Ep. 561: So We Meet Again

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas put two more first-round series to sleep. Bedtime stories include: Rick Carlisle’s decision to sit The Beaubonic Plague in the fourth, how in the world some people want to pin the Mavs’ loss “on” Nowitzki, and the Blazers inability to handle the Suns’ ramped-up defense. All that, plus Eddie Rush, Overdose news and a familiar Wanker of the Week. And hey, don’t forget to make your TBJ Book-Off picks.


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Comments (27)

  1. Nice tee you got there, Tas.

  2. the blazers where like damn zombies, they just wouldn’t die

  3. Just searched twitter for “Dirk” and these were the latest 2 tweets:

    “We don’t Dirk’s softness to rub off on the others, Dirk should just retire and do women’s shampoo ads”

    “#question if you Mark Cuban do you say fuck Dirk & go after Bosh or Amare???”


  4. Great pick for WOTW. The officiating was/is awful these days and it won’t change unless players and coaches are allowed to talk about it.

    Here’s the funny thing though: Stern wants to shut everybody up by handing out those fines but in reality they just bring more attention to the issue. (Thanks, Blogosphere!)

  5. Hi guys! Great post. Love the motto at the end there..

    Anyway, was wondering if you could give me the title of your theme song?

  6. Gotta love idiot fans bashing Dirk. You wonder if they feel the same way about John Stockton, or Karl Malone, or Charles Barkley. And the notion that you would reject Dirk to go after Amare Stoudemire, who has never managed to be the best or most important player on his team and has never made it to the Finals, or Chris Bosh, who couldn’t get his team to the playoffs in the woeful Eastern Conference, is ludicrous. Not that Bosh and Stoudemire aren’t great players–they are–and not that those criticisms are especially important–they’re not–but if you’re going to make groundless assertions you might as well do so even-handedly. Just goes to show you how much media attention impacts the casual (or even not-so-casual) fan’s view of things–e.g., people love Iverson despite his well-documented history as a lazy, selfish, cancerous player because the attention paid him has been uniformly glowing (until very recently).

  7. Quick Draw Beaubois and Lowry look like pre-schoolers. As for Violet Palmer, she’s ripping shit up in the West Coast Conference. As for Covers, I shit the bed yesterday

  8. Very upset with Aldridge’s play, and I have been much of the season. On both ends of the floor. The other Blazer I’m not happy with: Nate.

    The officiating in the league is awful, a fucking joke, insulting. (Pardon my language.) I’m with you, Tas, 100%, and Dwight on this. The Blazers-Suns game last night was poorly called. (Not saying it caused the Blazers to lose.) Best refs in the world? Maybe, sure, they can see just about every foul, right? But that’s not the way it gets called. No consistency. You guys said it. It’s obvious.

  9. Hey, where’s the headlines these days, guys? I miss them! Nuggets are going to win tonight, btw. Or, on second thought, I say that just because I want game 7.

  10. So, was it really a good idea to risk further injury to Roy by bringing him back to lose the series? I say no.

  11. finally some love for George Hill! It is way overdue. Go Spurs! And way to set the record straight on Dirk, Skeets.

    these refs need to get their act together this year.

  12. Roy should have sat his ass down.

    Will the real LA Lakers please stand up?

  13. For one thing any one who blames dirk is a dumbass. the problem is with the dallas front office and their lack of basketball iq. they always go after talent but not after the talent that can help your star. dirk is a jumpshooter, yes he takes it inside but a jumpshooter no less. what he needs are athletic players who will slash and attack the basket not more jumpshooters. also they lack a true hustle player (noah, anderson etc). when your susperstar scores 25 in the forth and you lose something is wrong.

  14. just to let you guys know, nash did strain his hip during game 2. and roy played exactly how amare did when he first got back from his knee surgery against the blazers. 20 and 12 or something and then the next game he dropped an egg.

  15. This year’s playoffs could be George Hill’s emergence as an all star caliber player. He had some great games towards the end of the year before he got hurt. His first couple games back from injury were predictably bad, but once he was healthy and had his rhythm, he really looked great. Not only are his numbers impressive, but the situations he’s getting them in, for a second year player? He’s got the patented Spurs ice running through his veins already.

    Tas, great to see you give McDyess some love. He’s done exactly what the Spurs need from him all series. He’s been hussling and playing smart. You emphasized the boards and the D, which have been good (Nowitski’s pts and FG% notwithstanding), but Dice has really contributed on offense too. He shoots that midrange from the top of the key without hesitation every time he’s open and hits them at a high %. His passing has been great. He’s finally what the Spurs wanted when they signed him.

