Ep. 563: Momentum

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas tackle the low-key NBA weekend. How disappointing was that Bucks-Hawks Game 7? Which particular play sparked the Cavaliers’ run? And did the Jazz blow their golden “steal one” opportunity?

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Comments (24)

  1. 1st to comment! Why does Mike Brown stretch his mouth out so much, esp. in pressers? He looks like a shark when he does it. GO LAKERS!

  2. The video skips…pauses…skips…skips. Plus hours to download.

    Vimeo played perfectly. Why fix what isn’t broken?

  3. Um, Vimeo is broken, too.

  4. Video is fine. In fact, I think this player is a lot better than Vimeo.

    Get a better connection, quit some applications, get more RAM, get a Mac, whatever.

  5. not even a passing mention of the LA-OKC finale?? THAT was the best game of the weekend by far

  6. Doc said it man, can’t worry about how many fouls you have. Have to play aggressive no matter what. There are guys on that bench who can be ready to go in (Shelden, Nate, Quis). I knew it in my bones when Mo put that dunk down that momentum was shifting!

    Love KG in this series.

  7. same as above – this video just doesn’t work for me, which pisses me off. JD please do smth.

  8. the video is fine.

  9. I come on here everyday and the video is perfect: loads quick, no stopping, crisp picture, but along with some users above today the video is broken where it will load perfectly fine but it skips and loses audio and doesn’t work right.

  10. well obviously the video isnt fine for everyone you twat cb2

  11. Hey BJ Army,

    If you’re curious, here is our official stance on the player- The Score’s player is being re-worked to repair the loading/buffering issues that many of you have with it. Until then, we will use Vimeo. But, today, Vimeo was not working so we used the Score player and then replaced it with Vimeo later in the day when it started working again. Thanks for your patience. Remember that subscribing to the iTunes video feed is always an option, in which case every episode will be downloaded automatically for you.



  12. Nada Blank screen, I’ve got plenty of RAM here and a system that works fine, not on our end in response to the guy who said get RAM or a Mac. Check later and see if it’s streaming then.

  13. Hey the video doesn’t work. It starts the first 6 secs then stops. Please fix it.

  14. Vimeo is having all sorts of problems. We’ve switched back to The Score’s player for today. Ahh, technology…

  15. nuff about the player, some thoughts on the cavs-celtics. First of all shame on you Tas for being down on our series, it was a very entertaining game (despite a slow first half) with plenty of highlights, playoff fouls, and clutch playing (Mo, delonte off the bench, JJ’s 11 points in 12 min, Lebron’s finishing touches). And although I agree that the celtics are overmatched in this series, there has to be a level of appreciation for a rivalry that despite being in its final year, has been every bit as good over the years as the current cavs-magic rivalry promises to be for years to come. Oh and I apologize on behalf of cavs fans everywhere for the poor atmosphere in the arena to start the game, but we can tell when our team is focused and playing with desire, and we only cheer for them when they are, so that’s why things got so much louder in the 3rd. Sorry for the longwinded rant, keep up the good work guys.

  16. Jason, you’re right about the series being entertaining. I just don’t think it’ll be that close ’cause I got a feeling the Cavs find their groove.

  17. Curious, by find their groove do you mean Shaq rediscovers the niche in the offense he’d finally developed before he was injured or just that general ‘edge’ we had before we started coasting through the last month of the season (i.e. interior defense and 48 min of focused play)?

  18. Hope no one played a drinking game to take shots every time “LeBrons elbow” was mentioned during the Cavs-Celtics broadcast…. they’d get alcohol poisoning!!

  19. 1. Lakers are too big for Jazz. not just when Lakers are on offense and Gasol can just shoot over Boozer/Millsap — but it’s a bigger issue on defense. Yes, Lakers allowed to foul+block a lot which is only called a block in Staples. We concede that. But everyone is long, and that reduces the size of safe passing angles. Jazz offense is based on passing and timing. If it takes longer to find the right angle of passing attack, the timing goes off on the Jazz offensive set. This is something we’ve seen for a few years now.

    2. This is a few weeks old, but finally making the rounds (somehow) http://twitpic.com/1cu9p7

    3. Was Game 1 the best game to steal? I don’t know. It looked like Deja Vu for me. All Jazz games in LA the last few years follow that script. Lakers go up big early, Jazz claw back, aura of Lakers down stretch make them impossible to NOT foul on defense, but immue to fouls when Jazz are on offense. Lakers pull out win, while Kobe hits some crazy shots that could not have been defended better.

    4. Boozer is just good enough to make you depend on him — but not good enough to get you past 2ndround against tall defenders. It’s a shame that a) Jazz only play lakers in playoffs with two injured starters (last season it was w/o memo and CJ, this year w/o memo and AK); and a shame that Jazz never develop strong interior defense. Kosta and Fes can’t do it at this part of the season because they’ve never been trained to do it in the regular season.

  20. @Amar: Wow, I’m not even a Lakers fan but even I had a hard time navigating through that sea of tears to find your valid points.

  21. sea of tears, lol.

    1. i’m giving props to the lakers for doing what they have to in order to screw up the jazz offense

    2. bitching about how the coaches develop young talent

    3. mentioning that this is what always happens, so that it’s not like this was the game to steal, as this game was never going to be won by the jazz

    4. and exposing carlos boozer as a fraud

    if you can’t find valid points there, good luck finding something that’s actually hard to find. this is where a more crass version of myself makes a joke about inability to find your gf or wife’s gspot. thankfully I did not stoop to that level here.

  22. Tas, I think you are wrong about the Celtics… they won’t go quietly. They’ll play dirty if they are getting beat. Cavs in 6 or 7.

  23. @ Jason – I mean working their asses off like they were earlier in the season.

  24. No mention of the Lakers-Thunder game? Perhaps the best game of the playoffs so far. Definitely the best game of the weekend and no mention. Nice guys.

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