Ep. 564: Least Valuable Elbow

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas are pumped up by two great playoff games. Did LeBron seem dazed after his MVP ceremony? Is Mike Brown stealing a page from Doc Rivers post-game playbook? Will a score-first Nash be the key to a Suns victory? All that, plus an impressive Amar’e, a rejuvenated Rasheed and an overhyped elbow.

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Comments (17)

  1. I agree with you guys that Marv and Reggie should shut the @!*% up about LeBron’s elbow, because it’s complete garbage, he’s not injured. But I disagree with you that LeBron doesn’t want to make it an issue–if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have shot a left-handed free throw in Game 5 against the Bulls. LeBron–and one one else–made this an issue, and his faux humility now doesn’t change that. Quite the contrary; he decided to make it an issue, knowing the media would run with it and take care of the rest. Your diatribe shouldn’t be directed at Marv and Reggie. They’re just doing what LeBron asked them to do.

    And Jamison has always played matador defense. The Cavs can be a great defensive team, but the Shaq-Jamison combo creates a gaping defensive hole that teams will be looking to exploit. (Sadly for the Magic they won’t be able to do so unless Howard magically develops an offensive game in the next couple of weeks.)

  2. Of course Jamison plays “matador defense” . He was drafted by the Raptors.

  3. That’s what Cleveland gets for making such an unfair deal. Getting Jamison for free. Yet still, I took Cleveland last night, way to go

  4. I disagree that Lebron doesn’t want to make it an excuse, you constantly see him holding, rubbing it and making his fake pain face. He enjoys the attention, he wants you to see he’s in pain so when he starts to perform people can marvel at how heroic he is for playing through the pain. God! how do people not see this? I feel like i’m taking crazy pills.

    Anyways even though i can’t confidently say that the Cavs are in danger of even losing this series, i don’t understand why pleople are even surprised that the celtics where going to give them a fight. It’s definitely a combination of overestimating the cavs team and underestimating the celtics. It’s not that huge of a mismatch, i mean when did we suddenly decide that jamison is better than garnett?, that jj hickson is the sh!t all of a sudden, that mo williams is an actual all star (whined his way into that spot last year), that varejao is more than an energy guy, and on and on.

    finally i’ve had it with the bullsh!t officiating this offseason, it’s amazing to me that the celtics won by as much as they did given the huge disparity in free throw attempts between the two teams given that the cavs were “half a$$ing it “. The refs need to man up and starting calling lebron on fouls. Yes he is the best player in the league right now but that shouldn’t make him immune to fouls.

  5. i totally feel your pain Tas with the weather making sleep difficult. I find the best solution is to have a fan blasting at my bed all night, keeps me cool and with the window closed the temperature stays decent.

  6. Guys I loved the profanity in this show. hahaha. So candid and hilarious.

  7. The need for Sheed is a Celtics mantra at this point. I am thrilled to see him wake up and bring it! Maybe he’s finally in game shape? Best player coach? Currently playing or recently retired? Steve Nash or Bill Lambeer? What are the parameters here? John Stockton? I’ve heard that Lindsay Hunter may be courted to coach. I think he’d excell as a coach.

  8. The Cavs offense is awful: we know this, men! Some of us have been bitching about how awful it is all season! I even mentioned it in my mail bag call. :) Certainly not about LBJ’s elbow. The Celtics are playing hard and that gives a bad offense trouble no matter how much talent it has. Very simple, very foreseeable.

  9. Excellent point by illmatic-1. The Cavs have played hard for approximately 28-30 minutes of the 96 minutes of this series, while the Celtics have played hard the entire time. Yet the Cavs have an astonishing 69-39 edge in free throws. Not that atrocious officiating in the NBA should be surprising at this point, but it’s always disappointing.

  10. Suns need to post Richardson at least every other possession. Manu, TP, G. Hill, and Roger Mason Jr are not strong enough to stop him.

  11. next year 10,000 fantasy basketball teams will be sporting the name “Lebrons Elbow” or some variation. i think ill go with BronBow.
    watching the Busking….when Tas busted out the worm, i was laughing so hard cos i couldnt really tell what he was going for. i was thinking gimped push ups as well. high point of todays show was Skeets bringing that up, i thought. effing comedians.

  12. “I disagree that Lebron doesn’t want to make it an excuse, you constantly see him holding, rubbing it and making his fake pain face. He enjoys the attention, he wants you to see he’s in pain so when he starts to perform people can marvel at how heroic he is for playing through the pain. God! how do people not see this? I feel like i’m taking crazy pills.”

    – totally agree with this.

  13. “I’m going to continue to try to be the player I am and not use this elbow as an excuse. I’d never use an injury as an excuse. It’s just two games. I understand the burden and the pain Cleveland fans have. I don’t feel pressure at all.” — LeBron

  14. I don’t think anyone’s disputing that LeBron said in his post-game press conference that he wouldn’t use the elbow as an excuse. The point is, as you said, Skeets, everyone is playing with bumps and bruises, which is not the same as playing with an injury. But then LeBron–not Marv Albert or Reggie Miller or Mike Brown or anyone else–unnecessarily shoots a free throw left-handed in a close playoff game. Then LeBron–no one else–says his elbow’s been hurting him for weeks and he can’t figure out what the problem is and he loses feeling in his arm and so forth. This notwithstanding the criticism he got for sitting out the final games of the regular season, regarding which the only physical problems mentioned were ankle/leg-related. If the elbow was truly bothering him for weeks, why wouldn’t he have quieted that storm by telling people he was resting his injured elbow? The fact remains, LeBron–no one else–put on a performance for the sole purpose of placing a spotlight on his elbow, knowing that everyone else would pick up the non-story and run with it. Now that he’s whipped everyone else into a frenzy, he can sit back and pretend to be the upstanding citizen.

  15. Why’d you guys go back to the vimeo player? The old one was better in my opinion.

  16. Got to agree: holding and rubbing an elbow (and making a pain face) doesnt make it better, it just keeps attention on it…

  17. Tas, totally agree with the sweeper guy going after Duncan after he hurt his knee. He put that broom underneath Timmy’s shoe before his toes were off the ground. At first I was puzzled, then I thought… oh sheit, this game is in Phoenix.

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