    Skeets, you’re right about Pop dominating Carlisle. Loved when he told Hill to get himself in the newspaper. A lot of Dallas players shit the bed, though. Dirk was the only consistent player. Actually, he was consistently great. If they’d won, it would have been a historic offensive performance. Butler was probably their second best, but was inconsistent. The frontcourt of Damp and Haywood did a decent job on Duncan in games 3-6, but did nothing else; no rebounding, scoring, or help defense. Shawn Marion was a complete no-show (he shot a midrange jumper last night; possibly the ugliest jumpshot I’ve seen in the NBA). But Jason Kidd was the biggest underachiever of the series. His assists numbers are ok, but if you watch those games, you don’t see him really setting guys up for easy shots all that much. He couldn’t hit the side of a barn, and he was abused on defense. How many more years is Dallas stuck with him? I imagine he’ll be paid handsomely to ride the pine, with Beaubois on the roster.

  16. Well the Blazers were outplayed yesterday. They did make it a game until the end. Aldridge did not show up. Roy should have sat the 4th quarter out for sure. Next year they’ll be better! Congrats to the Suns and especially Grant Hill. Nash is hobbled. The Spurs have to love that! Well back to my underdog cheering, Go Bucks! The refs need some new blood and in my opinion should be fined and held accountable for bad calls that affect the outcomes of games. I thought the playoffs was time to swallow the whistle and let them play D?

  17. where is the link to the audio podcast ive been searchin this site and cant seem to find it

  18. Please, oh please, drop it proper: it’s the boobWonic plague (phonetically spelling). The pronunciation of the W is important in keeping it playful and not strictly morbid.

  19. @Fan – Click the link at the bottom of this (and every) post that says ” Download the .mp3 directly”

    @swedishmeatballs – The Track is called “The Zodiac”.

  20. Assuming Bosh may be leaving TO, would Raptors ‘supporters’ consider a SnT with Dallas for Dirk? Each throws in a few odds’n'ends to work the cap.

    Bosh being fron Dallas would probably be happy.
    “Yes, I left, but I left for my home town” sounds a lot better than “Show me the MAX baby”.

    Not that it would happen, but wouldn’t that give the Raps a ‘Dirk and Dirk Jr.’ frontcourt?

  21. Has the phrase, ever in the history of the NBA, “Charles Barkley assessed it well” been uttered?

  22. Don’t worry about putting my name in the hat. I’m 2-9 haha.. not as easy as it looks

  23. I watched the Mavs quite a bit this year, and the whole “Beaubois coming into the game and being much better than Terry and Barea but only playing for 10 minutes” thing happened all the time. Ask anybody who saw a lot of Dallas games this year. Why Carlisle didn’t put him in before Game 6, especially considering Beaubois was the only player on the Dallas roster with the quickness/defensive chops to cover Parker or Hill, was a mystery.

  24. Josh,
    Agreed re: Beaubois. But why is the discussion always about him going in for Terry? Why not bench Kidd? The guy did nothing all series. In crunch time in game 6, I probably would have gone Beaubois/Terry in the backcourt and sat Kidd. Am I missing something? Why was Kidd out there for 47 minutes every game? It’s not like he was creating plays. All he did was dump it in to Dirk. If that’s the point guard’s job, Beaubois can play point.

  25. Denver in 7, unless someone fills up their team bus with buttered popcorn and they get a bunch of technicals. Lakers will prob win on a Kobe miracle-shot from 7ft away.

    It’s time for my morning after pill.

  26. @pastry

    I would have kept Kidd in for Terry because 1) Terry’s scoring becomes less important with Beaubois on the floor, 2) Kidd’s a much better rebounder, and 3) Kidd occasionally gets a steal and could guard Richard Jefferson while Terry was completely useless defensively. With the way Kidd was playing, you certainly have a case, though.

  27. Josh,
    Those are good points. Jefferson wasn’t in at that point in game 6, but I think they could have put Marion in for Kidd. Then he defends Ginobili, Beaubois is on Parker, and Terry checks Hill. On the other hand, Marion also played like crap throughout the series, so it’s basically a choice between the lesser of three evils (Terry, Marion, Kidd). I think Kidd averaged almost as many rebounds as Marion.

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