 3-pointer in a crutial situation. Did you see how pissed Al Horford was at him?

    I miss Bill Waltons color commentary: “what a pathetic display by a sad human being”. LOL. Hubie the best nowadays.

    And Chuck, can’t forget his comment about his grandma putting WD40 on her ankles.

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