Kotex — helping you and Manu Ginobili relax when Mother Nature attacks.


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Comments (10)

  1. that’s messed up lol

  2. i dont get it whats kotex???

  3. SIMMONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Gi-Nosebleed !!!

  6. Smokin’ version of I Want A New Drug!

  7. Manu is one tough player, and it’s fantastic they are through to next round…

  8. The endorsement Manu should get is from Dos Equis. He truly deserves the title of “The Most Interesting Man In The World” and his jersey number (20) is just perfect for the part.

    Can we start a campaign or something for this?

  9. Simmons, simmons, simmons

  10. Kotex means your probably hispanic because your name is pedro, cant understand spanish and your an idiot because they show it several times in the ad. anymore clarification?

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