Ep. 559: By The Book

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas discuss a fairly predictable night of NBA playoff action. Topics include: LeBron James’ ridiculous left-handed free throw, Ray Allen and Rondo sending Miami “to the recorder,” Caron Butler’s big night and the Lakers’ two schematic adjustments — one on offense, one on defense.

And hey, don’t forget to make your TBJ Book-Off picks.


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Comments (29)

  1. What I was trying to say about the Cavs bigs vs the Celtics frontline in round 2 was, how long does Mike Brown stay with Shaq vs the Celtics? ‘Cause Kendrick Perkins will neutralize him from opening tip.

  2. Yiassou everybody!

  3. I could really use a wish right now wish right now wish right now. And said wish would be to put daily deadlines for submitting the book-off picks. I mean I have to submit my picks for today, but I can’t leave the other days empty so I have to make the picks for Thursday and Friday as well. The thing is what happens if someone were to get injured or something? Or contract the snifles? Or breaks a leg in the shower? Ya never know

  4. Tas, not if the refs call fouls on people for getting backed down by Shaq like they were last night.

  5. J.E. You are so wrong picking the Nuggets to win tonight. This series will be over tonight after the Jazz get their second win on the road against a Denver team that is imploding.
    Utah in 5.

  6. The INSTANT LeBron dribbled his second free throw with his left, I knew he was going to shoot it with his left. And I called him an asshole right away for doing so. Michael hit his free throws with his eyes closed. LeBron dances in front of the Bulls, and then pulls this. Just too much for me. (And I’m not even really against showboating, as a concept.)

  7. The problem isnt about the showboating, it’s about admiting it…

    And Randy, the Jazz will win that series but they’re not a good road team and the Nuggs are still much better at home than on the road. Skeets has the right pick there I think…

  8. lol tas at 16:33

  9. I love that yall canadians listen to B.o.B! lol

  10. Anthony — Nice catch.

  11. Did you guys get to see Beaubois play last night? What did his nickname end up being, anyway?

    Also, what did you guys think about that series of foul calls against Miller and Noah when they were guarding Shaq? It was pretty ridiculous. They wouldn’t allow either to defend him. I’m not a fan of criticizing the refs either, but I can’t stand to see undersized players getting blocking calls just for being there when they’re being posted up by a guy that’s nearly 100 pounds heavier.

  12. Hey guys. I live in LA. I work until 7 every day. If I watch an east coast game, it’s because I remembered to tivo it, and managed to ignore Yahoo NBA for 3 hours. Due to traffic, I still miss the first quarter of a game that starts at 7:30pm. You definitely take for granted that you get to watch all of the games (live), because those of us out here who work a full day don’t get to see most games that start before 7:30pm. If there was still basketball going until 1am out here (1:30 for overtime), I would be watching it. And I don’t like sushi.

  13. This might be a bit weird but I recently figured out my TBJ watching routine. Ok, here it is: since I live in Europe, I usually watch the show late in the evening. A lot of the time I sort of zone out and start surfing the net and stop paying attention. So I figured I should start flossing while watching TBJ so I can’t do anything with the computer. So thanks Skeets, Tas, JD and Matt for keeping my teeth healthy!

  14. Who cares about it, series over. The Cavaliers have been wanting to face the Celtics for a long while. I feel bad for whoever has to guard LeBron. I think you will be seeing more of Z and even maybe Leon Powe against the Celtics.

    For the playoff bookoff, I went 0-4 last night. Tonight Mil +9 and Utah+7.

  15. Who cares about it, series over. The Cavaliers have been wanting to face the Celtics for a long while. I feel bad for whoever has to guard LeBron. I think you will be seeing more of Z and even maybe Leon Powe against the Celtics.

    Guys at least you didn’t go 0-4in the playoff bookoff last night, right now I am 3-4 going with Mil +9 and Utah+7.

  16. here in Israel,
    the video is still ain’t visible. i can see the icon, and also start watching , but after 56 seconds it stops loading.
    its like this for couple of days in a raw, and usually in the morning (yours evening) its starts working again.

    i used to watch tbj with dinner. now i can’t. that suck :-/

  17. You guys talked about this a few shows up ago but for whatever reason I forgot to comment…

    Matt Devlin and Kevin McHale is a great team these playoffs. On Raptors games, yes, he gets a little more laid back and gets goofy sometimes, but like Tas said, guys who commentate one specific team generally do that. I think he’s underrated and Raptors fans should be happy to have him and proud that our main commentator is on the league’s pay roll come playoff time.

    That said… PUNJABI!

  18. @ UV – sorry it’s not working for you. Another option to watch daily is here: http://video.thescore.com/channels/basketball-jones – it’s a different video player so that might work for you. Or, iTunes is also an option.

  19. I know you guys don’t like Doug Collins, but he brought up another good point about the Lakers’ success on offense:

    The Lakers pushed the ball a little quicker down the floor and set up their offense much quicker in the shotclock compared to games 3 & 4. Quicker pace down the floor, more time post players have to make their moves in the post.

  20. LeBron: d-bag. Best player in the game, but d-bag. I know, I know, I’m a hater. MRI was clear. D-bag.

    Cavs ain’t winning it all this year.


  21. Uv: That’s the saddest message to TBJ ever. Come to Oregon and you can watch with me. Cat and girlfriend appreciate company.

  22. You guys need to talk about the Bucks tomorrow, which I’m sure you will.

    That said, you need to mention the ridiculous NBA playoff seeding. Cavs should not be playing Boston yet. The NBA seeding should be top seed vs bottom seed, but Cavs are facing Boston despite the potential bottom seed still playing. 2nd round in the East should not be starting until the Hawks/Bucks series is over. If Bucks win, Cavs should be facing the Bucks and Boston should be facing Orlando. The fact that Cavs and Celtics are playing in the second round is not acceptable.

  23. Travis: thanks for offering. now, what’s for dinner?

  24. Can Kurt Thomas get a “Whoa Boy” with 0 points but a +21 differential?

  25. @ Shelb… Cavs have earnt the right to play a non-contender in the second round.

    Less Boston, more Osten.

  26. Guys, what’s up with the ridiculous comments? The Cavs have earned NOTHING except for homecourt advantage and that’s it! You can’t cherry-pick who you go up against in the playoffs. Upsets have always been part of the palyoffs – that’s what makes them interesting. I am glad the Cavs have to face the Celtics because their path to the ECF has been WAY to easy last year.

  27. I think Cavs vs. Celts will be a good series. A month ago, I would have said it would be a sweep. But Boston’s playing much better now. And I’m not sure if I’ve said this on here, but I say it to a lot of people: I’m not too sold on this Cleveland team. I do think Jamison has been a great addition and is working out for them. But I still think they have too many decent to good players and not enough great players. To go deep in the playoffs, you need more than one guy who can put the game on his back and handle the pressure in close, grind it out games. The Cavs are more balanced than they used to be, but I think their over reliance on LeBron will be a problem yet again. I’ll take Cleveland to beat Boston in 6, but I think Orlando is still the better team.

  28. Melowman I’m with you… my comment was highlighting that Boston aren’t that good, more than anything else.

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