The Jones: Busking Payoff

Skeets and Tas bet on NBA games every night. (Yes, they have a problem.) At the end of the month, they tally up the records and the loser is forced to do something embarrassing. This month, Tas takes to the street with some cardboard, a recorder, and some old school bboy moves as he’s forced to busk on the sidewalks of Toronto.


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Comments (23)

  1. Wow, the two chicks who donated are HOT.

  2. Haha wow thats the best!!! Good job TBJ. :p

  3. hahahaha hilarious :’D
    but did he ever get the $10?

  4. As soon as i heard 10$ i thought?
    how many days does he get? haha

  5. Nice cliffhanger. I wonder what those breakdancers (?) thought of Tas.

  6. u didnt even get 10$$ did u

  7. Did you get a permit for that? Do you need a permit to busk in Toronto?

  8. I did not get remotely close to $10 and the ladies who donated were willed to drop some coins in the bucket. One of those breakdancers thought I was a gynormous loser, the other admired that I brought my own cardboard (thanks to Skeets for that).

    You do need a permit to busk in Toronto but a security guard out there felt sorry for me.

  9. The girls who donated looked like you had taken a dump on their chests… Extremely pleased.

  10. I think Tas changed those women’s lives.

  11. Tas has guts! Tell me of any other guy who would go out in the most public place of the city and do the most embarressing stuff to random people!

  12. Um, Dan Akroyd, Martin Short, Steve Martin, Jim Carey…a lot of fearless performers from Canada! Must be something in the water.

  13. Next time bring a boom box!

  14. Not one single head spin? Down on bended knee, nice. But not 100% sure you got $10

  15. give that man a medal.

    or a couple of dollars, either way…

  16. Seven Nation Army on the recorder! Jack White would be impressed.

  17. Maybe the fact that you set up right next to a drain with grill over it might have put off people from giving money?
    Then again maybe not.

    On a completely different note in the opening titles did anyone else notice you (Tas) almost getting hit in the crotch with a basketball, I just did. Don’t ask me why.

  18. I’m not sure if that was breakdancing or tapdancing. But, whatever it was, it made my day!

  19. hahahahahah those two girls go to Ryerson what are the odds

  20. Wow that was tough and $10 seems so unattainable. You made me have a revelation about myself and that is that I don’t have the skills to earn $10 bucks in that type of venue either.

  21. “I’m going to Wichita. ” lol

  22. That was a pretty tough Payoff. What did you make in the end, $2?
    A for effort though Tas.

  23. Maybe Tas should’ve tried the basketball bar jokes from before

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