Ep. 560: Can’t Knock The Hustle

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas throw out a couple key questions. Did the Hawks’ epic fourth-quarter meltdown cost coach Mike Woodson his job? What defensive switch by the Bucks turned this series around? And, man, how similar are these fickle Hawks to the Nuggets? And speaking of Denver, good win, boys. Now, can you do it in Salt Lake City?

And hey, don’t forget to make your TBJ Book-Off picks. Especially you, Grisham.


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Comments (16)

  1. TBJ IS BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Birdman has gained some weight over the last year. Not flyin’ so high these days. Puffy.

    Tas is right: of course the refs come into a game with a clue of who’s likely to win, and it — sometimes subconsciously, sometimes, well… — influences whistles. I thought the Bucks game was called really well, from what I remember. But half the games I’ve watched this postseason have involved some really awful officiating. I think Dwight’s beefs were pretty legit, too. Smaller guards go flying into a big guy and it’s a foul on the big if he’s not in the perfect position.

    Hey, how about implementing a rule: if you don’t pick each game, you’re out! That’ll help the dummies like me under .500.

  3. makin fun of his bald spot when u rock the porcupine haircut skeets?

    ring? i think its the kettle calling?

  4. I thought, for a second, at first glance, that the construction worker up on the truck was your first fan outside your building watching the show from the outside. He didn’t have a sign, though.

  5. Sounds like Marcus has a birthmark.

  6. how does tas not react to almost getting hit in the balls in the intro?

  7. Hair wars! Skiles showed why his teams don’t quit! They are the Blazers of the east! I agree that neither the Bucks or Hawks can make the Magic sweat. I commented long ago that Woodson has done less with more talent, (i.e. road losses) than any coach in the NBA. The Hawks just don’t have a solid identity as a team. They remind me of a collection of great musicians who play a pick up gig and fumble through the night with a lot of long solos that can’t resolve a tune! Blazers must win tonight! Good show guys!

  8. if they’re just going to talk why not just make this a audio blog like sid and tim uncut?

    it’d probably be cheaper to produce.

  9. The Bucks are not only playing LIKE a team — seems like they ARE a team. Absolutely convincing road game last night. Each and every player contributes. They’re on the same page, their mascot has supernatural powers and Andrew Bogut’s their cheerleader. Fear the deer.

  10. I keep for getting to make my Book-Off picks. Sorry, guys. Will it restart in round 2?

  11. Nuggets will win guys

  12. kinda sucks that the protracted media campaign from everyone from espn.com to nba fanhouse to get the nuggets more FTs worked. (+17 — big enough that the nuggs have shot more fts than the jazz over the 5 games) Utah tried last night, well, more specifically, 3 guys tried. Jazz got nothing from their bench, while the Nuggets looked super cohesive. Let’s see how that reverses when they are back in SLC.

    Only millsap scored off the bench for the Jazz – who sorely are hurting for anything from guys not named Deron or Carlos. (I guess injuries to Kirilenko, Okur and trades to get rid of Harpring, Brewer and Maynor are finally catching up with them)

    Props to the nuggets, and it sucks that Nene got hurt.

  13. Great show, but crushingly painful as a Hawks fan. So much of the problems have been season-long, if not even longer, and we’ve never addressed them, and now we’re likely going to get dropped in the first round by a team missing its best player after a 53 win season.

  14. Ha, I know, Skeets flinches a bit. Tas is man, so getting his huevos scrambled doesn’t bother him. TBJ FTW! I’m in the top 100! __________yay

  15. There seems to be no reason Salmons wouldn’t pick up the contract. Sure, some bad team could over pay him or he could play for a team (likely) to win a first round series without their star center. With Bogut and next yearWith Redd doing nothing more than scoring off the bench next year) theres no reason this team shouldnt compete.

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